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Originally Posted by Cuddlemama
I hate to butt in with an imediate whine after being mia for so long but....wahhhhhh, I need some serious help with jaundice issues.

Anna is 2 weeks old today. At her highest, her jaundice was 19.7, which made the pediatrician very nervous. We started out with blood type incompatibility jaundice (I'm O-, she's O+) and now we seem to be working into a serious case of breastmilk jaundice.

Anna came home on the bili blanket, and remained on it till this Monday. Her Monday bili test was 14.1, and they said we could remove the blanket. Today's test was back up to 16.4!!!!!!!!!! I've been freaking out and crying.

The doctor said we have till Saturday to see a dramatic turn around or we'll need to take "more serious action". In this ped practice, more serious action is hospitalization and a complete weaning to formula.

Any suggestions for getting the bili out of her body when she only poops twice a day and there's NO sunshine in our town for the next few days.


Leigh, force that baby to nurse EVERY HOUR. 16.4 is not that bad. 19 is a little worrisome, but it did go down. Can't they put her back on the blanket? There is NO NEED to completly wean to formula. What I would do is go out and get a can of formula and have your husband or someone else give her a bottle when you are nowhere to be seen or heard. Do not let her associate you being anywhere NEAR a bottle. Just give her maybe three a day, and you go in another room and pump then. It will not be the end of the world.

Bridget was severly jaundiced (her highest bili was 29.6). I was originally told to stop nursing, but when she was transfered to another hosp they said to nurse. I just never allowed her to have any bottles when I was there, and she never had troubles going from bottle to nursing. We went on to nurse for two and a half years, so don't be scared if you do have to resort to bottles. We eventually had to go to blood transfusions for Bridget, but hers rose much faster than your babies is doing.

Please feel free to PM me if you need anything else, we have been there.... 2

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39 weeks 4 days


After The World's Most Boring Pregnancy, my mw is talking about backing out of the HB.

<banging my head against a wall>

For the record, I feel fine. I look fine, I eat fine. MW is talking about preclampsia, for the following reasons:

protein in the urine
swelling of hands and feet

The protein in the urine, I think, could be dehydration, or just, you know, random. The swelling isn't that bad, I would say medium, and it does go up and down, although I don't think she believes me when I say that.

Now, here's the fun part: I HAVE NEVER, EVER HAD HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE. Preclampsia is defined as "pregnancy induced hypertension." People, there is no hypertension.

I can't change midwives, and I really don't want to. I still like her, I just don't get this. Next week, I go to the backup doctor to take the NST and AFI, paying for them out of pocket when I really don't think I need them.

Oh, and I'm doing the 24 hour urine test. Anyone do that one? It's a special kind of fun.

I was in her office for 2.5 hours this morning, trying to make her understand that I'm fine, the baby's fine, this is all fine. She's just not listening. She even said that if her backup doctor clears me for homebirth, she still might not do it just because of this stupid protein in the urine!

I am sooo angry right now. I was prepared to have a hospital birth if there was a problem, but I just don't feel like there's any problem. I have no symptoms of preclampsia or infection, the kid moves like crazy, so what is the big deal?


Well, she's coming to the house on Saturday to see how things are going. I'll try not to spit fire.

Good luck to everyone...
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Oh Heather, just what you need right now! Ugh! It certainly does sound as if she's over-reacting. No pitting with your swelling? None in your face? Trace of protein or a lot? Whether or not you're actually in the danger zone, you probably want to try to get both down before you see her again so she doesn't bolt, eh? Here's some suggestions: http://gentlebirth.org/archives/pih.html#Treating
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If I have pitting with my swelling, I can't see it, and she hasn't mentioned it. As for the protein, it's gone up steadily for the past month, but she's been messing with my diet here and there, so that might have something to do with it.

Thanks for the website - I'm actually doing most of those things already. I'm wondering - what can get rid of protein in the urine? That's the 64,000 question.
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Wow HeatherH, I am so sorry this is happening to you so close to your due date! That is horrible, especially her possibly not attending your birth even if the OB says you are okay.

If you arent able to do what it takes to "make her satisfied" what is your plan? Would you be able to switch midwives? It seems as though she would be listening to you about this. You are the expert on your own body.

lots of 2 coming your way!
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Oh also, in addition to the link Linda sent, there might be additional info at www.midwiferytoday.com and maybe even www.birthlove.com... Just a thought.

I hope you can find something that will work for you!
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Heather, what a disappointment! You know, I had protein in the urine and feet and ankle swelling and once a slightly high BP, but nobody ever said preE. If you're not swelling in your hands and face, and your blood pressure isn't high, then she should not jump to that conclusion! In fact, once when the urine tested proteiny, a midwife at a practice I was at just automatically sent in a prescription for antibiotics, since she said I likely had some sort of vaginal infection or something. No protein in urine the next check 2 weeks later.

I hope it works out that you can have her there after all, or that you can have a home birth somehow.

Great that your tests are going so well, Jen. We don't want Sprout's plans to be born naturally foiled!

McKenna has little rash blister spots on her labia... Do you have some ideas for getting rid of them?
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Thanks so much, ladies. Everything you've said is helping so much.

I talked to my mw again, she says if my BP stays as low as it has been, and all the tests come back okay, I get my HB. I think she gets a little obsessive about things sometimes, but I asked her twice: If I have protien in my urine the whole time, and we never find out why, it's okay, right? And she kept saying it was okay, so I'll have some test results within the next few days, and we'll see what happens.

<deep breath>

I guess with pregnancy, it's always something..
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hi there!

Hey ladies!

Not feeling my best today... have been headachey for over 24 hours and feeling listless. running a little bit of a temp. Just don't feel quite right. Mielle seems to be just fine, she's been nursing a lot today. I've been napping a lot today.

Jerome is insisting i come eat the yummy dinner he has cooked and Mielle is melting down rapidly. I had wanted to respond to all of you in detail... BUT life gets in the way!

Leigh, i'm glad to hear from you, sorry to hear about your concerns! Get outside, even if the sun isn't "shining" it can really help.

Heather, sorry the mw is giving you grief, good luck!

Peace be to all the eager and anxious mommy's awaiting their babies.

Joy and blessings to all the tired new mamas.

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Heather~ I hope everything works out for you and you get your homebirth.:

Well, the "storm" has passed over where we live and it couldn't have gone better for us. We didn't lose power! And I didn't go into labor!
Some friends of ours came over and hung out for a while cause they didn't have power, so I'm counting my blessings and feeling grateful. Midwife even called to check on me. Of course my parents called to check too.
I really feel bad for those with damage, and no power. I hope it all gets straightened out for them real soon.

Hope everyone is doing well this evening.
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Ugh on your MW suddenly getting antsy on you. There is no reason to immediately assume that you are Pre-E with some swelling and a little protein! And it sounds like your BP is fine. THAT is the major tell sign. If your BP was climbing quickly then be concerned. If its a gradual elevation, it still shouldn't be a problem until you start getting into some really high numbers.

I had a little bit of protein in my urine at my last appointment yesterday, the swelling in my feet was actually down from last week some and my BP was a little bit lower (back in the norm) than it had been for the previous 2 weeks. Even when it was 'elevated', it wasn't anything to really notice from 112/70 to 120/82. I actually lost 2 pounds from last weeks 6 pound gain. Obviously all that swelling was water retention. Weird that she is fixating on the proteins since you've been dealing with that for a while already.

Best advice: Drink lots of fluids especially water, stay out of the heat as much as possible and put those potatoe feet up!

Slight dehydration will often cause swelling and protein in urine. At least it does for me. All of my pregnancies I've done the same thing towards the very end... swelling of feet & hands, protein/urine and slightly elevated BP and I've never had Pre-E.


Watch your breasts. Keep an eye out for 'sore spots'... you sound like the possible beginning of mastitis. And with your abundant supply, it is VERY easy to quickly clog a duct. Keep nursing as much as possible and pump too. If you start feeling "fluish" you are heading down that path really quick. This isn't meant to scare you, it's meant to warn you before it gets a chance to excalated. Sleep, relax and nurse!!
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I was going to say the same thing: if you start feeling like you have the flu (fever, body aches, chills) than you may be getting mastitis. Hugs to you!
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Hi ~ I am from the Feb. 2005 board. I have been lurking around a while listening to birth stories and waiting for some more!! I just had to post this to Cuddlemama though!!

I was reading about your babies jaundice and just had to share this with you and hopefully it will help. My midwife with my last baby (3/03) had me give him lots of sunlight (even if sun isn't shining... it's the UV rays), lots of nursing and lots of olive oil!! Take all her clothes off and give her an olive oil bath every couple of hours. Just rub it into her whole body. I would just lay a towell on the floor so I wouldn't get anything oily. Rub it everywhere, her head, face and everything.I can't remember for sure what it is suppose to do, but it worked great. Mine didn't have a real severe case but it really helped. My mw said it is the best thing she's seen (as far as natural... I've never had experience with billi lights or blankets or anything) I just wanted to share that in hopes that in may help you out. Good luck to you!!

I am excited to hear about the rest of your births!! You are a great bunch of ladies!!
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Hi all

Leigh, sorry about the scary jaundice. Lots of good advice here, and it will go away very soon!

Heather, sounds like your mw does need to just chill. Hang in there!

Anna, I hope you feel better soon.

I saw Jen yesterday, and despite the situation, she looks great!

I think Oz developed a double chin overnight. What an eater! I'm loving the cloth diapers too. Using imse vimse bumpies w/ prefolds....

Sheryl, how are you? Any new photos?

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hey everybody,

just checking in quickly before my boy comes to get me.

hugs to those who need them, especially...

Anna, rest up and drink up mama! i hope you're feeling better today!


Leigh, i know nothing about jaundice but it sounds like the other mamas here do. i hope it gets all better soon and you don't have to stop nursing your sweet little Anna.


HeatherH, phew, glad you got your midwife in check. wonder what was up with that?! again, i know nothing about pre-eclampsia but from what you and the others are saying that you have nothing to worry about.


Jen, you sound like you're in a pretty good place emotionally, and of course Sprout is doing wonderfully, but i thought i'd send you a hug anyway. your womb is just so nice and cozy that little Sprout doesn't want to leave. you aren't alone though and this happens all the time. i know Sprout will be in your arms and at your breast SO SOON. and i can't wait to read all about it!

Jodie, I'm so glad Ivan spared you!

All you mamas with babies in arms, please keep posting pics!! They are such an inspiration for a HUGELY pregnant me!

So, yesterday I thought I might actually be in early labor. HA! I had contractions all day. Now granted they weren't very strong, but they lasted all day and did seem to get closer together. Then last night Brian and I had a big fight so I was glad I didn't go into real labor. We made up though and all is well, so baby can come on out today if she or he wants.

Better run,
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Calendula cream

Savannah, forgot to post that I really like Calendula cream for diaper rash. Burt's Bees has one, as does Nelsons. I think it is better than zinc oxide. I put it on anytime I see a red spot develop. This was one of the things I learned this summer from my babysitting job/ mommyhood training course.

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Anna, hope you feel better, drink tons of water, I was headachy a few days ago and that really helped.

Steph, we're great, diaper rash is just about gone, I think the oj was the problem, staying away from acidic foods for now. Just added a few pics to Yahoo.

Gotta run, lots to do....

Well wishes to all with struggles, that's our job as mamas, we'll all do great.
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Badomama, can you use Calendula with cloth diapers? Even after I told my dh and mil not to use desitin with my cloth diapers, I found sticky gummy spots on my brand new Happy Heiny the next day in the wash!!!! Argh!!!

BTW, does anyone else hate the way you can't get Desitin out of a little girl's cracks and crevices??? Poor thing, she's had this residue in there for 2 weeks now that I can't get off... I just want to throw the desitin in the garbage so my "helpers" will stop sneaking it on her! But I know they'd just go buy some more.

Anyone else with rash advice? Anyone?
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Welcome back Leigh! Congrats! I'm sure the jaundice will clear up soon.

Heather - Bhavani is cute and so alert! Was that right after she was born?

Sheryl - love the bath pics. she is getting so big already - must be all that mama milk...

I think Lucy is going to lose her cord soon, it sure smells funky.

I added some new pics to my Lucy album -here

Love and labor vibes
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40 Weeks 4 Days

UGH Destin is like concrete! It never seems to come off. I can't stand that stuff, it smells funky to me too now. :LOL (Pitch it if you can) We use Burt's Bees Diaper creme and Weleda Calendula Diaper Care (not the baby cream). I rarely have any staining or problems with fleece becoming repellent. Once in a while I might have to take a wipe (after a diaper's gone through the wash) and lightly rub it back and forth to get off any residue. But that's really rare.

The Weleda is AWESOME! It usually takes care of any redness with one or two apps. Jack gets flaming red monkey butt when he has too much apple juice which he loves of course.

You can get Weleda from most health food stores or Whole Foods. A really sweet WAHM is Adria of Utopiababy.com carries it. I buy my Burts Bees through a co-op, get it about half price that way.

What kind of wipes solution are you using?

One way you can try to get the residue off McKenna, take a wet wipe (preferably nice and warm) and lay it on top of her and work it into the cracks a little bit so its right on the gunk. The wet warmth will soften it up and make it a little easier to get off. Its like that stuff permenately bonds to skin!! Ugh hate it!

I haven't tried Boudreaux's Butt paste (love the name :LOL) yet. They carry it at a lot of Wal-marts now. I know a bunch of people that swear by it too. Most diaper creams have some zinc oxide in them, it's just with some of the additional ingredients (essential oils and such) of some brands, they help to break down the zinc oxide when you want to get it off.

Some people say... never use zinc oxide with cloth diapers... we've used it in some form our entire 3+ years of diapering and never had a problem with it. Use All F&C liquid with fleece too... and no problems. :LOL Who knows!!

Just avoid the A-D 'yellow oil' cream, that has fish oil in it and WILL make your diapers stink and stain. It is known to work well on bad diaper rash but ugh it smells pretty awful.
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