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Stationary and Journals

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Jaffapearl was sweet enough to send me everything I'd need to get started on stationary and she even offered to help me get started on journal making when I'm ready. I just wondered if anyone else out there made their own paper goods and if you had any insight!
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I'm interested but have no idea how to get started. Love the idea of making paper but especially love the idea of making journals for other people as gifts. How do you bind the journal together (I envision it like a book)? Just wondering. What are your ideas?
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I Love the stationary you sent me and would love to learn how to make it . I have a friend who used to make paper using lint from the dryer. I'm no longer in touch with her to ask though, from what i understand papermaking is easy, though at the craft store around here they carry really cool papers. In the Chinaberry book catalogue there is a kit to make cards and fold envelopes...
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I'm making dd#1 a moon journal as part of her xmas pressie. I ended up buying a big drawing book with 100 sheets in. I've made the cover out of patchwork & card & am handwriting all the pages & putting all the moon phases & solar ingresses, wiccan festivals & so on. Plus the astrological predictions for each star sign in. I'd love to be able to make my own paper. I found this tutorial on the net http://hometown.aol.com/Ppreble2/paper.html which looks very good. I'd also like to know about how you bind the journals.

co-incidentally, I'm about to embark on a mission of making a bracelet out of a coat hanger covered in paper mache & then gold leaf. I've got a picture of one in a book of mine & it looks really awesome.
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