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I know its a little early but what are your plans for your birth?
My last was horrific c-section, so this time we have prayed alot and are going for a home water birth! Honestly I'm nervous but having another c-section scares me even more.
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Both of mine have been hospital inductions. The first one went fine. The second one was horrid. Starting with i was induced against my will. Not going to go there though...not something that is easy for me to talk about. This time we are planning either a birth at a midwifes house or at our own home. In AL homebirth is illegal...well ASSISTED homebirth is illegal...my midwife is in TN and has a house up there specifically for AL women who want a home type birth and someone there with them.
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I also had a horrible C-Sec last time..... so that puts me in a difficult situation, as most REGISTERED midwives here do not want to try for a home VBAC which I would want, so I guess my options are to try for a VBAC at hospital or line up an "illegal" midwife to attend at home....
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Home birth! Dd was born at home and we're planning the same thing.

rainbowfairymomma... You can do it. It's absolutely safe (IMO safer than major abdomnial surgery). Research it, talk to your midwife... Let go of your fears and you'll do awesome (((hugs)))

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I had a emerg c-section last time, which I was fine with, It saved my life. This time I want a home birth but there are no midwives here at all. I think I am going to labor at home as long as I can and go in for a quick Natural hospital birth.
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Homebirth here too. I've had 4 hospital births so this will be a big leap for me but I'm excited and already trying to figure out what I need to do to prepare.
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I had a csection with the first. Right now the plan is for a VBAC at the hospital with a midwife. I will also have a doula, and plan to labor at home as long as possible as we are only 10 minutes away.

Homebirth is illegal here, and I do not feel comfortable with an unassisted VBAC. I am looking into having a homebirth at my parents home, which is several hours away but in a state where homebirth is legal and there is a local hb midwife.
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Where are you from Len? That is the same as it is here in AL. Also it is illegal for a licensed midwife to attend a homebirth. They are only allowed to practice in hospitals and Dr offices.
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Lots of homebirthing momma's!!!
Bonnie thanx for the extra encouragement I REALLY need it!
heaps of positive vibes for all of us VBAC!
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Originally Posted by LadyWulf
Where are you from Len? That is the same as it is here in AL. Also it is illegal for a licensed midwife to attend a homebirth. They are only allowed to practice in hospitals and Dr offices.
I'm in BC, Canada. I wouldn't say it's "illegal", so far I just know it's again their policy... : and she wouldn't say for sure until we have our 1st interview next month....

it is legal (and paid by medical plan) to have a homebirth though, it's just the HVBAC whats questionable....
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i dont understand all of this illegal hb cr*p. im in bc, canada like len and we get it covered by our healthcare system.

i am having a homebirth again with my same fabulous midwife. very excited. it'll be same as last time...my children can be there if they want, for the delivery (sister can babysit for labor if they are getting antsy) mom, mil, a friend, dh of course, the midwifes (usually 2 attend h/b) and my cats. last time i was in labor dkitty went and killed me a rat and brought it home while i was in labor, bless his little carnivorous soul

friend is there to videotape, so others can just enjoy dc's entry
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We had mega problems the last time with Logan, I wanted to do homebirth but I think Dh is a bit nervous about anything going wrong again.

The worst part about the last one was that the Dr. that delivered her we had never met, she was the 3rd string Dr in the practice, my OB and the other were both off that day. Just as well, I had gotten to the point where I didn't like my OB anymore, she didn't listen to anything I said, and when I told her we wanted a birth plan she laughed and said "You hardly ever get to do things your way, why even bother!"

Best part, the Dr who delivered DD was WONDERFUL, she was very supportive of my desire to deliver vaginal (though another 1/2 hour and she would have made me have a c-sec I was exhausted) and so we are going back to her this time, and she's no longer with the old practice and even has a CNM on staff though midwives are illegal here too. I'm hoping she can still be involved!
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My first was an unnecessary csec with midwives more worried about insurance than whats best for mom/child.. she was breech, but about to be born anyways.. {vermont}
my son was an unassisted waterbirth, and im planning the same again.

ive been considered an "illegal" midwife as ive assisted friends who wanted a non interventive birth that they could claim sole responsibility for.. autonomous birth, not being told how to lay, when to transport, when to push etc. sad that some states dont allow homebirth with midwives, what states are ya'll in?

many states licensing req wont allow midwives to follow thier own judgement imo. im hesitantly moving towards licensing, yet i worry about "rules" etc.

vbac at home is perfectly safe!! everyones body is different, but statistics say that rupture is unlikely for 96% and a rupture in the event of a vbac isnt as big and scary as it may sound. ruptures in unscarred uteri are always worse. theres been a misinfo campaign about the chance of rupture {in vbac} for too long imo.

trust your body! stay in good health and your vbac will go fine.

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My son was born in hospital, after labouring at home ( I was just a tad off being fully dialated when I arrived at the hospital ).

This time I'm planning a homebirth with a midwife ( well, two actually because that's what you're required to have ) in attendence.

I'm so thankful that, here in New Zealand homebirth is legal and there are plenty of midwives around .
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I just want to say good luck to all those who had less than perfect births last time and are nervous this time. I just had a friend who had a successful VBAC in a hospital. It can be done, so don't be scared!

As for us, I think we'll probably go to a new birthing center in the area, or go back to the birthing center that we had DS1 at. It's 50 miles away, but it was such a great experience. We are considering a home birth, but as of right now, we have 2 male roommate and our house honestly isn't all that comfy. So, probably def. a birthing center! Hospitals totally freak me out. If I went to one when I was in labor, I'd probably cry and my labor would stop!!!
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Ill be trying for VBAC. I just dont quite feel comfortable having a homebirth with all the complications I had last pg plus an emerg c/s which WAS needed. So Ill be trying for a VBAC in the hospital with a midwife.
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wow, reading that thread makes me so thankful for my straightforward at home birth. i am in BC too and the midwife practice here in victoria is totally for VBAC at home!!!!!!! they are encouragin a friend of mine to try. well not telling her what to do but telling her it is definitely an option for sure!

i hope my birth goes as smoothly as the last one but if i end up having a c-section or having to go to the hospital i am ok with that too. i know i can do it so that makes me feel more confident but i do worry sometimes i may not worry enough then have problems. this time i have a small child and am active but i havent been "working out" at the gym and stuff like that and i know i am not eating as well. but i think my body can handle it!!
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My birth history is as colorful as a rainbow!! lol

Davie (DS #1) was born at a hospital based birthing center. At the end his HR started decelling and the DO used the vaccum. Now mind you I had no drugs on board -- yeee-ow-zah! I had a 4th degree tear beyond the episiotomy. Not fun!
Donovan (DS #2) was born via c/sect after being induced because my water had begun to leak. Labored pain med free for the majority to the experience, but finally got an epidural because quite honestly pitocin ctx are monsterous! Everything went down hill. Stationary labors and I do NOT mix. Got stuck at complete. C/sect for FTP and then afterwards the sOB said my 9½ lb baby would have been never born vaginally. He was too big.
Then I got smart about birth and became a doula. Assisted many women, my fav. were VBAC mamma's, and found what i really wanted from birth.
Gabriel (DS #3) was born at home, in the very bed he was conceived, after an intense labor. My boy had a nuchal arm -- his arm was up and around is neck -- which made for a very intense labor right off the bat. Pushed for 20 minutes and all 10lb 2oz were born and passed into my awaiting hands.
This will be another planned homebirth, VBAC homebirth, VBAC waterbirth (?) -- whatever you want to call it. Call me crazy, but I look forward to giving birth again. I look forward to discovery all 10 tiny toes and all 10 tiny finger. And who knows, this one may be born without the "extra" parts.
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Hi! My first was born at home into my mother's hands 2 years ago. We will do the same for this (these?) baby(s). I have a weird feeling that I may be having twins. Part of me knows it and part of me hopes not. :LOL I'm not sure how twins would change the plans for birth. We would absolutely want a homebirth but would worry if the positioning was not great. My son was born with a cleft lip and palate, and I have gone to great lengths to plan this pregnancy and hope to avoid any defects this time around.
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I have been fortunate so far to have two homebirths an I hope we will have another this time round too.
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