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I love BumWare AIOs! They arrived in a flash (a week! for custom dipes!), absorb well, and are ultra trim. I couldn't be any happier with them.

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I've ordered custom AIO's twice now, and both times my order was processed and shipped very quickly. I LOVE these diapers; they are very trim and absorbant and quite quick to get on/take off. I love that, unlike the VB AIO's I had, these do not seem to get soaked all the way up to the waistband and they don't feel hard on his little bottom (another complaint I had with my VB AIO's). I also have some wipes from this mama and they are also very nice; great patterns and a good size. Highly recommended!
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Just tried these and LOVE them! Izabella is very prompt in responding to questions and was able to get out an embroidered diaper for my son's birthday party in a flash!
The diapers are very trim and still absorbant. I highly recommend these!
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