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More babies this week? Chat thread 9/11 - 9/17 - Page 4

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Lucy Pamela was born at 10:50 last night!!!! She is exactly 8 lbs and 21 inches, so she seems tiny to me! I am so glad I am done with labor! It didn't really get serious until about 5:00 last night. My mw got there about 8:00 and I was 4-5. When she checked me at about 10:30 I was a stretchy 9. (If I been less then 6 I would have lost it.) At about 10:40 I started crying and screaming that I couldn't do it, I puked and then I started pushing. What a difference it makes to push with your own fingers feeling YOU move that baby down! 5 pushes and she was out. Born in the water and totally calm and alert for an hour afterwards. We woke Jack up in time to see her born and he is absolutely ecstatic!! He is absolutely crazy about her and can't stop loving and kissing on her - even happily sharing nursies!

I'll write my whole story later.

Congratulations Kara! I can't wait to hear from Jen, Christi and Lazuli!
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Yay Sarah!!! Welcome Lucy!
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Congratulations Sarah! And welcome Lucy! I am SO SO happy for you that you got the birth that you wanted! Now you can put her in your little "born at home" romper just like you wanted!!! I cant wait to read the full birth story. Sounds like it will be fabulous...
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Congrats Sarah! Can't wait to hear more about Lucy! Sounds like Jack is already a great big brother!

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Welcome baby Lucy!!!!

I, of course, am partial to the name Lucy!

Jen hasn't made her morning appearance yet......hmmmmmmmm!

Good birth Goddesses, please let this be the day!
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Congratulations Sarah and welcome baby Lucy!

and Congratulations Kara and welcome baby Trey!
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Congratulations new mamas! Welcome babies. I'm so happy for you!!! : :

Happy, safe birthing vibes to all of you lucky women in labour!!! I'm so excited to hear more babies are on the way!!!
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Woohoo! : : and welcome to the world little Lucy!!

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Hmmm no Jen and it's 10:30am... I'm thinking she's at the birthing center...

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Sssooooooo Haa

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So happy

ok, so i need a little practice w/ one-handed typing...

Yeah!!!! CONGRATS to Kara and Sistermama Sarah! Both sound like wonderful birth experiences! Can't wait to hear more. My story still needs head processing, then typing.

I'm so excited for Jen and Lazuli! Sounds like they both had good starts!

Anybody out there want to share a moan about sore nipples? Oscar is eating every half hour approx. He is eating so often that I did not notice that my milk had come in! I'm not complaining about that one.

Happy birthing and mothering to you all,

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Mine still hurt too. I really have to watch how Arowen is latched on. She needs encouragement to get her little mouth open wide enough.
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Welcome to the world babies David, Oscar, Trey and Lucy!!!!

And here's hoping that Sprout and Vaysh are on their way out as I type this!

Oh and Christi, can't wait to hear from you too!

What an exciting day!

I think we'll eventually need to move our chat to Life With A Babe since more and more of us are no longer pregnant! So whenever we make the split, just link us up here, I want to be in on all chatting.

My little Nessa has some pretty persistant gas and red rash on her bum. I'm working on figuring out the cause and thinking possibly the orange juice I had for several days. If I don't see improvement today, I may need to do the full on elimination, I feel so bad when she cries to get the gas out.

We called Nessa nugget in utero, now that she's here, she's sweetpea, peanut or a whole array of nicknames. Don't know why the food names come up, they just seem to fit.

So looking forward to some birth news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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No baby yet, sorry folks. Managed to get 4 hours sleep 2:30 - 6:30 (with ctx while sleeping, more like exhausted hallucinating), woke up, called birth center to see if the midwife on call wanted me to go to mw appt this morning at 9. She said good idea. Went, had NST, baby all happy, had 3 or 4 ctx for the record, mw checked, cervix 80% effaced and very anterior, dilated to 1 though so she said we could go home if we thought we'd be more comfy there. Had a massage at 11 (YUM), CMT is also a homeopath, she suggested pulsatilla so Jo went and got me some.

Ctx still coming regularly although a bit slower right now (seem to pick up at night), my mom thinks I'm going to have another one of ME, since I was born after 5 days of contractions early on a Tuesday morning.

I am off to try to nap. Sarah, congrats, I'm glad that baby came between hurricanes!!

xo, j.
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40 weeks TODAY!!!

I don't think anyone has to leave until after the month is over. Some of the other board have posts for at least a couple of weeks into the next month. I say we all stay together, less likely to lose people that way.

Come on Sprout! Come out and play.
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Welcome, sweet new babies!!! Congrats Mommies!!! How exciting... And a nice waterbirth for Sarah, that is great.

Now I wonder who will be the VERY LAST September mommy to deliver? haha...

The pictures of Naomi are just precious. I was just wondering if she had been frank breech when I saw the description under one of the pictures... I figured it was either that, or Daddy was going to have a time of it when she starts dating, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

Nice belly cast, Lynsey!

Can't wait to hear from more of you! And I agree, let's stick around on here for awhile. They don't yet need room on the forum for a Sept. 05 thread anyway...
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39 weeks

Congrats to the new moms and babies! Am I the last Heather left to deliver? I think there's one more who's still pregnant...

I am sooo going to be the last person to deliver in this group. I'm getting a big October vibe these days. So far, this seems to bother everyone else but me. I'm sure that will change..

I thought I was getting BHs in the middle of the night, but if I was they went away, so who knows.

The cats become more and more cuddly with each passing day. I must be getting warmer..

Oh, and today was our first *decent* temperature day! Ocean breezes for the first time in two weeks, thank goodness.

The colder the weather, the more energy I have.. I feel if this was a January baby I'd be doing jumping jacks or something..heh..

I want the new moms to stay here longer. Don't leave the forum just yet! I learn so much reading your posts, I don't feel left out at all. I feel lucky to know all of you.

See, I'm trapped in a very anti-HB, anti-AP environment. My sil, whose first baby is due 9-28 (yeah, wacky coincidence, that), is waaay into the hospital and pitocin and stuff. Her doctor wants her to show up at the hospital when her contrax are 10 minutes apart, and she thinks after that the baby will come in a few hours?! because of the "great invention" that is pitocin. Her words.

Anyway, I look forward to reading the birth stories, and keeping updated on everyone's pregnancy and labor.

Jen and Lazuli, sending you waves and waves of labor vibes..
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I don't post here very often, but I enjoy reading along and hearing of all the babies being born! I hope mine comes sooner rather than later.

I do post on another board and I saw that Robertsgirl, a.k.a. Christi had her baby. A post from there:
Joshua Robert weighed in at 9lbs 7oz and is 20 inches long. Christi ... sounds exhausted but happy.
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Congratulations mamas!!!! Welcome Joshua, Lucy, Trey, David and Oscar!!!! ( I hope I got them all)

Hope to hear from Lazuli and Jen soon! Blissful birthing to both of you!
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There the first one to break the 8 pound cap we seemed to have on birth weights. :LOL

Welcome to the world Joshua!
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