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giving birth

I do give birth in a hospital. I am a "just in case" girl married to the same sort of guy. Technology is for serving me if and when I need it to. That said; I had two previous amazing unmedicted births. I just pace and do whatever I need to and the midwife creeps in and listens to the heartbeat once in a while. The midwife catches the baby and I go home in twelve hours. No meds, no Iv and no yucky interventions. Minimal tests and handling for the baby, too.
We did the Bradley method of chilbirth and love the Leboyer stuff about birth without violence.
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Wow, I am so glad I found this site. I love all the positive vibes on birth here vs the other boards. I am due with my second May 2005. The first birth was an amazing hypnobabies birth at the hospital with an OB there to catch. This time I am looking into changing hosp and getting a midwife, but still doing the hypnobabies.

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Welcome Yoga and conggrats on the new baby!
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I had an unmedicated 10 hour long hospital birth with my son. My doula and husband were great and my OB was okay. She gave me an epis even though she knew I'd said I'd rather tear - which I did anyway (4th degree - ouch!). I felt like there was no reason, other than my fear, that I couldn't have been at home for that birth. My doula agrees.

This time around, I am staying home with a wonderful midwife. I can't wait! My son can be with us, we'll have our own bed and lovely house, and it just seems so right.
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We are in the process of interviewing hb midwives. ds was a rather un-eventful hospital birth, now dh is totally convinced you don't need machines to have a healthy baby, hooray! SO, home birth it is for us!!
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Welcom Yoga Mama!
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We're planning a midwife assisted birth at the hospital with 99.9% of the labour done at home. Home birth isn't an option for me this time around because I'm a big bleeder. I had a severe post partum hemmhorage last time, one at the birth and one at 2 weeks pp. Dh won't even consider the homebirth idea, and I can't say I blame him. But we'll use the same wonderful midwives and doula that helped us with dd's birth (VBAC). Good Luck everyone!
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We are planning a homebirth, after a pretty typicall hospital birth last time. Not HORRIBLE, but pretty damn annoying! We are interviewing a midwife on Wednesday and I'm so excited!!!
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