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35 Weeks (tomorrow)

Wow - can't really believe how far we've all come.

Court - so jealous you found the sling lady at the Portland Sat. Market; we went on Sunday and she wasn't there. I was able to get a phone number for her, so I'll have to just hunt her down!

QOTW#1: I am most excited to see how my natural momma instincts kick in for the new one; since this is my first I can only imagine how wonderful it's going to be to fall in love with our new daughter and I just can't wait for the warm fuzzy closeness.

QOTW#2: As for after... DW will take off a week or two at first but doesn't get parental or FMLA leave officially until she formally adopts (which typically takes a couple of months). My mom will also be here for a week but I don't know if that will be after or before since we had to buy plane tickets already. I'm planning on taking 4 months off before returning to work; then we'll look to see if we can afford DW to be the SAHM.

I went to a chiropractor for the first time today - you ladies sold me on the value. Of course, I felt a little sheepish going as my only 'complaints' were standard pregnancy aches and pains - but he did an adjustment and wants to see if we can ease some of the hip pain I've been having. Of course, who knows what I'll feel like after the baby drops since I imagine this change will impact how I feel.

So I'm getting crap from all directions now (mom, dad, step mom) about co-sleeping. You would have thought from their reactions that I was planning on raising her in a cage or something - sheesh. Anyhow, I've been reading a lot of the Dr. Sears book and other websites to craft my responses in an informed and calm manner. (Which, by the way, am I the last person to join the Dr. Sears party? I love this book!)

So - can someone tell me about the difference between full on contractions and BH? A few times now over the last few days I've been having sustained pains that I liken to menstrual cramps. They last longer than a minute and are - not suprisingly - after I've been working too hard at cleaning or whatever. I've been laying down and drinking water until they go away (usually w/in 5 min.) but dare I say the word contractions? yikes.

Thinking of you Amy as the hurricane approaches - hope you got somewhere safe and sound.

Letia - nicely done at not losing it during your lectures at the shower - and I'm glad to hear you have someone in training to replace you for your projector duties; it's a great feeling to shed those responsibilities.

Take care, ladies. Sticky baby vibes to you all.
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QOTW #1- What I am looking forward to the most is the rush of feelings and falling in love that takes place. I am still in that boat of feeling, how can I possibly love another as much as my first...I know I will so I am excited about feeling that, it's kinda like being initiated into the Mommy club in a new way. And I look forward to seeing Dh with his son, Ember fall in love with her brother and him with her.

QOTW #2- My babymoon will take place in the sense that I will spend more time at home, everything will be more relaxed, I won't feel the pressure of having to be there or do that. I have no desire to ward off visitors, I am much too social Besides, when I had Ember I lived 5 hrs away from my family and I spent much of the first year alone with her, this time I am excited about my family being around. We spend a lot of time down at my parents (5 mins away) and I will probably hang out down there and be pampered if I don't feel like people finding me. My friends and family are not the kind to pop by unannounced anyway though, so I am not worried about too much company during the babymoon, I know that I will be in control of how many and how often. I am pretty much a SAHM, I run two programs for Moms and Babies, so I am excited about bringing Oakley along when I am feeling up to doing them again.

Such a bummer about the beads not being as easy as we all thought! I mailed mine taped into a little card so I am hoping that they'll be fine and not too bulky. They are coral though so I am hoping that is not a problem, I don't think you can buy or sell coral anymore, my mom has collected beads for a long time and I got them from her collection. :
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What are you most looking forward to most when your new little baby arrives?
I am looking forward to that feeling of unconditional love you get as a new mom. I remember falling in love with Clara the second I laid eyes on her and it was the most profound experience of my life. I can't wait to get that feeling again.

What are your plans for after the birth? Will anyone be doing a 30 or 40 day babymoon?
Well, we are lucky enough to be able to afford for DH to take 8 weeks off work after the baby arrives. We plan on using the time to take special care of Clara and to get used to our new family. I doubt I'll be able to go longer than a day without showing off my new baby so we won't be babymooning in the strict sense although we won't be receiving any houseguests at all, just visitors!

Today I washed baby clothes and diapers for the first time. Everything is so small! I can't believe that my baby will be here sometime between now and 5 weeks from now and that it will be so tiny.
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Thank you so much, Letia. I forgot all about it until I logged in here and saw the thread! I've had a very busy day, though it was also a lot of fun b/c I went to my LLL meeting and reunited with all my old mama friends. It was fun seeing all the babies as toddlers!

The QOTW got me realizing how much I have on my plate. I'm so concerned with getting our home in order and we've been soooo busy lately it seems very little gets done. I haven't had time to just stop and dream about when baby comes. I feel like I can't do that until things are in order. Sometimes it's like baby's arrival is the last thing on my mind. I want to hold it off until everything is all set, y'know?

As for the other QOTW, I have finished working and will be a SAHM for at least the next year. How much longer than that depends on what DH ends up doing. He is unemployed right now, and I need him around to help get this place in order. And it would be nice to have him around for the week or so after the birth, so we're sort of a 2 parent SAH family for now. But of course I want him to start bringing in a paycheck soon, too!

Court I got your bead today!! I was so excited!! I haven't even bought mine yet. I'm giving myself one more week of dedication to setting up this home, then I will go bead crazy, lol.

Wish I could write more, but I'm exhausted and need to sleep. Emily had another rough night last night and we ended up getting up at 3 am for a while just to give my nipples a rest. On the one hand, I don't know how much more of these miserable nights I can take, but OTOH I am surprised at how well I'm handling it.

Oh yeah, I'm 35 weeks today! Have a doc appt tomorrow, hopefully she'll have found an OB for me and we can work on setting a date for the c/s. I also heard a rumour that our hospital uses cloth dipes...could it be true?
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Piglet - I'm so glad at least one of my beads made it somewhere! Also, I'm a little envious that you're so busy these days. I'm the opposite of busy right now and it really makes time stand still - so I just sit and obsess over this baby inside me. It seems like time will fly by for you!

And I just realized there are at least 3 of you whose husbands are home right now - Are your toddlers just loving it? I know Logan is over the moon when daddy is home ALL weekend long. He asks about him first thing in the morning during the week. He's always (selective memory ) in a great mood when we're both home. Anyways, that must be nice.

Susan - I hope you get to see the sling lady do a demo for you. It's so cool, I've never seen a sling like that. She said she was going to her daughter's baby shower on Sunday.

I think I hear ice cream calling me...
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Lucy loves that Daddy is home. She asks him everyday, "Don't you have to go to work?" And she gets so happy when he says no. They spend all morning alone together while I sleep in...he takes her swimming, to the park, to the library, etc. It is their special time together. Meanwhile, I have been sleeping in till around 11am... :
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Yay! I got my bead from Court too! Can't wait to get more. It was so exciting openng up the little envelope knowing that my first bead had arrived.
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all you nesting ladies must have tons of energy...i feel like a snail most of the time nowadays...i just don't get too excited about "things being in order" so to speak...i'll proly get baby clothes out in a few weeks...i just don't have anywhere to put them right now...i should work on that i guess as for dipes....i think the ones i'm making may be a little too big for right away, so may end up doing sposies for a little while...not what i was hoping, but no point in stressing about it.

QOTW #1: i'm looking forward to *knowing* who this wiggly worm is... knowing if it's a he/she and what/who he/she looks like...not knowing the sex is proly the most exciting. i also can't wait for the boys to meet their new sibling and seeing their faces when they see him/her for the first time. also lookin forward to bf'ing again.

QOTW #2: have never really done the babymoon thing...dh doesn't usually stay home work afterward at all....and i don't ever really have anyone come over to help with stuff...i feel silly if someone does come over to help out with stuff...i won't discourage vistors at all, since i like vistors... things just usually pick right back up from where they left off before baby was born.
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Originally Posted by BeansMomma
So - can someone tell me about the difference between full on contractions and BH?
IMO, there isn't much difference between BH and a "real" contraction, besides intensity. If you can talk and walk during it, then it could be considered a BH. If you are momentarily stopped in your tracks, then it was a true contraction. But it is different for everyone. I think BH contractions are considered warm-up contraction, and they switch to being "real" once labor has started. But they both are doing the same thing in your body and in your uterus.

And, I LOVE Dr. Sears, as well. He and his wife have published a bunch of books. Your local LLL group probably has most of them in their lending library. I know our does. And the website (see below) is awfully handy:
Check out this site for more info and descriptions on the difference between BH and "real" contractions.
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36 wks

Oh, and I wanted to mention...Court, I received your bead yesterday, too. The envelope was a bit shredded, but the bead was just fine. I am so excited to start my necklace.
I sent my beads out yesterday, as well. I only wrapped the beads in paper, so I hope they arrive safely.
My beads came from the collection of a very special woman, my godmother, of sorts...retired LLL leader, homebirther, cosleeper, etc. Kind of my "mommy mentor". So they are doubly packed with positive labor vibes and lots of love!
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:nana: I need voice activated software. I am too tired to type.
Kickboxed an hour or so ago. I'm layin on the couch and I *don't* care if its bad positioning. Kickbox at 36 wks and see how you feel. (mental rant to the childbirth experts as I lay here reclined.) Dh took the am off since I guess every week visits start aboutthis time and we're supposed to go for a second look and test drive of a car we're considering. I need to add beads to my list.

n/p Pig. You have done so well. You're entitled to brain. :LOL sorry for the QOTW confusion. Your sub is a dud. :

Don't :for sleepin til 11 am Katie. You are so pregnant and besides, you can get credit in your sleep account b/c it will be negative when gets here.

I'm so glad we have nowhere to go tonight.

Carrie And, actually. I can relate. I am sloooooooowly getting things accomplished. I've been working in this living room for.......: I'm not flying around here doing this and that by any means. Only in my mind. :LOL

Well....allright girls. *limping off*
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33 weeks 5 days

Hi everyone! I'm back! Looks like nasty old Ivan is going to spare us, but I feel bad for those in the panhandle and Alabama, where this awfully strong storm is headed. We came back from Jacksonville yesterday once we were fairly certain it wasn't coming down here. We were a bit early, but at least if we'd had to really leave, we would have beaten the traffic and gas shortages. I went to my house yesterday on the way back to my parents' (had to bring my mom home, plus Rosh Hashanah starts Wed night anyway). The town is quite a mess!!! Lots of roofs damaged in our neighborhood, even noticed a house with the wall torn off. Trees down everywhere, trees that are up are missing most leaves. Our poor grapefruit tree is bare.

Now, naturally, Mickade and I both have colds. I don't think I slept more than 1/2 hour straight at a time last night, between having to pee and my ears hurting and my nose running!!

QOTW: Now that it has been mentioned, I really miss those newborn noises and breastmilk coma a lot!! Also a baby tiny enough to snuggle into a sling.

Not really doing a babymoon. DH will get a week off work, and I'm sure my mom and whoever else will be coming by to help, which is fine by me.
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Oh Karin...what a cool story behind your beads!! I enclosed a little explaination with mine so you'll all have to wait until they arrive

BeansMomma- I meant to answer your question about BH last night, but I had a headache and had to get off the computer before I was really ready, but I am glad that Karin answered you...good answer too. I've been having lots of BH lately too. And I like Dr. Sears too, I don't actually have any of his books but between taking them out of the library and reading exerpts from his website I think I've pieced it all together. I find his website especially handy when Ember is sick...he's really down to earth and not into scare tactics and he always seems to help me follow my intuition.

Amy, glad to hear you are home!! 2 Sorry to hear about the colds though.
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Amy! Sorry you guys are sick. That would figure, huh??? Just what you and Mickade need right now! I am happy you guys are safe and being spared from the storm. Does Mickade understand what all the confusion is about?

So.....our landlady, the one with the house we were supposed to move into, just called and said, "You can move in!" Gee, thanks. We just got our apartment here unpacked and signed a 90 day lease....now we don'tk now what to do! We can either move in on October 1st or November 1st, or she can give it to someone else, or we can buy it (our original plan) but dh just got laid off, so I don't know. We may be moving again in a couple of weeks. I am so freaked out. I really feel the baby is only a couple of weeks away, and I don't know if I can handle the stress of another move right now. I would MUCH rather be at the house for the birth than in this shoebox apartment, though! Aye, what a mess!
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Oh Katie-absolutely nothing else can go wrong!!!! I hope everything works out for the house though.

Jillerina-you are so lucky your DH can tke off 8 wks-that is so awesome. I wish that was a standard for us all I soooo wish I could do a real babymoon-isn't it 40 days? I had a Japanese friend who did the 40 days that was custom to her but she did let me come over once to bring food...
I wish I could even do a 1 week babymoon but with the inlaws here that will be hard-they just won't understand why I want to stay cloistered in my rm without letting them see the baby that they traveled across the country to see...I told DH that I get at least 2 days though-too bad for them!! They are planning on coming a few days before my due date to help with the kids so I know Ishould be grateful.
I have this great book "Welcoming Ways" that I'm trying to find just the right thing in for us to do to welcome the babe-anyboby read this book?

Getting closer....starting to wash dipes/clothes this week.

PS-Beads went out today!!
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Man Katie you and I need a vacation!!

Mickade doesn't really understand what is going on, just that he likes being at "Bammie's" house. LOL He wa really freaked out when we went to the Keys, he just kept asking to go bye-bye and was not at all happy about staying there. He finally adjusted in the end, but then we came back here. Then we left again. A the hotel he was confused all over again, we just told him it was a vacation and he wound up having fun learning how to use the elevator. Back at my parents' now and he is happy.

So what are the details of the bead swap? I've been soooo out of the loop....how are we getting addresses, etc? I'd like to try to get out in the next week and find everyone some beads!
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Amy - I think it is too late to get in on the bead swap, unfortunately. Most of the mamas already bought the number of beads they needed and mailed them.

And speaking of, I got my first bead envelope today.....but no bead was in it. It had a little hole in the corner and I guess it had been ripped out! So those of you who didn't mail yours yet, please wrap the bead in a piece of paper or some bubble wrap!
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Sorry about the QOTW confusion! Looks like I cross-posted with Mirthfulmum...

Just realized that I didn't answer either of them, even my own question!

QOTW #1: More than anything, I just can't wait to see what this little person is going to look like! Its like a great big science fair experiment- what happens when DH's and my genetic material is mixed?

QOTW #2: Dh is taking a week off of work when the kiddo is born. I don't really plan on limiting visitors or anything of the like, but trust that most of the folks I know have enough good sense to keep the visits reasonable.

There are, however, a couple of people who I'm slightly concerned about- for instance, my husband has a really annoying co-worker who would just grates my nerves. When I last saw him he said something about coming to see the baby when he's born and I replied, "Gee, I hope this doesn't sound rude, but I don't think I'll really be up for a lot of visiting right after the birth but if you really want to do something you could always drop off a meal..." He said, "Oh, of course we wouldn't want to impose! My wife and I will just come by and make dinner for you one night, then get out of your hair after we all eat."

LOL. That's not really what I had in mind. I was thinking more along the lines of dropping off a casserole, a 15 minute visit, then out the door-- not a huge production of them coming HERE to cook for us, then a mini dinner party...!

Otherwise, I am going to have to jump back into things rather quickly. DH will be here with me for the first week, then I'll take another week off before starting back into work the third week. Having so little time "off" scares the crap outta me, but that's just the way it is going to have to be. Luckily, I work at home, but I'm still afraid that things will just be overwhelming! I have small home daycare, so when this babe is only 2 or 3 weeks old I'll also have my three daycare kids (ages 2, 3, and 4) to take care of as well...oh well, as my husband keeps reminding me, it could be much worse. It's not like I have to leave the baby and go into an office from 9-5...

Has anyone else been lurking on the September board? I read it obsessively- there's just so much going on there right now, kind of like a sneak preview of what's to come for all of us so soon!
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God I hope none of the ripped out beads where from me! If so I need to know!

QOTW#1 The newborn smell and grunts

QOTW#2 No babymoon for us! We'll be right back to normal, my sis is flying in the 17th, and my mom will come after the birth (she's anti hb).

Felt babys head again yesterday! HE's huge!

Supplements I take are Omega, pre-nate, folic, vit C, and clorophyll.

hope all is well, my son has been slapping, biting, kicking recently. It's amazing that it has not phased me, I'm just super pre-occupied trying to figure out if this is normal behavior. He's always been "intense" at times. He's been a head banger for ever, and just really gets into a rage. I'm concerned it may be an allergy issue, or is he just a boy? He was 3 in June. We're totally calm and gd. It's so hard to watch him struggle...
Off to do some research....
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Had a midwife appointment today. She said everything looked great. Baby's moving, head's down and in my pelvis though not engaged, heart beat's right on, even my hemaoglobin test came back looking really good (thanks to the Floradix). The only problem is that the baby hasn't grown since my last appointment two weeks ago. And I haven't gained any weight either. Now I'm trying very hard not to get obsessed with this, my midwife said that it's not unsusal for a baby to just kinda plateau growth wise and hardly show anymore growth during the last few weeks. But if he dosen't measure any bigger next appointment (next Tues.) then I'll have to go in for an ultrasound.

I just keep thinking about how I've been fairly negligent when it came to eating this pregnancy. When I was preganat with Alias I was obsessed with what I was eating. This time I just didn't have the energy. I didn't ensure that I was eating enough protein and I often would go hungry for a few hours as I just didn't have time (or the energy) to eat. There is this nigging little voice in the back of my head that keeps saying that this is a sign that something is wrong. That I've screwed up. I'm trying to ignore it but at this stage of the pregnancy I am totally obsessive. I just hope I don't drive myself totally insane this next week!

Amy - I'm so happy for you that the hurricane is passing you by. Man what a lot of stress to have to deal with. Hopefully the next few weeks will be calm and relaxing for you and your family.

Katie - You have got to be kidding me! What next! 2

momadance - I'd say that you've got a pretty typical boy on your hands. Granted Alias is a bit younger than Miles (I hope I'm remembering his name right) but I have the same probem on my hands. I really think that it's a combination of testing boundries, expressing natural agressive feelings and also a way of them just venting some of their excess energy. Alias is a sweet and gentle boy. But sometimes he just gets so carried away he can't help himself. He just starts hitting, kicking and bitting. I'm working under the theory that it's just a phase the we need to ride out.
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