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new moon ritual

Yep, we were going to do a new moon ritual tonight, but I've decided to postpone it for a few days. As long as the moon is waxing, the ritual will work fine. This ritual will focus on emotional preparation for labor, both for ourselves and the kid. I definitely want us to talk to the kid about how we're going to treat him or her, how much we love him/her, etc.

We'll also invoke the Goddess to bless the journey we three will be taking in labor and delivery.

Finally, we'll describe the kind of labor we want and the intent behind it, raise energy to manifest our will, and poof! (heh), all will go well.

I'll be writing the ritual in the next few days. If anyone would like me to post it, just say the word. The last ritual we did was great - definition and dedication of labor roles and tools. This next one will be much more intense and involved, since it will be our last one before the baby is born.

I was thinking about Jen all through lunch - c'mon Sprout!
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Well I feel like I've been lurking long enough. I'm totally addicted to these baby-to-be stories too -so much so that it takes away the stress that I'm 4 days away from my due date!! I hope all goes well for everyone -the babies will come. Like Pam, I'm burned out on the people saying "You haven't had that baby yet!" C'mon!! I have 4 days until the due date and 9 days until the ultrasound date -and then a few weeks potentially after that. I just want him before October and I'm so glad the heat wave here is over. I think I need to figure out how to get more sleep though because my kids can do no right today I tried eating LOTS of cookies, but it didn't help. We'll try going to the park this afternoon. Good luck to everyone!!
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No Sprout.

I had a wonderful night's sleep. Woke up twice, had a few ctx, went to bathroom, went back to bed. Woke up around 9 and wouldn't have known that I was pregnant. No baby kicking, no ctx.

Felt like I had been beaten. If someone had warned me that shiatsu massage would have left me feeling like a mugging victim the next day, I don't know if I would have done it.

At my 4 AM wake-up I went to get some cereal, caught sight of my insanely pregnant self in the reflection of the window and started to bawl. This huge belly is no longer looking very attractive to me.

Our doula came over around 10 or so simply because I figured that she would have something supportive and sensible to say. So I ended up crying and whining to both her and Jo. I think I may have taken too much of the pulsatilla because I was displaying nearly every emotional symptom that it is given for, which seemed an indication that I may have proved the remedy. Beth (doula) went upstairs and drew me a bath with lavender bath salts and I lay in it for around 1/2 hour. Felt better afterwards. Did some lunges and squats. Had about 1 contraction in 4 hours and it did not require me paying any attention to it.

Used the breast pump for nipple stim for 1/2 hour with 3 ctx but they didn't stay around afterwards.

Talked to the midwife who told me about why she had consulted with an OB about my amount of amniotic fluid (I guess I measured on the "high normal" scale with 24 cm, 25 being the upper outside number), but really I'm not at any risk for polyhydramnios, a new word I learned today, and the OB she consulted with said that if I were her patient, she'd let me go considering that the baby is healthy and happy.

So it is a possibility that if I still haven't had Sprout by Thursday that they may let me go the weekend if my next non-stress test and AFI turn out well.

Sprout is lower today and we're trying to convince her/him to poke a nice hole in the amniotic membrane. The contractions may have stopped simply because it's more difficult for the uterus to contract around so much fluid. But supposedly this start/stop thing is very normal.

And I had a nice talk with the midwife about cats. On her day off. She called twice.

That's the saga.

Congrats Lazuli and Heather and welcome Kallisti and Bhavani!

xo, jen.
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Dumb question

Hopefully, no one will laugh....

Ok, so I have the usual feet poking at the very top of my uterus around my ribs, and then I get the hand or elbow pokes on the far left side below my belly button, and the butt pokes up high on my right side. All of these can be felt and seen externally, as well. However, in the last few days I have been having EXTERNALLY-felt pokes in the center WAY DOWN LOW (where my pubic hair is) just above the pubic bone. Does that mean it's his head?
: I was already told he's head-down, but it's so weird it's like he's going to fall out or something!
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I have the same low pokes Stacy. My babe is posterior so in my case what I am feeling is hands by the head.
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Thanks for all the well wishes - we are doing great!

Lynsey - it really touched me that you remembered about my born at home romper! My friend has it for safekeeping and is bringing it over this weekend. I can't wait to put it on Lucy.

Welcome Bhavani and Kallisti! Lazuli - I lost a lot of blood with Jack. I know how you're feeling! 2 Keep up the iron, it will make a difference.

My milk came in this afternoon. Not engorged, maybe the toddler is helping with that?? Took Lucy to the dr today. She was perfect, as we all knew. Jack is being super sweet and is still crazy about her. Dh is acting like he's the one who had a baby, "I'm so tired, blah, blah" Baby crying, better go nurse. I'll check in later.
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Congratulations Heather and Lazuli, welcome babies!!! It's nice you joined your Mommies on the outside! : :
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Welcome to Kallisti and Bhavani!

What's the boy/girl ratio so far?
Has anyone kept track?

Finn is over 8 pounds now, and I can't believe it! He was only 6/10 at birth three weeks ago. He's a voracious eater (no wonder my nipples were almost chewed off!) and he also has a very strong need to suck it seems.
He's almost grown out of many of his newborn dipes already, so soon they'll be going to the trading post or eBay.
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Finally, more babies!!! Welcome Joshua, Kallisti and Bhavani!!! Congratulations, Mommies!

Danielle, that Finn is a cute little chunk, isn't he? My William is getting to be a little fatty now too. The twins also turned 3 weeks old today. Here's a picture, though you can't really appreciate William's cute chubby neck, cheeks and thighs in this picture... http://share.shutterfly.com/osi.jsp?i=EeAM2TRszcsWzDSA

Nice to hear from SiValleySteph and Almama again! Happy laboring to those of you still in waiting.

Hurry up and have that baby, Jen, I'm holding your exchange package until I see the gender, haha!
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Wow! Congratulations Lazuli and Heather!

: Kallisti and Bhavani :
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40 weeks 1 Day!!

Yeah!! Two more babies!!!

Welcome Kallisti and Bhavani!!

Don't worry Jen... soon soon. 2 At least you are having contrx... I haven't had a ONE yet.

Wow are the little ones getting big already!! Both Tori and Jack gained 1+ pound each within the first 2 weeks. And neither were "little" at 7.14 and 8.4 respectively.

The other night Radish decided that he was tired of facing my left side and decided to ROLL over. I was sitting at the computer and he started squirming around, so I was looking at him. I watched that Butt move from the right side of my belly... across the middle and settle on the left side. Then he poked and prodded my right side for about 5 minutes... guess he was getting comfortable. He moved back sometime during the night. :LOL Woke up to that big ole Butt sticking out on the right side again. Guess it wasn't that comfortable that way.

David was so sweet and let me sleep in this morning. (He got home yesterday late afternoon). Of course the only way I could fall back asleep was to put a pillow over my head. For some reason when he gets up with the kids... there is a lot of yelling and screaming in the house... yeah Honey that helps others sleep.

Got a baby book today. And got a couple of things I needed for my hospital bag... still have a list of stuff to do before Radish is here. But at least with David here I can get more done. :LOL :LOL Yeah... sure... more done... :LOL oh I crack myself up. :LOL
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Originally Posted by msrog
Hurry up and have that baby, Jen, I'm holding your exchange package until I see the gender, haha!
You're darn lucky I read this while in a good humor, Savannah, otherwise my post would be


But I think things are going on. Keep cheering.

xo, j
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Jen: :
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Samantha - glad David is home!

What a cute pic Savannah. I can't believe they are 3 weeks already.

Here are some pics that my dad took of Lucy yesterday.
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such a wide range....

Welcome little babies! I'm so happy to hear of your arrivals, be at peace.

It's really interesting reading about big akward pregnant bodies, nipple stimulation, contractions and 3 week old babies in the same page! We have all been in about the same "place" for so long it is really strange to have some of us as mamas with babies in arms and others still pregnant and anxious to give birth. I think of you all regularily and wish i had more time to keep up with what's happening!

Mielle is just over 2 weeks and I really have to figure out the shutterfly thing... I've got so many photos to share! We are still really struggling with breastfeeding. She has regained her birth weight, but I think her latch is actually getting worse. If the nipple sheild gets even a little of center it raises a welt and a bruise which makes nursing torture. I only pump 2 times in 24 hours even though I'm still quite engorged. I can get over 4 ounces out in less than 5 minutes... after nursing! I'm still dripping all over the place, have had to put rugs on the floor in places that i stand regularily (changing table) I keep a prefold tucked around the breast I'm not nursing with since I leak so much. My breasts feel hot and swollen all the time and even little Mielle seems to be engorged.. I've been watching for "witches milk", it's weird to see a baby with breasts!!! Poor little one, I sure hope it doesn't hurt her!

Jerome is insisting I come feed Mielle, i must go!

Love to all
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Welcome Kallisti and Bhavani!!!!!

I love seeing all of the baby pics! So adorable! I can't wait to meet my little one. Only a couple more weeks (maybe), but it seems like a long time.
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Ooohh! Lucy is the cutest little chunk!
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My boobs hurt just thinking about you.
Hang in there, sister!
I should listen to my own advice, LOL!
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Anna, I'm totally sympathetic. i'm alternating between hot and cold packs, baths, wash clothes, etc--and i'm not even that engorged. But I used to be a aaa cup person who can jog without bra and now I'm spilling out of a large Bravado. LOL!

Jen, hang in there! I'm so glad you continue to have good healthy baby indicators.

I got about 5 or 6 hours of sleep last night!!! We finally learned to nurse lying down and decided to just sleep rather than worrying about putting Oz back in his cosleeper. We went from a 13 min stretch between feedings to a 1.5 hour stretch. I hope this doesn't mean the cosleeper will turn into a bedside table only

Ok all, I'm going to look at your new photos and then off to Oz's sponge bath.

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Heather, Congratulations on your wonderful birth!! I love her name.

All you mamas are picking such gorgeous names.

Okay, on the who is going to go last front, I really think it will be me. My "due date" isn't until 9/28. I'm having lots of b/h and even a crampy contraction here and there but that's it. My mom went to 42 weeks with both me and my sister. Noah was born 2 days after his due date but only because I was induced (and it took 2 LOOOOOOOOOOONG days for the induction to work). So that's that. I'm sure it will be October before I have a new baby.

Mamas with experience, I NEED help! What is up with my little boy? I am trying so hard to enjoy these last few weeks with just the two of us but he is making it so hard. Yesterday he refused to nap and threw tantrum after tantrum. This morning he is already miserable and crabby and it is only 9:15. ARGH!

Jen, I am thinking of you lots and know your healthy baby will be in your arms so soon!

Thanks to all for the beautiful baby pictures to remind me what this huge super-uncomfortable body of mine is doing.

Screaming little boy, gotta run,
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