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How are you all feeling??

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Man, Ive been SO tired lately...I feel like Im neglecting my son. My hubby has been so good to watch him for me whenever Im feeling exhausted, but I just feel bad. Poor Braedon. Anyways...otherwise Im feeling ok. Just tired!

How about you? Any new symptoms kick in?
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I am tired too. Sore boobies...most of the little symptoms. no m/s though thankfully. Didn't have it with either of my other pregnancies so hopefully it will stay away during this one also. You are lucky for having DH around to help. Mine is a truck driver and is gone most of the time. Usually he is only home about 2 weekends a month...sometimes a little more and sometimes a lot less. LOL. When he IS home the kids are his. I take a break.
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im starting to have vivid dreams , i always do while pg. this pg hasnt produced any symptoms yet..

ladywulf were you expecting this one? our little ones are about the same age, my ds bd is 11/12/03. i wasnt planning for this myself.
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oooh man, i've been having vivid dreams, and kinda freaky ones, too! i am super hungry, and if i go too long without eating i get kindof sick feeling. i actually puked last night, but i think it might have been some beef that sat out too long at a friend's house. (never eating over *there* again, lol!) other than that i have been a little tired feeling, def. taking more naps than usual, and I have been a little crabby. i have noticed a heightened sense of smell, too! i think that's it. hopefully m/s doesn't get any worse than this. i didn't have any last time, and its no fun!
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I feel AWFUL!! :Puke I was never a day sick like this with last pg...however this one seems to be knocking me down. I have tried Saltines, lemondrops, Ginger root, not taking Pre-Natals, upping protein, got a B6 shot yesterday as a last ditch effort yet nothing seems to be workin. Makes it very hard to care for 8mo. old Ava and work 32hrs. a week. It's more like motion sickness that causes nausea.

Oh,yeah...and SUPER tired!
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how do I feel?

Sore breasts and hungry. No puky feelings or funny smells yet. I'm sure it is just a matter of time. I'm a little more tired but my other kids are school age so I can get my feet up for a few hours some days. As long as supper is served and the homework is done, I'm ok.
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I am TIRED....almost too tired to type this :LOL i dont get m/s *knock on wood* so there i am fine. i am ultra thirsty and very...ummm...B**chy. happy, sad, mad annoyed, annoyed, annoyed and then indifferent.....AHHHH the mood swings.

i have HORRIBLE dreams. dreams that i am miscarrying again and nobody cares. last night i dreamt that i was miscarrying at my midwives office and she passed me a pad the other night i had a dream that the dentist found out that all of my teeth were rotten and started popping them out like candy. ugh....i remember last time i always dreamt that i was giving birth to cameron, my cat. i want those funny dreams again

is anyone else not fitting tighter fitting clothes well yet? I started out thin, and now i dont fit some of my less forgiving jeans. my tummy is ...i dunno... bloated? is it just me?? i dont remember this happening so fast in my other pregnancies.
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I'm feeling great so far! But then, It's so early for me I probably shouldn't be hanging out in the Pregnancy board! I haven't even missed my period yet. Need to go get some wristbands and some children's dvds for the coming months though!
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Originally Posted by lindsayloo2020
How about you? Any new symptoms kick in?
Just SUPER tired once the older boys are home from school. Can hardly keep my eyes open. I tried placeblo coffee (read: decaf) to psyche myself out, but without much effect.

I do miss my AM and 3 o'clock cup coffee
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Morning sickness has now kicked in for me Hopefully it won't be as bad as it was with my other 2. With them it was ALL day, so far it's only been first thing in the morning & it goes away once I eat some toast.

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Well now I'm tired. I've been having headaches. I'm peeing more and having trouble sleeping (usually I sleep so well). I also am having trouble wanting to eat anything, though it hasn't escalated into full-blown morning sickness yet...
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Im not feeling very consistant with any symptom. I am tired, some days more than others. I could nap, but I don't NEEED to yet. Morning sickness comes and goes. Sometimes it is around the in AM, sometimes in the afternoon, and often at 3 am.

With my last pregnancy I had morning sickness consistantly for 4 weeks. It made me feel better. This time I am a little stressed I guess. I also feel like I dont care as well.
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I wierdly have NO appetite...just nothing is appealing. Am not nauseous yet, but sounds like some of you all are not either.

Definately peeing more though.
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I'm peeing more, my mood swings are aggravating me and I find it's a struggle to eat...not feeling nauseous, just not hungry. I am soooo tired though . I guess running around after ds isn't helping either.

I've also been having dizzy spells so my gp thinks I may be anemic. I should find out today. Hopefully this pg will be as easy as the last one.

Ana (yawn)
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oh yeah, and acting like a crazy hormonal woman-my poor DH.
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I too am acting like a crazy hormonal woman, but I think my poor DS is bearing the brunt of it. I wonder if he's testing me because I'm moody or if it's just a coincidence. Either way, it's annoying.
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Very Tired!!!

I almost fainted the other day in the fabric store too. That was scary. I guess it was my not-so-gentle reminder that I may not skip meals when nursing and pregnant.
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I had my first bout of real nausea like I was going to throw up. Yay!! I was a little worried with little-to-no symptoms as I had a m/c earlier this year. I don't like being nausea and hate throwing up, but I'll take it if it means my baby is OK.

Also, run-down, but like someone else here, could nap, but don't HAVE to.

Biggest symptom - horrible pain while nursing!! Luckily, it isn't very often and not for very long.
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I get tired through out the day and have nausea but no vomiting. I also have food adversions it's hard for me to find anything appealing to eat - I've never had that problem Sometimes, when I do find something I think I can stand and I start eating it's yucky
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What symptoms don't I have? :LOL It seems as if I get almost all the symptoms that are available. The worst is the exhaustion.:yawning: It takes a monumental effort to do anything but sit or lie down all day, which I don't get to do much with my spirited toddler. I've had day sickness since 6 dpo just like with dd. I have the dry heaves every morning and anytime during the day that I haven't eaten in awhile. I've noticed I'm sicker this time than with my dd and I'm wondering if nursing is the reason I need to eat more frequently - which I really don't feel like doing. I can't even think of food before noon, and when I can eventually eat, I can't eat much before I begin to feel sick. I'm also dealing with a lot of bloating and constipation already, but I have IBS so I'm not too surprised. Oh, and the dreams. Awful, awful dreams, especially about miscarrying. They started a few days ago and it's really making it hard to stay asleep. My nipples have also become very tender and it hurts a lot to nurse dd. I'm just hoping it doesn't get anymore painful. I'm also one cranky woman, too. : On the minor side, is the thirst, peeing, bleeding gums, heightened sense of smell, and hair loss.

There is a plus side, though. The cramping has gone away, my lower back doesn't hurt as often and it'll probably be at least a couple of months before any new symptoms show up. Actually, I assumed before I got pregnant that I would probably be as miserable as I was last time so it's been easier to handle knowing what to expect and approximately how long each symptom will last.

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