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got the mw to seriously back off

And, yes, she's still my mw. In my heart, I know she means well, and hey, she does listen to me.

She's agreed to no more urine dipstick tests for the remainder of the pregnancy, no extra home visit this weekend, no backup doctor visit, no AFI or NST.

She can tell that she's stressing me out, and she apologized. Well, it's always a "getting to know you" process. Going through this little drama now will help our relationship in labor.

I'll let you all know when I get the lab results back, but I think it's all going to come out fine.

Waking BP this morning: 95/59!

Thanks again for everyone's words of encouragement. You all help me so much to get back into my emotional "happy homebirth place."

<sending good BFing vibes to all who need them>

<sending gentle labor vibes to Jen>
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Savannah- I am loving Sheryl's flame cooler salve (she sent it to me as part of the 2nd trimester swap). Naomi's bum was swollen and bruised due to breech delivery and the tissues became really sore and cracked and eventually started bleeding a little. I tried badger balm (from the health food store), Bag Balm (usually for cows, dh uses it on his cracked hands), a&d (Yuck!) and Burt's Bees diaper cream (the zinc in it stained my diapers). None of them worked. I finally tried Sheryl's salve and in 2 days her bum was totally healed!

Anna- I hope you are feeling better soon. Lots of nursing, rest and fluids should help. Slow down and don't let anyone pressure into doing something you don't feel up to. This is your babymoon time! s

Leigh- It is good to hear an update on you! Congratulations on your baby girl! I have been thinking about you. My ds Jonah had jaundice problems. We also did the olive oil several times a day. It dropped from 21 to 9 in 2 days without using the lights they sent home with us. Keep nursing as much as possible, at least once per hour if she will.

Jen- Lots of labor vibes coming your way! We are all thinking of you!

Have a wonderful day ladies!! Happy gestating and babymoons to all!
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feeling better

Hey ladies!

I've been sleeping like crazy since I last posted. Feeling a lot better for resting alot. Mielle is starting to sleep closer to 4 hours at a time at night instead of 2 and a half. This is such a relief for me as I don't fall asleep as fast as she does. I have stuff to do, gotta pee, clean off the breast sheild, flip the waterproof pad and fleece blanket we sleep on (breast milk) etc. etc... the list goes on and on.

Still leaking breast milk copiously. i use a receiving blanket like a large bib tucked under my breasts while i BF. I tuck one end up around the breast that I am not nursing with. It gets soaked while I nurse her on the other side. I am only pumping about once every 24 hours... and freezing every bit of it.

My breasts seem to take turns feeling bruised and sore. I am still using the plastic breast sheild and learning to hate it. If it gets a little off center she gives me a welt which becomes a little purple bruise. I have to stop her mid nursing and check to see if it's centered! I have tried to nurse without it and she throws a huge fit whenever I do. Screaming, red faced hysteria.. it's ridiculous! One of these days I'm gonna lose the damn thing and then all hell will break loose! I dread the day, it's such a small peice of clear plastic....

I got Fluffy Mail today!!! Horray! I ordered some kissaluvs when we got our internet set up here at home. Boy are they cute! They are so soft and fluffy. Do you use a cover over a kissaluv? they are so pretty it seems a shame to cover them up! But I have some dang cute covers these days... I keep sewing one or two new diaper covers every couple of days, i'm starting to have more covers than I need!! Last night I made one with a monkey pattern on fleece, it is the cutest yet! I have some made with PUL and a layer of pretty fabric but the fleece ones seem to work better!

Still figuring out shutterfly... have a ton of photos to sort through and distribute to all the grandparents. Have I ever mentioned that Mielle has 3 grandmas and 5 grandpas! There are so many people asking about photos and I have tons of photos on my computer. I just need the time and energy to get them uploaded and then send them out!

P.S. Great news! My mom's husband called last night from Montana to tell my mom that he is officially ready to move back to Wisconsin! He has been the one wanting to stay in Montana. Well, he feels it would be better for everyone if they lived closer to her kids again. she has spent 4 months out of the last year staying with her kids for one reason or another! He's sick of being over worked and underappreciated and wants to be closer to family. I am so excited! I love my mom dearly and want them to be intimately involved in Mielle's life. Yippeeee!!!

Well Mielle is insisting i return to her and bring my big drippy breasts with me! Off I go!

drip. drip. drip. drip...
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HeatherH that's a beautiful blood pressure.

Savannah calendula is good for nearly all that ails the skin. The natural properties of calendula help skin to "knit" back together. We use it at school as kind of a catch-all for every boo-boo that you can imagine - it's our magic salve. Scrape a knee? Calendula creme. Pinch a finger? Calendula creme. (Mysterious ache? Calendula creme will help that too, oddly enough. Almost as well as an ice pack which is a very incredible cure-all as well.) We use Weleda because the kids seem to really like how it smells. I use it on myself too. When I had some nasty rash/chafing problems this summer that were a combination of too much heat + elastic + pregnant lady damp undies (sorry if TMI) I used it and my rashes were usually gone overnight. And it washes out easily.

The NST today was totally uneventful - as usual - and so was the internal, which really disappointed me, because I was up late last night with great contractions, stronger than last Sunday and coming around every 4 minutes or so. But when I decided that I needed to sleep, they slowed down and gentled out so that I could sleep. They didn't come back strong until during my nap this afternoon, I woke up to some eye-crossing doozies, probably because the mw stripped my membranes so vigorously, I'm thinking. I'm glad that my regular mw is back on Monday, this one is so unreassuring and lacks any sense of humor

We are meeting our back-up doula in about 1/2 hour, ridiculously enough yet another lesbian from our neighborhood! (I think I told you all that our doula Beth is gay and lives 1.5 blocks away from us?) Coincidentally she also was one of Steph's nurses during Oscar's birth, so I need to call Steph and get her take before the back-up arrives!

hogs and quiches and thanks to those of you who are still holding me in your thoughts. I know one of these nights the contractions will keep coming. I wish it would be sooner rather than later.
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I'm not supposed to be out of bed, so I've not read any posts and am really behind. I have a breast infection. Otherwise things are going well, we're still nursing and everything. I need to get back to bed though. Hope everyone else is doing well and hopefully next time I'm up and on the computer I'll have a picture or two to post.
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liver panel came out normal...

...so this little drama is *so* officially over. I'm not seeing my mw until Thursday, about three days after my due date, and I think this is a supremely good thing, we need a break from each other.

Had an INSANE burst of energy today, and I'm still going strong. No urge to clean the house or nest or anything, I think I'm feeling energetic and happy because I don't have to deal with any more f*&(ing dipsticks!

I'm celebrating tonight with an ice cream sundae!

Jen - glad to hear that things are going well, hang in there. Also, my mom and I are going to make your blueberry buckle recipie next week, provided we can find some good blueberries.
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testing my shutterfly link

photos of the birth and of Mielle!

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anna, use a sharp scissor and cut just a tiny bit off the nipple shield each day, and mielle will gradually get the real nipple, with time to get used to the change!
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39 Weeks

Anyone else notice that Jen's MIA since yesterday afternoon? Baby vibes, and let's hope this is a GOOD thing!

So, who's setting up the new chat thread for next week? I'm HOPING it's not Jen...

With a week left until my "official due date" (by my calculations, it's a day earlier...big whoop), I chatted with my midwife about the "what ifs" for if I go overdue. We'll leave me alone until at least 41 weeks, when she'll give me some natural induction techniques to use (and possibly will strip membranes?). At 42 weeks, I'd start doing the biophysical profile work. I REALLY want to avoid this, since I'm self-paid/no insurance.

Baby's progressively getting lower, and I can feel her getting bigger. She still dances for me, though not as actively, since space is sparse. I've had no internal exams (my choice), but I feel that she's doing fine, and am finally starting to believe that I might have a baby within the next week or so! My "gut feel" all along has been the 21st. Anyone know anything about equinox/cusp Virgo-Libra babies? (grin)

Anna, I loved seeing your birth pics. You look fabulous, and there's something about Jerome's facial expressions that you can tell he *adores* you.

HeatherH, so relieved to hear that your midwife has backed the hell off. A PP mentioned increasing your water intake, and from what my mw has told me, I'll second that. I've only had protein show up once or twice, and that's the first thing out of her mouth..."how much have you had to drink today?"

Congratulations to everyone on all the new babies -- so many pretty little new ones with lovely names!
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Jen is still MIA...my fingers are crossed! Her back-up doula was my nurse and I loved her. She wiped my butt so kindly for an hour of pushing (sorry if TMI) and made sure I was perfectly comfortable.

HeatherH, sounds like things are going much better.

Lazuli, hope you feel better soon!

Anna, I loved your description of everything you have to do before you can go back to sleep. Me too. That's where I feel like I lose the most sleep. LOVED your photos. Mielle is just gorgeous. Oz had just the same cute cone head too.

Sheryl, Nessa is so lovely and peaceful. I can easily see both of you in her.

My little piglet must have nursed over 15 times --for a long time-- yesterday. I swear his cheeks look chubbier every morning. Can't wait to find out what he weighs on Tues.


p.s. Haven't noticed any calendula staining and Oz's butt looks perfect.
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Hey there ladies!

I must admit, I thought about starting a new thread but knew I couldn't do it like Jen does, so decided to skip it.

Anna, Oh those birth pictures are just fabulous. Both you and Jerome have the most expressive faces and you both are so ecstatic! Thanks for sharing them. Of course, Mielle is a beauty!

HeatherH, Hurrah for everything working out on the pre-e scare/issue!!

Lazuli, Lots of love and hugs to you and your poor breasts!!

Had an appointment yesterday. All my contractions must be doing something because this babe has dropped. I knew my belly looked lower and sure enough I measure smaller than I did last week. I have been reading that usually second (and subsequent) babies don't drop until labor is imminent- why, I don't know- so this is exciting. Still, I know I'm not going to have this baby today (hope not anyway since my MIL-who is to be here for Noah- and my midwife are out of town until late tomorrow), but it is nice to know my contractions are doing something.

Off to make pumpkin muffins.
Love to all,
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Hi ladies!

Anna, I loved looking at your pics! They're beautiful!
Aren't those Kissaluvs so darn cute? I think I may order a few more today.

Plantmommy, I don't think I had a chance to tell you, I just loved your birth announcement! Did you make them yourself???

Steph, little Oscar is a cutey! And I love the sling he's in!

Heather, glad to hear everything's okay with you and your midwife. I'm hoping you get the lovely homebirth you want soon! I had some blood pressure issues last week, but things are okay now. They are getting a little concerned about my swelling, but when I'm on my feet all day, what do they expect???

Crissy, yay for you that things are happening! I hope you get to meet your little one soon! I'm not due until next week and then it could still be another week or two after that and I'm getting a little anxious!! Also, it doesn't help that everyday I show up to school, people are saying, "you're still here?" ---I have to keep reminding them that I'm not even due until next week!

Samantha, I have Martha's breastfeeding book on my desk. Maybe I'll manage to open it today
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Does leaking breasts mean birth is getting closer? My right one has been leaking onto my shirt (not tons though) just since yesterday. Oh, this is so exciting!

Meredith, did you see my post last week that I had a dream that you had twins??? Hope you're able to rest and relax this weekend.
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Originally Posted by chrissy
Does leaking breasts mean birth is getting closer? My right one has been leaking onto my shirt (not tons though) just since yesterday. Oh, this is so exciting!
I decided it did! :LOL Two weeks ago today I woke up with a wet shirt (and continuing ctx), and Iain was born just after midnight Sunday. Of course, after 2 long days of labor, I was willing to take anything as a sign! :LOL Hope it's close for you!
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Chrissy-a couple of days (I think) before I had Arowen, I had the same thing, my left breast started to leak on my shirt.

We've got a cold here, including baby. I feel so bad for her, but she's doing really well.
At our 2 week checkup at the midwives on Thursday, Arowen weighed 7lb11oz. She gained 11 1/2 ounces in about a week. Pretty good.
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blocked duct???

I awoke in the night about an hour after nursing Mielle and getting to sleep... in AGONY! My Tit felt like someone had a clothes pin clamped down on it! It was AWFUL! I took a hot shower with lots of massage, nursed Mielle on it.... "udder" torture.... pumped, nursed her again, used hot compresses. The works!
And of course Mielle took it into her head to be unconsolable and hysterical. She stayed awake over 2 hours instead of the 45 minutes a feeding usually takes! We repeated the pattern again a few hours later. I am sooooooo tired!

Gonna go take a hot tub and soak my breast, which is feeling much better this morning, and try to get back to sleep for awhile.

Thank you everyone for the compliments on the birth photos, I really wanted to share them with you guys.. especially the mamas waiting and needing inspiration. The Birth was ecstatic, amazing and bigger and harder than anything ever before in my life. A life changing experience. I keep meaning to post my birth story but never seem to find the time! ah well, one of these days!

I'm so glad Jen is missing! Stay missing Jen! Come on sprout!!! Peace be your journey!

Kisses to all, must go take care of myself before Mielle needs caring for!
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Twins?? Yikes, I hope there's only one in here. Two would be awesome, but one for now would be great. I do feel big enough to be having twins and someone said to me the other day, "Are you sure you're not having twins?" Yah, just what a mama feeling big wants to hear.

My breasts have been leaking for awhile now, but yesterday, there was a big drip coming from it! (sorry if TMI). That would be so nice if it did mean labor was near. I've been feeling kind of sick to my stomach yesterday and today. Some bh and some cramping, but nothing consistent. We'll see.

Anna, sorry about your boobies. I hope they get better soon!!!
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yeah, I did the announcement myself. haven't gotten a chance to print any yet, though!

It's been nuts around here; too much going on to type with one hand, so my posts are pathetic. sorry ladies, know i'm wishing you all well!
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Originally Posted by allibabble

My "gut feel" all along has been the 21st. Anyone know anything about equinox/cusp Virgo-Libra babies? (grin)
Funny you should ask! My bday is September 21st!
Here's how I would define me:
Competitive, kind of a control freak, somewhat anal (classic Virgo traits!), passionate, loyal.
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My husband has an appointment Monday for a vasectomy consultation, which is what we want......but I can't help but feel kinda mournful over the loss of my fertility (well, not MY fertility, but the fact that I will never be pregnant again).

We do want it done asap, because knowing us, I would get pregnant the first time we have sex postpartum!

Agh. I don't know. Maybe we should wait.

It's an absolutely beautiful day here in Minneapolis.......a perfect day for a birth! Jen???????
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