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More babies this week? Chat thread 9/11 - 9/17 - Page 8

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the saga continues

Hey women,

still here!

Had a decent night's sleep with low, crampy-feeling contractions when I was awake. Did not interfere with my sleep, though. Midwife called at 8:30 to say that she consulted with two OBs in her clinic who concurred that, given my health and the baby's health, if we keep a close eye on the baby's well-being, that I can keep waiting on this baby for a while. This means daily NSTs and AFIs on Thursday and Monday. But I prefer that over an induction.

Had an NST and appt today, baby was perfect in the NST, kicked like crazy and rolled around, we officially declined the induction, and she tried to strip my membranes but couldn't get her finger in far enough to bend it and sweep. Baby dropped 1 station in 2 days and is at a -1 right now. I have been having on/off ctx all day and am going to go spend some more quality time with the breast pump to see if I can't encourage them.

I am in much better spirits today, probably because I feel like we have a plan now and everyone supports the decision to wait. If baby is still not here by the weekend, which we are hoping it will be because our doula is getting married on Sunday!!! - we will think again about the pitocin induction.

Thanks to those of you who are thinking about me

Savannah - we got almost that much in target gift certificates and are hoarding them to buy important baby items such as cat litter and shampoo

Anna - Be selfish! If you and Mielle need naps take them! There will always be next time. As you advised - trust your gut

be well, all,

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ps to Ima Vicki

Vicki! Hasn't that simchat bat happened yet?? I'm dying to find out your daughter's name!!!

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deleted for privacy.
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Jen, I'm glad you're feeling better about your plans and that Sprout is happy as can be.

Thanks ladies for sharing all of the breast feeding info. That's something I haven't read too much about. I hope that's okay and somehow, I'll know what to do.

Had our last birthing class last night and an appointment yesterday. Everything's fine, just feeling big all of a sudden. Clothes aren't fitting and I'm getting a bit weepy. Today, at school, my co-worker asked how I was and I just started tearing up. I think I'm just overly tired and now, I should be napping
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39 weeks!

Time sure is flying by fast.
I'm here hoping baby stays put till next week,with Ivan coming.
I would like to have power for hot water. They're telling us our power could go out for a week! So if you can, send me some stay in baby vibes.
Haven't had any contractions that I know of so hopefully we are safe.
Goodluck to all those really close to holding your babies.
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Oscar[/URL] link ended up at bottom for some reason...

Testing to see if this link works. If it does, here are more photos of the Oz than anyone ever wanted (except the grandfolks).

Thanks for the pumping advice Caroline. Might try it soon.

Jen, I am thinking about you all the time! Good that baby isn't stressed and you sound pretty calm yourself.

We made dinner for the neighbors who had us over last Wed when my water broke on their couch. Again they made me laugh so hard that I almost lost more of another kind of water. Need to work on those Kegels!

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40 Weeks and 3 Days

Another appointment... another boring day. No change. Talked with OB and he thinks things will just happen pretty quickly. Pretty much what happened with Jack. :LOL Basically at my 3pm appointment (day after Jack's due date) I was 1cm/20% effaced (same as the previous week and had LOTS of contrax for days between too ) to waters breaking at 6:30pm and then being 7cm/100% effaced at 8:30pm. LOL! He was born at 11:41pm. And it only took that long because they were so busy with soo many babies being born (it was a full house), that the nurse hadn't checked me in a while. He probably have could been born a bit earlier, we also had to wait for my OB to get there. LOL! The nurse had me push once and was like "WOOOH! Stop! Call Stern NOW!!" Guess I was a good pusher.

Anyways, he was like He said "you 'might' have the baby tonight... but I think we'll see you next week. Make another appointment." He said "after next week, if we needed to make another appointment... we *could* schedule an induction if..." I just shook my head and he said "Good! Let nature do its work". It's nice to not be pressured to induce.

Those pumping and storing... Gerber bags are the best!! They are a nice thick quality plastic and they have a strong "ziploc" closure. DON'T use the ones with the metal wire twist-tie closure... they leak!! They didn't have the Lansinoh ones when we first were freezing milk with Tori (at least no one had them where I looked). Those look pretty good, I'll have to check them out. Definitely lay the bags flat when freezing, makes it easier to thaw and also they take up A LOT less space and stack easier. I always used a small ziploc bag to freeze the milk bag in, in case it leaked, it would only leak inside the baggies instead of the entire freezer. You do want to put them inside an additional freezer bag for extra protection once they are frozen. It also helps keep them together and you don't end up with wayward bags. :LOL Keep them towards the center of the freezer and away from the outside walls. The temperature fluctuates near the outer wall too much. Also check the milk. You also might need to scald it before freezing. I didn't have to with Tori but found out later I needed to with Jack. My breastmilk was totally different with Jack than with Tori. There can be an excess of lipase enzyme produced and it 'feeds' on some of the fat components of the the milk and it will cause it to "sour" or taste bad. That was why Jack wouldn't take any EBM, it would sour within 2 hours of being refriderated. It would be sour even if I put it straight into the freezer after pumping. I ended up pitching close to 100 oz of EBM because he refused to take it because of it. Since he refused a bottle (EBM or formula) I didn't bother with pumping anymore so I didn't learn about the lipase until it was too late. So check your milk before you start storing a lot of it.

One of the best breastfeeding books I've found is The Breastfeeding Book by Martha Sears. I recommend it over the LLL Womanly Art of BFing book because they can be a little 'militiant'. The LLL has a specific agenda and doesn't always allow for reality to intrude on the ideals if YKWIM. There is lots of good info in the LLL book but it can be a little bit scare tactic too. Sears really approaches it will good straight forward information.

When to buy medium diapers... when ever you want. Seriously, keep your eyes open for good deals on things that you have found work with the twins body shape and things that are easy and you are grabbing first to put on them. You can built a much bigger stash at cheaper prices if you do it gradually... don't ask me how I know this... And very smart on the gift card front... you'll be a diaper hyena in no time.

Its very possible Noah is feeding off of your tension & stress... or he's just being a typical "3-year old" that you'd love to smother with a pillow... ask me how I know. Somedays I feel like all Tori and I do is grate each other. Part of it is that age, they are trying to assert their independance but man can it be frustrating. 2 2 2

How wonderful to hear a couple from your class went completely naturally! You obviously were able to give them the tools they need to be able to have the birth they wanted. Awesome job!!

Welcome to Chris/Almama and NancyJ!!

Glad to hear that your DH is doing well on his diet. It can be very difficult to diet, especially while you are pregnant. Ask my DH.

Beautiful name. I've always liked Lilah.

Some of those pictures of Oz are classic. Love the 'bookrest' one. :LOL And the one were the two of you are gazing at each other... And he's such a sweet sleeper... love that sprawl!! Thank you for sharing those.

Okay it's late... again... off to bed now that Radish has settled down for the Haagan Daaz Orange Sorbet. Got to love that it's 100% fat free! The chocolate is pretty awesome too.
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Current stats...

Boys: 12

Girls: 11
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Hi everyone! Here is my irregular check-in. I've been reading up and looking at pictures of babys. Congratulations! They are all beautiful.

I am now 39 weeks, 5 days, and I am bored! I'm ready to have this baby I'll tell ya. My spirits are good and physically I am doing much better. I'm now sleeping through the night. I added another pillow to prop me up more and that made a huge difference.

I'm sending Jen huge labour vibes. I've been thinking of you. I hope the NSTs continue to go well and you stay happy and stress free too. This baby will come out eventually.

MIL arrives tomorrow and then we will see what can be done to entertain her for a week in case baby does not arrive while she's here. Any suggestions? I figure walks and shopping but even then I'm limited. DH says she's not expecting to be entertained. I just hope she's not too bored...well and I hope her presence doesn't make me feel like a watched pot. IYKWIM

All the best,
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If I'm not stressed, Jo is. Last night she finally (thank God) gave herself permission to admit her anxiety about me going too far post-dates - concern for baby and concern for me and my health. Once she got it out she felt a LOT better.

I had a surge of energy last night and put out the recycling and garbage (including cleaning the cat box, shhh, don't tell, but I washed my hands really well) and vacuuming the study. Could something please come of all of these little contractions?

Think of us today, we'll be running around like crazy. We had to pick a clinic way out in the western suburbs (Danielle, we'll be waving to you as we drive by!) for our AFI because that was the only clinic that had an opening.

I'm sleepy still so I'm going back to bed. I think I snored a lot last night and kept Jo up.

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ps to Jodie

Jodie we are thinking of you as Ivan bears down on Alabama! Stay safe please!!!!
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Jodie - I feel for you! Feels weird to NOT want to go into labor doesn't it?

Steph - Oscar is gorgeous! I made my dh come look at the pics (and Jack of course, he always wants to see the babies). I like your sling too, what kind is it?

Vicki - beautiful name!

Going out to the park with Jack and taking Lucy - Jack is thrilled.
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oht, as usual...

for engorgement, try laying chest down in a hot bath, and massage in a gentle circle where they feel most full and achy. much more relaxing than trying to pump if you're not used to it, and as effective.
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Steph, those pictures are adorable!! Oscar has big feet like Jackson!!

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nak... i must recommend the book The Nursing Mothers Companion, it has been an excellent resource for me and i was impressed with it philosophy-wise.

i too am wondering how long my much adored kissaluvs are going to last... nessa is still on the smallest snaps (skinny bum like daddy) at 7 pounds 13 ounces. i actually want to buy more as the prefolds are such a disappointment to look at when the k's are all dirty. i say it looks like a dishrag, and they are so much more bulky. the k's are also so much easier...

but then i need to figure out what kind of med size dipe to get? nessa is a heavy wetter, but i'm thinking i need a few weeks to know if she's going to chunk out more in the legs.

steph, oscar sure is a cutie! we still haven't used our cosleeper at all. its a great bedstand for all of my night nursing supplies though. i expect that we'll use it eventually, even if its only for the port-a-crib/play yard features... but dh and i have also speculated that it will come in handy when we are ready to knock some boots again...

hey, whoever has the glass my mommy's milk bottles, what nipples did you get to use them with? i ordered some evenflo's and they were too big for the bottles. i am so missing something here. i hear that 3-4 weeks is when you want to introduce a bottle for optimum chances of babe taking it now and then, so my time window is coming up soon. i would so rather not do a bottle at all ever, but i want to feel like dh can at least feed her something if i leave her with him for any period of time.

sistersarah, nessa developed a little jaundice around day 3 as well, my mw just said to give her lots of sunbaths and keep on nursing, and that did the trick. once she starts digesting breastmilk, it will go pretty quickly. an interesting thing we noticed was that her color normalized from the bottom up, so at the end, she only had a little jaundice left in her face. oh and lucy is just adorable!!

Congrats heather(boobykin)!

Go Jen! Come on Sprout! Go Jen! Come on Sprout! Go Jen! Come on Sprout! Go Jen! Come on Sprout! Rah rah rah!
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Originally Posted by adventuregirl

. an interesting thing we noticed was that her color normalized from the bottom up, so at the end, she only had a little jaundice left in her face.

That is how the jaundice is supposed to leave them...it starts and ends in the eyes. Jacksons face is only now completly clear of the yellow. I was told to worry if it got to the hands and feet, then you should get it checked, not becasue that means it is definatly BAD, but it should be watched. Jacks was all in the hands and feet, and he still cleared up without any treatment...

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Greetings all-

It's not uncommon to get a sudden BURST of energy the day before or day of labor... Never have figured out if that burst of energy causes one to do lots of stuff and the kicks the labor into action. Or it is that last chance to get a few things done before the baby arrives. :LOL

I don't know if there are any nipples that work with the Mother's Milk bottles. I always transferred the milk into Avent bottles. YOu just want to make sure to swirl the mik really good (don't shake :scold) to get all the fats that cling to the glass mixed in first.

I think most people end up replaceing the Kissaluvs for absorbency before they really have to for fit. I think 4-6 weeks is about average for size 0s. I *don't* recommend getting the larger sized Kissaluvs if you think she's a heavy wetter!

It's good to hear from you. Was just wondering where you were last night. Hopefully your MIL will bring a book with her JIC.

Oooh since you seem to like the Happy Heiny's... Christy at Fussybutt.com has solid plain color HH's for $12 and solid color with custom embroidery for $14.95 in sizes Medium & Large. She can do all kinds of stuff. She doesn't carry the Smalls becaue she said they just don't sell for her. She also does the embroidery on FuzziBunz. And because she puts another layer of PUL over the embroidery spot, she GUARANTEES no wicking from there. I know you are trying to built as cheap as possible but it might be nice to have a couple of special ones with the twins names on them. Oh and Jack is still firming in Medium HH's, he's 18mos/ 23+ pounds with CHUBBY thighs so that can last a while.

Oh, in extreme cases of engorgement where you start to feel "hardening" (and you DON'T want mastitis!!), you can put a cold cabbage leave directly against your breast, like inside your bra. Remove after a few minutes, basically once the leave is warm and limp. Be CAREFUL using this method, it could diminish your supply too much. It is often used for when mother's are attempting to end breastfeeding because its constant use will cause the milk supply to dry up.

Warm showers are nice too. Relaxing helps to release.
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I hate to butt in with an imediate whine after being mia for so long but....wahhhhhh, I need some serious help with jaundice issues.

Anna is 2 weeks old today. At her highest, her jaundice was 19.7, which made the pediatrician very nervous. We started out with blood type incompatibility jaundice (I'm O-, she's O+) and now we seem to be working into a serious case of breastmilk jaundice.

Anna came home on the bili blanket, and remained on it till this Monday. Her Monday bili test was 14.1, and they said we could remove the blanket. Today's test was back up to 16.4!!!!!!!!!! I've been freaking out and crying.

The doctor said we have till Saturday to see a dramatic turn around or we'll need to take "more serious action". In this ped practice, more serious action is hospitalization and a complete weaning to formula.

Any suggestions for getting the bili out of her body when she only poops twice a day and there's NO sunshine in our town for the next few days.

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Nurse constantly! Lay her in an area where she can still get some of the light. The UV will still come through even without the 'sunlight'.
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Leigh - glad to see you're back!! This is a long shot, I don't know if it works, but full-spectrum light bulbs are supposed to be just like sunlight. i have *no* idea if this is true for vitamin D and bilirubin processing, though!!!

watch me do a little dance as I chant "I just got to see Oscar, I just got to see Oscar..." what a cutie with sweet cheeks!!! Steph, I'm already drinking the tea, let's hope it works!!

Well, a daily testing report, since you know you're going to get to hear them every day: the NST was fine and dandy, Sprout danced all around. I was not much more dilated but the slightly more forceful midwife I saw today did her best to strip my membranes a little bit. Didn't like her much, though, unfortunately I have to see her again tomorrow as my usual midwife is working the birth center. Hopefully Sprout could see tomorrow as a good opportunity to join us. We had a biophysical profile (BPP) and amniotic fluid imaging (AFI) ultrasound in the afternoon - the BPP was, according to the sonographer, easier than usual - the kid was doing practice breathing the whole time, she found heart, bladder, kidneys, moving hands, head, etc, etc, etc... in very short time - and my amniotic fluid is down to a ridiculously normal 13 cm (5-25 being the normal range and 11 being about right for 40 weeks). The placenta is at the very edge of beginning to deteriorate but poses absolutely no risk to the baby at the moment. So - as usual - everything looks fine and dandy and all we can do is wait! Contractions are coming all day but aren't very exciting ones. We'll see what happens!

Sheryl - apropos diapers - ahem - maybe wait for a box that should be at your house soon? ahem. Knock some boots, that's a phrase I haven't heard before.

Well, I promised I'd call my mom and fill her in. Ciao my dears,

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