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Originally Posted by sistermama
I'm starting to feel discouraged and a little frustrated. I wanted a fast labor this time!!!

Oh can I empathize!! I hope you were able to get some rest and do take it easy. I had several rounds of being totally discouraged before Iain came, and I think being physically and emotionally drained had a lot to do with it. Having a good cry, talking to my MW, and getting rest (even if not sleep) all seemed to help a lot! And I gotta say, when it came time to push, I was really glad I'd already worked so long at moving him down!

All the best! Keep us posted!
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Sarah, a walk around the neighborhood is what got my labor going....keep us posted!!

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Sarah, Yay!!! Don't get discouraged. Your body is just doing what it needs to do. You are doing great and your baby will be here in no time. I cannot wait to hear all about it and I'm loving how you are checking in with us! 2

Lynsey, Aw, thanks for thinking of me! I am doing fine, the straggler of the group at not quite 38 weeks yet. Emotionally I'm feeling pretty well- excited with anticipation but not yet so totally impatient that I can think of nothing else. Physically, well that's another story. Nothing fits me. At all. If I do the slightest bit of activity I get worn out FAST. My pelvis hurts all the time. Well, you all know how it is.

I love all the new baby pics, Iain and Oscar and Reid are all just breathtaking!

Steph, Thank you for the instructions for those Comfrey pads. I am going to try that.

I need to get things done so I'd better go.
Love to all!
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link to my belly cast pictures in case anyone wants to see them. I love shutterfly!

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Welcome babies!!!

Sarah- What Chrissy said! Your body is working- I can hardly wait for news of the next Sept baby!

Jen- Your body is working hard too!! Enjoy your sweets! Labor wishes coming your way!!

Hopefully this link to pictures of Naomi will work.


Have a wonderful day!! Keep those babies coming!!
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Our doula came over this afternoon and spent about 2-3 hours with us, bless her. We talked a lot, she did some belly loosening with her big scarf that I can't remember the name of now, showed me and had me do lunges and squats and we also tried out the breast pump on loan from one of Jo's co-workers for nipple stimulation. that baby worked, I've been having contractions every 4-8 minutes since then. Still nothing that I'd call major, although some of them do require me to pay attention to them, but it really got things rolling. A lot of it also was her presence, I think. Very empowering and reassuring.

Steph I didn't think you were rude at all but I hope you don't think I'm rude when i say that I hope I won't be able to stop by tomorrow!! I'd love to but I'm hoping it will have to wait a week... we'll have to see, won't we?

I think I have come to believe that, despite how extremely cool I think it would be, I'm not going to lose my mucus plug until I'm in active labor. Oh well.

well, I'm off to make a tentative appt for a massage tomorrow (another recommendation from my doula and her homeopath/massage therapist),

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Send some good labor vibes over to Christi (robertsgirl). She went into labor early yesterday, her water broke yesterday afternoon, and as of this evening she was about 8 cm. I'm sure she's tired-- maybe a few more good wishes will give her the energy she needs to help this baby into the world.

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Lyndsay, that is so amazing!!!!!!!!!
Jen and Sarah, I'm off to bed now, but look forward to reading of your births sometime tomorrow!!
Oh and Jen, my dh really didn't like the idea of your giving birth on our bed--sorry, I guess I have to take back my offer--but I'll try to dream about it again tonight!
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I think I might be having some contractions, and feel so silly because i honestly don't know if I am or not. My knees hurt, my hips hurt, and I've been feeling that general annoying uncomfortable period feeling with spikes of uncomfortableness. (My husband was asking me to describe what/how it feels and I honestly can't. It's not really pain, exactly, just a dull droning sort of uncomfortable feeling.) I feel grumpy and out of sorts and really wish my knees and hips didn't ache so much. Even a long hot soak in the tub didn't help any. i wonder if taking a calcium/magnesium supplement would help....
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I've been gone so long! Between moving, and being in our temporary home (aka grandma's house) its been impossible to get to the computer.

Congrats on all the new babies!!

Frank Joseph Trivigno, III "Trey" was born on Sept. 7th at 5:25 p.m. He weighed 7 lbs. 2 oz. and is 20 inches long.

What a good boy he is and his sisters have been super sweet too!

I ended up going to the hospital since I felt that dh and grandma's negative energy about a home birth would make it too difficult. I ended up with the greatest nurse and my best birth experience yet! I caught the head myself and felt the water break in my hands as his head crowned.
For the first time I have no stitches after giving birth and I feel great. I'll write a more detailed birth story later.
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Congrats Kara!

Hoping robertsgirl has a babe in arms by now! Also sending vibes to Jen and Lazuli, who sound like they'll be our next up! It never does get too dull around here for long these days.

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Absolutely gorgeous pics!

Love the cast!


Happy birthing vibes!
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And congrats Kara and baby Trey!
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Well....looks like I am having contractions and the bloody show made an appearence. Geek that my husband is he's writing a program to time the contractions, silly boy! I feel pretty awful, I'm going to try to get some sleep. I spent the afternoon playing Simcity and the house is not clean....oops!
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39 weeks 6 days

UGH! I just closed the wrong window and lost my entire post.

Lazuli- definitely sounds like something is a happenin'!! 2 Usually B-H will subside or cease with a warm shower or bath. I remember feeling pretty out of sorts the morning I went into labor with Jack. Just blah, achy and grumpy. Didn't help that halfway through my shower, the hot warm disappeared, didn't make for a happy very pregnant woman.

Wooohoo! Come on Christi, Jen and Sarah... sounds like tonight and tomorrow will be very busy!!

Lynesy- love that belly cast.

Everyone's belly casts are making me want to do one... I just know I'd have no place to put it. I'm already such a packrat with stuff that we don't "need" or use... Don't think David would be too gungho on my hanging it on the wall in our bedroom either. :LOL :LOL

Great pictures of Naomi and Oscar!! Such cuties!!

Kara- congratulations! Can't wait to see and hear Trey's birth story. So glad to hear that your hospital birth went so well even though it wasn't how you'd originally wanted to go.

Originally Posted by StacyL
Just curious here, but why do people call their babies food names, i.e. radish, sprout, bean, peanut, etc.? I don't know, but I have never had the desire to call mine any food..
I don't know why. My mom always called me Sweetpea, Sugarplum and Pumpkin when I was growing. We never called Tori anything (in utero) but sweetie. Once she was born, she was my Sweetpea and David called her his Rutabaga. Most of the time she is 'The Bear' though. Jack was Peanut in utero until we decided on a name at about 7+ months. Once he was born... David started calling him Turnip. :LOL So when we found out we were pregnant a third time, it had to be Radish. Because a Rutabega is a large version of a Turnip and a Radish is a small one (same veg family). :LOL I think it's part of that you love them so much you could eat them up... I don't know.

Well, David is STILL in Austin. BUT... he's got a job interview first thing in the morning. It with the state/military so it could be a really awesome deal for us. If he gets it, it would start in Oct so we'd have to move within a month. I'm definitely going to have packers and maybe movers (never had that before and we've done 9 moves in the 10+ years we've been together). It's looking like it will just be a "formality" interview but it really has great potential for David career wise. SAwesome experience for the resume and a Top Secret clearance which makes him VERY marketable within the computer security field. Especially to companies that have government contracts. Anyways, keep your fingers crossed for him.

I got to take a little nap today. My mom stopped by to see the kids. We ate an early dinner about 4ish and I passed out on the couch for an hour and a half. :LOL Totally didn't expect that. Mom got to have a little quality playtime with Tori and Jack. She hasn't been around Jack very much since his personality has really started to come out. He can be such a sweetie. I'm probably going go to bed shortly... yeah right.
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Lazuli - my friend Trish, while she was laboring at home, played a computer game the whole time (Tetris, I think - she's a total Tetris junkie) and was actually disappointed when the time came to go to the hospital because she was doing so well on her game!!!

Ctx coming every 3-5 minutes, lasting about 1 minute. Called the doula just to let her know what was going on but we're just cleaning around the house right now. Think it will be a while before we go in. Still waiting for a mucus plug!!! And Sprout checks in after nearly every ctx to say "hi mom, I'm still doing fine!"

Wish I could fall asleep, though. Wise Woman Herbal (and actually Ina May, too) recommends having a shot of liquor. Just don't think I could bring myself to do that after 10 months of being dry.

Congrats Kara, go Christi, Caroline I may really owe you one because even though I made it through the weekend, I don't think we're going to our appt tomorrow morning, YOU WERE RIGHT thanks all of you who sent warm thoughts and birthin' vibes!

Will keep you as up to date as possible. xo j
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Looks like I'm in labor. Contractions every 3-6 minutes and about a minute long and pretty intense. People are coming over and my husband is cleaning and I'm doing things like making coffee and iced raspberry leaf tea. Woo.
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Yay, Jen and Lazuli!! Wonderful, peaceful labors and perfect births to you both!! Keep us updated! (and for goodness sake, get some rest! :LOL)
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Wow, so much going on over the weekend! Loved the pictures.

Yay! More babies coming. Good luck Jen and Lazuli! Hope you're holding your babies in your arms very soon!

Despite dh being 100% convinced that this baby was going to come over this past weekend, I'm still pregnant (39 weeks tomorrow). Dh was nesting all weekend long, making sure the house was clean and all this other stuff. I'm loving it! I had ds at 38 weeks, so I've never been this pregnant before. The baby will come sooner or later though, so I'm still patiently waiting, at least for a few more days (then I'm sure I'll be a bit more impatient).

Can't wait to hear about more babies!

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Hooray, so we might get 4 new babies today???

Sarah, Jen, Christi, Lazuli- lots of healthy labor vibes going out to you all. I cannot wait to hear about all our new additions (and see pictures too!)

Lynsey, beautiful belly cast. It looks really cool with your hands on there!

Kara, Congratulations on Trey and a wonderful birth experience!

Sarahb, Naomi is so darn cute!! I love her pudgy little cheeks!! Your other children are just beautiful as well.

Does anybody have a good carrot cake recipe? I think that's what I want to make for baby's birthday cake but I don't have a recipe.

Oh, Meredith, last night I dreamt that you had TWINS- a boy and a girl!!

Okay, I'm off,
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