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Week of September 13...we're halfway to October!!! - Page 6

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Letia- bummer about the pics. I tend to agree about changing tables being a waste of money...not to mention dangerous. I never missed having one, I'd change Ember on my bed, the floor, the couch, where ever. The only thing that it would be nice for is storing diapers, but you don't need to spend that kinda money just for diaper storage. I tend to be a minimalist when it comes to baby stuff, never bought a crib or playpen, etc. last time either...although I am considering a co-sleeper this time only because we need more bedspace for the 4 of us. I agree with getting a convertable crib though if you do so at least you will use it later, maybe that is because Ember skipped the toddler bed altogether. There are some pretty nice ones that turn into a double bed and I'd personally put the money I was going to spend on the change table towards that

So we should have a baby amongst us now, hopefully we will get an update soon!!

Mirthfulmum- listen to your body and stock up on the calories..you may be needing them soon
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that's why I decide on the table that would confine the baby. I was concerned about my back....: what baby!!! Marnie? (allformyboys) WHO!?! *goin to look back up*
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Letia :LOL, I was meaning the lady you told us about that was having a c/s...but I also though MTBto5 should have been having her baby too. I guess I shouldn't rely on my preggo brain, I should go back and see what day she was scheduled for.
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ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh...yeah....might be an update on the diapering board. I'm on my way there in a bit.
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What is with the weather in this country?! Sorry to hear you had to cancel your pics, Letia, due to tornado. :LOL OK I know it's not funny at all, but it just blows me away... This board is cursed with bad weather! BTW, keeping my fingers crossed for no more huricanes in Florida... :

So yesterday I was having contractions like crazy and decided to time them. They were one minute long every five minutes for a couple of hours!!! : (Just an aside, here, but timing contractions is really tedious and a PITA. Borrrring.) So I went home (the joke at work being, "you're going into labor - better get out of the hospital!") and called the midwife and she prescribed a hot bath and a glass of wine , then straight to bed. (Now that's the kind of advice I like!) That slowed them down quite a bit and they're now randomly occuring every 5 - 20 minutes.

But I'm stuck at home in bed and if I have to spend the next two weeks like this I'll go insane! It's too early to go into labor! I'd love to have the baby before 40 weeks, but I want a homebirth! :
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33 weeks 6 days

hi mamas!

gosh, i really don't even know where to start i'm so late this week. work has been really busy as i'm trying to pull a project together before i go on maternity leave. i have two more weeks and LOTS of loose ends.

anyway, my good news is that the baby is now head down! i think it turned a couple days ago. i'm SO happy and relieved. ashleepurdee and ameliabedelia, (i think it's the two of you whose babies are still waiting for the right time to turn) i'm sending vertex vibes your way too.

i also checked my cervix (closed but squishy) and for the first time could feel the hard wall of the head behind it. WOW. my midwife also said i could check my own dilation if i prefer. actually, when i asked about that her response was, "of course! it's *your* body!" she's great.

the baby is SO active. i really like the motions, perhaps cause they aren't painful. it's bizarre how many parts move at once! it feels like an octopus or something!

let's see... now i'm going to try to catch up on other stuff, but i suspect i'll miss most of it...

supplements: prenatal vitamins, floradix (i became slightly anemic with being pregnant), and acidophilus.

piglet, you made a wonderful moderator but it sounds like the right thing for you to do. just keep posting in our group!

sorry to all those who are battling with the weather lately. i'm glad nobody has been really displaced more than temporarily by the storms.

also wanted to send wishes of comfort to those who are feeling really icky.

OH, forgot:

QOTW1: i don't know if i'm looking forward to anything the *most* really. it will all be new for me. i'm looking forward to everything. birthing the baby, seeing the baby, holding the baby, nursing the baby. i am also really looking forward to seeing dh when he meets the baby.

QOTW2: no real babymoon here. my mom will be visiting the first week in november, hopefully we'll have the baby a bit before she arrives. we'll have friends visit too. i am happy with the expected amount of company and time to ourselves, except that i'm a bit worried about my mom's visit. we'll see how it goes. i'm going to be off work until about midfebruary, so that is sort of like a babymoon for me.

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I received 3 envelopes in the mail today... and only one still had the bead left in the envelope .
Ann - Your bead got here okay and it's very pretty.
momadance & Karin - I'm afraid your beads didn't make it.

I am so tired this evening. I had the infant car seat installed today, so glad I didn't try to do it myself. I would've gotten it all wrong. And had a good long nap too. But I just can't seem to get my energy level back up since I woke up from my nap. It's almost 6pm and already I can't wait 'till bed time. :yawning: Poor Alias, he keeps caling to me to wrestle with him on the bed but I just can't. Soon though...
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I went to the mall today because dd NEEDS shoes and I know I ain't taking a toddler and my newborn shoe shopping anytime soon after the birth. OMG, I seriously could barely walk thru the mall, let alone squat and try shoes on a toddler. I left feeling like I just took a beating! Anybody else feeling this way, or am I just a big preggo cripple? Anyway, we ended up not buying any because the only shoes that fit her weird feet that didn't have characters on them OR light up were $45. Ummmm, no.

I sure hope this feeling is a sign that things are gonna happen soon-ish, cause I can't do this for another 4-6 weeks, I'm telling you. Walking to the bathroom is like a chore right now!

OakEmber, I got your bead today!
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I hear you guys that are feeling cumbersome and uncomfortable. I'm also having more swelling in my hands over the past few days. Not sure what that's about... Making sure I'm drinking plenty, so I don't know what to think...

I've also been having a ton of BH contrax. ... they get me excited, not in a "maybe I'm in labor way", but just knowing that my body is already doing work to welcome this baby ... I dunno ... it just seems more and more imminent. I'm excited

I bought the coolest CD from Attachments Catalog ... it's called Birth Chants, and it's just so cool. There are a few songs/chants I recognize from singing w/ my Women's Circle, and some new ones, and I can really imagine just putting one of the chants on "repeat" and zoning out along with them with intensity of labor. I've been playing it all the time, and E. keeps asking me, "why do you want to keep listening to his funny music??". :LOL

I just received some long-awaited yarn in the mail today that I bought intending to make a hoodie for DS (I had been knitting and crocheting so much for the baby, I asked E. what he'd like me to make for him ... and he asked for a hoodie and then picked out this yarn). Anyway, it took much longer than anticipated to receive this order, and now I just hope I can manage to get it done before the baby decides to come! It's supposed to rain all day tomorrow, so hopefully I'll get some good time to work on it in.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!!
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Gottaknit! YIKES-take care mama! I'm thinking of you and sending you "slooww down" vibes for those contrax...Hope all is well!

Lucysmama-I hear ya about bending over and shopping. I went to some resale shops today with DD looking for a few baby things (found some NEW Diaperap and dappi covers for .25 each-yippee) and could hardly get up when I was squatting down. You're right-what shape are we gonna be in 4 wks from now

Got most of the NB clothes and dipes all washed and put away these last 2 days-so fun Starting to nest I guess...now if I can just get DH to join in and get some big jobs done....

Have a relaxing weekend
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I turned 34 weeks yestereday!!

I am so excited about being 34 weeks. It just makes me seem so close, and I know that it is very possible that in only 4 short weeks my baby will be here!! DD was born at 38 1/2 weeks and all the woman in my family (mom, grandma) have had their babies early, so I am hoping for another early bird.

But then in another way I am so NOT ready yet. The main thing I am worried about it dd and how she will handle everything, me nursing the baby, baby getting attention, sleeping, etc., etc. She has had lots of transitions and adjustments lately. In just the last 2 months we have moved cross-country, spent several nights at hotels and with relatives, lived with my parents for a month, attened an out-of-town wedding spending another night at a hotel and then moved again. So, lately it seems she has been having lots of meltdowns and tantrums. We live on the 3rd floor of an apartment so going up the stairs with her whenever we come in from someplace is quite a production. She usually doesn't want to come up and go into boring old home, I guess it is much more fun to be out. And, at stores and libraries it has become very hard. She won't sit in the cart and won't stay by me. I use one of those harnesses, which looks funny but it works and she doesn't mind it.

And I don't know how we will do sleeping, Usually it is just dd and I on our king-sized bed and dh sleeps in the living room where he can watch a movie before he goes to sleep and he falls asleep doing that. But, sometimes he does sleep in the bed with us like last night and he is sleeping slanted, dd is sleeping sideways, there is barely room for me, forget about another baby. I hate to kick him out of the bed permanantly when the baby is born, but I dont' know how we will fit 4 people on it, even though it is a king.

Letia, I hope there was a bead you got in the card from me.

Court, I got your bead today, THANKS!! Everything was intact and the card is beautiful!

gottaknit, I hope your contractions don't comeback for another 2 weeks and you can be active. I think I would go crazy on bed rest.

Sorry to everyone who is in so much pain and so uncomfortable. I am still feeling somewhat good, (well as good as an 8-month pregnant person can feel) and still do quite a bit of walking each day (altough much slower than I used to do).

But, I have also had swelling my hands. I can't get my wedding ring off anymore, so I guess I am stuck with wearing it all the time. Which I wear it all the time anyway, and it isn't too tight or anything, but I am worried that it will get too tight.

We don't have a crib or a changing table. Although, we did use the changing table a lot. And since we dont' have it, we need to be really careful to put a pad or towel down on the bed or floor before changing the baby. I was just remembering how messy bf newborn poopy is. I think I may need some more wipes. I have plenty just for dd, but I just realized I will be changing like 8 poopy diapers a day in the beginning.
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even with co-sleeping we registered for a crib, my MIL wanted to buy us one of the convertible cribs so we'd have a toddler bed as well. disabled parents' websites suggest a crib because it can act as a play-yard on safe legs, i tried them out at BRU and they are easier for me to reach into. our "nursery" is just a small room next to the kitchen, mostly baby storage right now but when i'm cooking or cleaning, if i'm not wearing her she can still see me, and i her expensive play-yard, eh? but MIL is happy.

bluehalo: lots of BH here as well, and it is so exciting! i feel more confident about my body, the more BH i get. at least the plumbing is working i'm ordering a chanting CD today, i hope it gets here before Willow does! Moving Breath's "She Changes" is so relaxing.

ameliabedelia: my husband and i traded wedding rings a couple of months ago, when mine got too tight and he lost weight and his was loose! ahh come to think of it he's lost a lot of weight, no "sympathy pregnancy" symptoms at all other than worrying

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Funny so many people don't like the changing table, I LOVE changing tables and would be lost without one! In fact with DS we had two...his dresser has a spot for a changing pad on top, plus we had a traditional changing table in our room (a free hand-me-down from a friend). I didn't think I'd want the traditional one, but it was sooo nice to have one right next to bed at night.

Amelia I'm right there with you on being excited about 34 weeks but also a bit nervous! DS hasn't had nearly as many transitions as your poor DD recently, but with the past couple hectic weeks all our routines have gone to crap. I almost had him sleeping most of the night every night in his toddler bed in our room (so we can fit the baby in when it gets here) and even falling asleep without me in the room anymore. Now we are back to me holding his hand til he falls asleep and him joining me in bed at 1am. Oh well I guess. I just really wanted to get him in his room before the baby gets here, not because I don't want him nearby, but bc he is a light sleeper and I know he'll get up whenever the baby does. So lots of luck to us both!!

Well DH has decided he wants to go out to breakfast and I certainly can't complain! TTYL!!
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Originally Posted by wannabmommie
Oh yall...MIL went to BRU and my changing table was unavailable til November 15. She mentioned IHO that its a waste b/c baby outgrows it...she's got a point....
Letia, to toss in my unsoliticited $.02 here....we let my mom buy us the matching crib and changing table set with Hannah. And although she NEVER spent more than 15 min in the crib, we still use the changing table to this day. Hannah hangs off the end now, but it has been an invaluable baby item for us, and I'm really glad we have it. We still use it several times a day.
The crib, on the other hand, became a laundry hamper and stuffed animal repository (as did our Arm's reach co-sleeper). We ended up just buying a twin bed and attaching it to our queen bed (made one big, huge family bed) and that is what works for us.
I think most families have to go through some trial and error in terms of what will work for them. Just try to be open to changing your mind and trying all the different possibilities. Some babies sleep well in a crib or co-sleeper. Others, like my Hannah, will only sleep when being held or physically on top of someone...something I wish I would have admitted earlier in her life, rather than spending months trying to convince her (and myself) that she needed to be sleeping alone. Would have saved us a lot of grief.
Sorry to hear about your pics being cancelled, what a bummer!
And so far, I've gotten lucky with all the beads I've received. I'm sorry, Mirthful, that the one to you was lost. Want me to try again??
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Hey mama's!

We'll 2 women I know of had baby's this weekend (earlier than due) because of the excess pressure in the air down here from the storms! I've had lots of phone calls asking if baby's still inside I'm not even due, and it's starting already!

I have had lots of tightning. Periodically my belly gets real tight like a basketball, stays that way a minute or 2 and then goes back to mush. Are these "contractions"? I know when they got bad with Miles it really only felt like mensreul cramps.

Mirthful, I'll get a new bead out to you! That's so dissapointing, I had the same deal yesterday!

I did get 2 yesterday and they look so nice next to eachother, I may have to start twisting up some hemp after the birth, I used to make jewelery, but haven't in a while...

Not long now! I don't even know where I am week wise
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35 weeks today!!!!

WOW!!! This pg is just flying by for me. Talking to dh last night he said that he can hardly wait for this baby to come...he just wants him to wait till after Oct. 2 when he takes his lsat and then he is good to go. He is such a good daddy All 3 boys follow him everywhere when he is home...its really adorable.

Lucysmama..I hope for you that your baby comes soon as well. Its no fun to be so uncomfortable for too long.

Yesterday I could feel the baby's head wanting to engage, especially when I am carrying Sammy. Then last night I had a dream that one of the dr.s who I used to work for told me that I was going to go early this time. So weird.

Letia..my .02 on the changing table. We have never owned one and so thankful to not have it around. BUT if you're not comfortable with the idea of changing the baby on the floor, couch or bed, then maybe you should get one. It is an item that people either love or hate. My friends who love theirs didn't consider themselves to be the most limber, where me, it was more comfy to sit on the floor, bed or couch and change the baby. The only time I did do something different was when I had Aidan (my cbirth baby) I couldn't get up and down well at all, so we just used our pack and play with the bassinet as a changing table..worked well while we needed it to.

Ok well I am off to the Farmers Market in a bit. Hope everyone has a relaxing weekend!
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I forgot to mention something cute my little Miles told my friend. she asked him why he calls me Mo ( my nickname) and not mom, and he told her "cause, ya know, my mom's just different" It was so cute!

He also just asked me to come lay on him and make him hot, cuz he doesn't want his blanky Off to smooch my love bug!
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Ohhh momadance, what a cutie .

Sending extra s to all you mommas with toddler difficulties. I know how stressed I'm feeling, and I can magine it makes it all that much more difficult with a toddler who is already going thru transition stress. I hope all calms down before babies begin to come.

Alias had taken to pretending he's Harrison. It is so cute. He'll go into the boys' room and get out one of the baby hats and put it on his head. Then he comes into the living room and says "hello mummy and daddy! I'm Harrison. I've come out of mummy's tummy. Nice to meet you." And then gives us a big hug and kiss. It is so sweet!

Congrats to the moms reaching 34 weeks! Amazingly October is only 2 weeks away!

Karin - I don't want to put you out but since you offered. Yes I would love another bead from you. Don't want you missing from my bracelet .
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Momadance - I would love another bead from you too, if you have anymore. Yours was ripped out.

Letia - I had a dream last night that you and I were both in labor and both went to the same hotel to have the babies. Seems they offered rooms with big labor tubs for birthing in! Anyway, someone started chasing us in my dream and we had to run thru the halls holding our bellies, naked, while in labor, stopping for contractions. Hmmmm....wonder what that means??? Just one of those weird pregnancy dreams, I guess! :LOL
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Over 37 weeks !

Sorry to hear about everyone who is feeling so uncomfortable right now. I'm not doing too badly considering. This baby has been engaged for a while now which I thought was a bit funny for a third baby. I think all that hiking when we were camping did it, lol! Sometimes if I jump up to quickly I get quite the jab in th groin from the head being so low. I've also checked my cervix and it definately has been harder to reach during pregnancy. I'm not dilated but my cervix is soooooo short right now, I think there's been quite a bit of effacement. I really think I'm in for a quick birth (I hope)! I'm getting tons of BH's My whole abdomen turns rock hard and pushes downward and I get tons of pressure down towards my cervix. I wonder how much longer I really have? I still want to do a belly cast and I'm thinking that I better hurry, just in case!
Physically I'm feeling pretty good though I notice that I'm needing more sleep again. But I actually feel better when I'm on my feet though! Sleeping and sitting is when I get the aches and pains. I'm still doing some of my barn chores, usually a couple of hours a day and that feels pretty good, especially the last couple of days since the weather here has cooled down. But I do feel like I weigh a thousand pounds! I love being pregnant, but it will be nice to not feel sd heavy, I have to admit.
I got one card with the bead intact. So far, so good!
QOTW1 - I CAN'T wait to see who we have in there. Whether we have a boy or a girl and what he/she looks like. It's so exciting!
QOTW2 - My parents will get to see the baby since they live right next door, but yeah we get to have a babymoon since we are such hermits most of the time any ways! Not really any change from normal around here, lol! I am planning to let the older kids stay home from school for about a week so they get a chance to be with the baby too. It makes it a little extra special for them that way. They are just soooooo excited.

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