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Originally Posted by umbrella
Still Waiting to be Ready here.

I'm so glad to not take a pill anymore
Me, too. The waiting part, that is. I have 3 more weeks of pills (started last pack today and I never take the placebos) and then Af, then I finally get to really "try".

I hope everyone had a good week as well, I haven't read the whole thread yet, but from various posts/blogs, things look reeeal good for Anna, Megan, and Keri!

I hope for many many BFP's in the coming days, ladies.

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joining you all over here...

cd24 , 7dpo, and imagining all sorts of pg symptoms, especially fatigue.

This past month was the first that we were officially "trying", but I was only half-heartedly charting. Bought a copy of TCOYF and will start charting hard core next month...unless I get really lucky.
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+ Opk

WhooWhee!! Now if I could just get the kids into bed so we can GIO before we leave on the airplane tomorrow. Maybe we will on the plane just to be sure...

What a day for reboots. AF was a busy lady today giving you all her "blessing."

Move me to the waiting to know as I will be away from the computer for a week. Hopefully that will make the 2ww go by fast. And I won't be tempted to test as I'm leaving them at home.
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What is rebooting?
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Getting your period.
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There was a poll a while back to change our use of AF. A lot of people liked "rebooting the ovarian operating system" and a lot of us started using it. Some felt that the "Aunt Flo" reference was too 1950s and just conjured images of shamefully hiding that one was on one's period.
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Hmm. Still no reboot here (although I am a fan of the term Aunt Flo -- I first heard this phrase late in life and it makes me laugh).

Those SaveOn tests were so weird that I thought if I were try one again, I would do the pee in a cup thing, and I am too cheap to buy paper cups just for this. Tried to scam some from my mom's house today, with no luck (didn't want to raise any suspicions!) and have just been looking through my kitchen for something I could pee in and then throw away. I think I landed on something that carried soup once for Chinese take-out.

How silly am I? No siller than the rest of us, I guess....
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CD 9 & subscribing

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Subscribing CD 9 :
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Originally Posted by Meli65
How silly am I? No siller than the rest of us, I guess....
No sillier than me, that's for sure! I'm the one over here talking about twins and/or half an egg! I must really sound completely crazy. Actually, I told my DH about what I wrote and had been thinking and he said, "That's crazy talk!"

Ah well... that's me...
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Well, you can change my stat's to waiting to O. I rebooted
I knew it was coming. On to next month...

I'm just happy it came before the morning time. In the morning I will start my first official chart. Hopefully it'll help me out.

ET - fix spelling
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LOL Amy, we cross posted the same message. I'll have to be stalking your chart now
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Rather than Aunt Flo (off topic)

I had a friend in high school that would say: I was blessed today.

I still vote for Aunt Flo. DH doesn't have a clue what I'm talking about. All the more fun.

Anyone have a code name for it with DH? My best friend tells her DH that "the register is closed."

Maybe I'm just too blunt when I tell DH to "go away"?

Definitely too much rebooting going on right now.
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I call it my period. Though even that's kinda dumb.
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Originally Posted by squeakermansmom
oh, Velveteen, i'm so sorry. i can't remember, but didn't you say you were going to try clomid this month???

erika - i looked at your chart.....i think 6 dpo looks very conceivable. what do you think???


ok ladies i need your help. i had a teeny bit of spotting last night and (reading into it) i thought it could've possibly been implantation spotting, so i tested this am. negative. here's my question: if it were implantation spotting, how long after the spotting would i get a positive pregnancy test (assuming i'm using a highly sensitive test)?????? i have never had spotting in my luteal phase before. unless it led right into af (which i really doubt that this is the start of af....it would be way too early for af). so what do ya think???
This cycle, I'll be trying Clomid. I hope it works!!
Thanks for the cyber hugs, I needed 'em.
And Anna, this sounds positively hopeful!!
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cd16 ... eggcellent CWM ... tried to talk dh into ttc a little early ... didn't work ... *sigh* ... oh well!

2 to all who need them!

to all who need them!
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That BFP list is not long enough! Get to work ladies!

I test Tuesday if Af hasn't come by then. Low hopes though. I just feel like its never going to happen (though I day dream about it all the time). We started ttc last November and November is almost here again. I know many have tried longer so I guess I should be thankful for that.
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cd 1

well i am definatly rebooting...didn't even bother with temps...why torture mysleff? they dont' go down for a few days but it doesn't mean anything...sigh

could i be moved to waiting to o please?
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I've been managing to keep up with everyone, no time to post though.

Temping has been very didicult this week. The dogs have been waking me up at strange hours (sick) and I haven't been sleeping really well. Hopefully we'll get back into the groove.

2 to all the reboots.
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another BFN - cd 28

I guess that was bound to happen. Bummer. I wish Aunt Flo would get here so I could feel like I am officially starting over.

Darn those phony p/g symptoms!
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