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35 weeks

Hey, if anyone gets a card but no bead from me, let me know so I can mail you another one...this time I'll tape it in. I got my bead from Karin, too - it's so cool. Yeah, Letia there's supposed to be a bead inside.

I've had a little nauseau too, a couple times I had a dry heave for a second and man that hurt! My whole belly was involved. For those of you who have actually puked while being this big - wow, that must've hurt.

I had my obligitory newborn/ anxiety dreams the other night. In one I misplaced the baby soon after he was born, and in the other I left him for 3 days and when I came back he was like a 100 lb toddler or something. It was weird.

I can't believe some of you are having labor scares already, that's so exciting (to me). Glad everything turned out okay, though.

Momadance - about "growth" - that's so funny cause I was just thinking last night about maybe getting waxed, even though I've never done it before. And the movements get on my nerves when I'm trying to go to sleep. I'm so over being pregnant. I feel gigantic.
Oh, yeah and I like Jezmund Reed as well, it has a really nice flow to it. I've heard if a name sounds like "cellar door" than that's good, yk?

Nancy -that kind of made me laugh, your description of trying to reach your cervix. My mw mentioned that it can be difficult to feel if the baby's head isn't low and pushing against it. It can kind of float around. And I don't really know the answer to your ctrx question except to say I think they're all "real." They all serve to tone the uterus - and they may even start dialating you a bit. It's just not a labor contraction yet.
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Susan...sorry you were up all night with a sick little one. That is always so hard, especially when there isn't much you can do but love on em.'

I had my dr. appt today and starting next week I will be going every week. It is getting so close!!!!

A dear friend of mine had a baby boy today...her second. I can hardly wait to go and see her and meet him. She had him natural and he was 9 lbs!!! She was also a week past her due date. Sounds like it was only a few hours of labor... I am so happy for her! It makes me want to go and have mine so badly!! They named him Jonah Michael (I think that was the middle name).

Katie I wish you a wonderful Happy Anniversary!!! Hope you both have a wonderful time together!

OK I am off to go read and relax.
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I'm acutally feeling better...maybe it was the massage during relaxation during cb class.

Katie! so glad to hear your homevisit went well! you were *cleared* for hb? Were you not before? I feel like I'm so close now that you've had your visit, since you and I were ttc buddies and all! I have mine next week and I'll pick up the supplies from the hfs and the adapter and hose. I've just been so swamped this week and tired. With getting the car on Tuesday, my gym episode on Wednesday and I was probably pushing it to go to the nfs after, and *yes* walking the mall b/c I had to get an outfit for these portraits. A robe and gown and then I have a black top and skirt b/c my photographer showed me some pics with the subject in black. I sat down and had a rice krispie treat and icee (no dye white cherry) and then went the rest of the way to Belks to see if they had anything. : I was *hurt* after tho! *And* during! I was feeling the 90 year old thing and the rest of the night, believe me! Paul puts the pics on cd and I think then I can post them to the group and then that means you have to post a pic of you! :LOL Its been 6 years since we've had pro pics (our wedding) and they were on film the last time so its all so new to me! There's one girl in front of us and then the Aquadoula is ours.

Court! It *was* you! but I don't see any way that the bead coulda gotten out....seemed like I did in the other envelope...now i can't find what I saw earlier. I got yours and another card with no bead.


tomorrow is *such* a busy day! And the deadline too isn't it? : Not that Saturday, appt with MW and shower is less of one.
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Letia -

I DID post a pic of me!!! I just couldn't get the thing to let me give it a title. Anyway, there is a pic off dd and I...I am holding her on the beach, and we are both wearing big sunhats. So now you have to post yours!

Oh, and congrats on the car, Letia!

And yeah, I was cleared for homebirth. My MW really doesn't like to do them before you are 36 weeks, but now I am over that, so at any time I can go into labor and it is fine to birth at home. I feel more ready just hearing that!

Thanks again on the anniversary wishes - it was very nice, I ate like a total pig. It was a 5 course Japanese meal, and I cleaned every plate of every course! What a piggy I am! Everyone at the table (you sit with strangers, they cook on your table) had a to-go box but me! I don't know how I fit such a gigantic meal and a 6-7 lb baby in my belly....

Amelia, I got your bead today, thanks!
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I'm still up.... Katie you did!

I am sooooooooo enjoying it! I have been driving the same car since I was a teenager! We've had a good run. Dh wanted me and the baby to have a safer car tho. Its funny...where are the lights..how do I do the wipers...the hazards? : It feels great tho.

on the hb wow! you will be announcing any time now!

:LOL go head girl! I remember when we were at the table with a and she was *eating* out of her to go box! :LOL You have an excuse! Sounds good tho.....

Amelia, I got a card from you too today.

eta: Katie, is that a pic of you holding Lucy when she was a little ol thing?

Who's cosleeper? I can't remember. How is it attached to the bed? I'm jealous....wow...... Arms Reach was useless as I asked them about the weight limit of the sleigh. I decided to use a playard and then I might get a crib and just keep it beside the bed. Not sidecar it. That scares me.

Mirth! Are you 10! :LOL I have to think about posting my pic....I used to do that to my MDC friend who became a IRL friend. I told her that it destroys the enigma. Course, then we met. :LOL
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Yup, Lucy was 6 months old in that picture. I only have 2 pics of me on the computer, and one is when I was 3 months postpartum with Lucy in a bathing suit and there is no way I was posting that one!
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35 weeks, 3 days

Hey ladies. Gawd but I miss you all. Just have NOT had time to get online. In fact...you heard it here first...I've decided to resign as a moderator. I just have not been able to keep up with things, and that has added stress I don't need. And I don't see my time getting any free-er after baby comes!

Well, Tuesday night was the Night from Hell, the worst one yet. I finally clued in and bought some Children's Tylenol. She's been on it since yesterday afternoon and last night slept very well. Only woke 2 or 3 times (as opposed to 5 or 6 lately) and was able to nurse back to sleep before my nipples were paining me too much. I took a look in her mouth, and the poor dear has her fourth one popping out now. She's been complaining of "boo-boo's" in her mouth today, and for the last 24 hours has been very, very moody, crying alot, and her nose has been running, too. My poor baby! Well, as DH says, better to get all themolars out now rather than after baby comes!

Lucy: congrats on the "all clear"...I get so excited for you reading YOUR excitement. I know things didn't go the way you had hoped with Lucy, and it sounds like you are going to finally get the birth experience you wanted. That is wonderful! And congrats on the anniversary. I hope the counselling is going well and that you are feeling hopeful for the future.

krnflwr: forget to say thanks for the heads up on the flashing thing (retinal detachment). I have an OB appointment tomorrow and am going to mention it to her. Hopefully it's more related to pregnancy/headache type stuff (read on a Google search link that some PG women had this when they were stressed and sleep-deprived, which is basically me to a Tee right now, lol).

Well, I guess that's the report for today. Hopefully I can post a bit more often (DH has been over at Mum's every day helping her prepare for her move, but now he'll be around during the day for a bit) and keep up with everything, such an exciting time for us!!

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Originally Posted by wannabmommie
Mirth! Are you 10!
:LOL You have no idea how often I get that. And would you believe that I'm actually one of the older moms in our group? I'm 29 now will be 30 at the beginning of Feb. Funny, used to bother me that people assume I'm a recent high school grad when they get their first look at me, now that I've got 30 looming on the horizon (not to mention 2 children) I actually quite enjoy it.
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:LOL ohhhhhhhhh....you and are in the same range.....however, I'll swing open the 30th door for ya, since I'm hanging out inside. I used to be told I look young; but, I tink that's dried up on me now...

Weeeeeeeeeeell...could my weight lifting and mall walk not help me to sleep! I've been up since 3:40....I'm debating cycling this am...I might need to rest up. I have a big day...

dreamin about baby clothes...the last thing I looked at before I fell asleep. :
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34 weeks 2 days

Good morning everyone!! DH is coming down to my parents' today, I'm so excited! We've hardly seen each other these past two weeks. I don't know if I mentioned it, but while DS and I had our colds DH got really sick so I wouldn't go home nor let him come here. Like I need to puke and have a fever now!! He should get to stay til Sunday, but with the path of TS Jeanne, he may wind up leaving tomorrow, as they are taking the ships to the Keys again to get them to safety. Luckily this shouldn't be a monster storm this time, even when it becomes a hurricane. It could still do damage though since everything is so screwed up in this state already! But I'm not concerned. Worst case I just hang out here til the end of the week when he gets home. I HAVE to go home soon, I need to get the house back in order!! Luckily mom said she'll come up next weekend and help me get the house baby-ready!!

Letia -- that was my cosleeper. I'll take another pic when I get home and set it all up so you can really see it. Our bed is a platform bad, so the mattress sits on a platform and there is a little 1 inch or so lip that goes all around. It would actually be really difficult to make the arm's reach actually go flush with our mattress since the frame of the bed sticks out farther than the mattress. DH made the platform for the baby's bed stick out farther than the frame of the cosleeper, and put a lip on the bottm, so the lip hooks into the lip of our bed....make sense? So it will just hook over and stay secure that way. That and he didn't put wheels on the bottom of it to make sure it stays steadier. AND it's strong enough for us to jump on it so I don't have to worry about baby getting too heavy (DH tends to overkill on sturdiness when he builds LOL).

Lucy -- Yay on your homevisit!! I'm so excited to schedule mine soon!! My midwife brings another midwife with her to births so I'm excited to meet her as well.

Piglet -- Those molars suck! You may also want to try motrin -- it lasts longer and is anti-inflamatory, DS always reacted better to it. My ped usually recommends alternating between the two at each dose since each one is broken down by different organs, so it's easier on their little bodies that way too.

Court -- aren't those dreams weird? I had one the other night that my baby was a boy and he was HUGE...like 20lbs at 2 months or something. Though that doesn't beat a 100lb toddler LOL!!

Nancy -- I think when you are pg in general, it is harder to reach your cervix. Just keep trying at different times of the day and you should be eable to reach it eventually, it moves throughout the day. I can't reach mine most of the time right now though I used to be able to. Sometimes I can only reach the bottom lip.

Amelia -- sorry your babe is still breech, but there is still time. My SIL's babe was breech for a while too but she turned back around 34 weeks or so.

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who isn't sleeping around here. I don't know if I can't wait for a newborn to wake me up or if I'm better off now LOL. Though I remember after DS was born it was so nice to actually be comfortable when I laid down!!
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Wow Amy! It looks gorgeous! I guess we need to stop by BRU and check out that crib that goes with the changing table we registered. I want something that we'll get some longevity out of, and I suspect the Arms Reach and playard, (unless we remove the bassinet and reaaaaaaaaaaaaach all the way down and being asleep that time of night, falling in to get the baby), won't have very much. So, I might have to break down for the crib and just see how that sucker opens and hope its not a lot to fiddle with at night. And maybe just place it beside the bed and pray that I remember to close it when I put the baby back in it. I *may* decide in I'm comfortable with in the bed; but, I want to have a back up JIC.

I forgot dh needed something to wear for the pics. I dont have to get anything, I picked out a black tee and an off white one. They just are in the pile of laundry....well, at least I remembered beforehand...something to be thankful for....

Have a blessed weekend!
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we have an Arm's Reach co-sleeper, have been trying out ways of having it at the bedside. so far slightly diagonal leaving room for me to get up easier seems the best. anyone else have an Arm's Reach?

i just found out yesterday that i tested positive for GBS. i asked the dr. what's the chance of the baby getting it, she said about 1% but if something does happen it's fairly severe. so i'm really torn about refusing an IV now.

truebluexf: i think i'm going to sleep on my stomach for months, i never was much of a stomach sleeper but you know how it is when you can't do something, you obsess on it? cool that you have a custom co-sleeper!

wannabmommie: i'll open the 30 door for all of you i think, i'm 38 *gakk!* people still guess me as mid-20s though. i take the lowest guess by a stranger on my birthday and claim that as my age

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Meli, I have an Arms Reach cosleeper too. I was just rearranging some furniture in my bedroom so that it will fit! I imagine it will get the same amount of use that it did for ds and dd...not a whole lot. I usually lay the babe in there for naps, and at night, but when the baby wakes for nursing during the night, then I usually just keep the baby with me in bed, since I fall alseep while nursing. Then after awhile, it will become a laundry hamper. You can fit a lot of clothes in that thing!!! We have ours pushed up right along side my bed and I just have to scoot down a bit to get out of bed. My only gripe with it is, is that our bed is really really high and even with the leg extensions, it doesn't come up high enough to the top of our mattress. So I end up having to reach further down to get the babe out, without a lot of leverage.
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So things are definatley starting to change around this body of mine Just yesterday my discharge all of a sudden became the thicker white variety (sorry, TMI?), and I have been feeling like my period is coming. I had quite a spell of BH last night and am feeling more back achiness...of course I could go on feeling like this for weeks still, but it's nice to know that my body is preparing.

Nancy, you definately aren't alone in the not being able to
reach your cervix...I can when I am not pregnant but so far have not had any luck, maybe like Courtney says when the baby is engaged although being my second he might not engage until labour.

Aw 2 Piglet, sorry that you are stepping down as Moderator but I am sure that you will find it nice not having the added responsibility when Sasha comes. And I hope that Emily's molars make that last valiant effort and push thier way through, poor thing!

Meli 2 hopefully you won't encounter any of the risk factors during labour anyway...I have my test at my next appt. so I don't have much in the way of advise. I only know that there is no way I'd take the antibiotics if I didn't have the other risk factors...and a lot of the risk factors are somewhat preventable, so obviously if the Dr/midwife knows you are positive they won't be breaking your water and I if you aren't having an epidural than you aren't increasing your chance of maternal fever...that sort of thing.

Soogie, hope your kiddos are feeling better and you've been getting some

Katie- great news on the go ahead And Letia congrats on the new car!
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Ok...I feel silly asking...but what is GBS?

wannabe... I can hardly wait to see a pic of you. I often get a kick out of your posts and would love to come and visit your church sometime when you are leading worship.

Lucysmama..cute pic of you and lucy! I am going to post a belly pic sometime next week.

Ok I am off to relax today.
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Originally Posted by OakEmber
So things are definatley starting to change around this body of mine
Here too. Feeling incredibly moody, can't sleep yet am so tired, getting very antsy, plenty of braxton-hicks, got that just before my period feeling too, my tailbone is aching all the time, and I have recently gotten soooo hungry. My appetite has doubled in the past couple of days. I don't know if this little guy is engaged yet or not but I had a very hard time last night getting comfortable as it felt like no matter how I layed down a huge hard head was smooshing itself into my hips.

Kimberly - GBS = Group B Streptococcal.

I opted out of having the GBS test. Didn't have it done last pregnancy either. Hospital policy here is to put the labouring mom automatically on antibiotics if she tested positive. And since GBS is transient, just because a woman tested positive at 37 weeks does not mean that she is positive at the time of the birth. And just because a woman tests negative at 37 weeks does not mean that she is still negative at the birth either. And since there are clear signs that a labouring woman is GBS positive at the time of labour (for example a high fever) I just don't see the point. In my line of thinking, the risk of uneccesarily exposing my newborn to anitbiotics that'll destroy the oh so important bacteria in his gut as he is making his first attempts at nursing and digesting breast milk way out weighs the statistical improbability of infecting my newborn with GBS.

Piglet - MDC just won't be the same without you moderating! I totally understand wanting to decrease your non-family responsibilities though. You're going to be pretty busy with 2 little ones.

Katie - Congrats on the thumbs up for the home birth.
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to Emily and Fiona! Hope they are feeling better!

And extra to Soogie, dealing with toddler sleep issues in the middle of the night. We are, too - it is just SO rough to be woken up with a tantrum at 3am. Last night my dd woke up screaming, and ordered dh and I to leave the room and leave her alone. I flatly refused (cause there is no way that is gonna happen when the baby is born, I don't wanna set up a precedent) and she said, "Well, fine! I'm gonna get up then." So I said, "Fine honey, go." The apartment was totally dark and no fun of course, and I could see her thru the doorway, and she just went and laid on the couch and slept till 8:30am. She woke up the neighbors with her screaming. Yuck, I had SO hoped that my first kid would be sleeping thru the night when the second came along.....
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I'm sitting here on the couch at the time I was supposed to be taking my portraits. My hair is done. It like night out there and its raining like cats and dogs and instead of soaps, my local news is on covering tornadoes. I had dh get the wood off the deck so it won't be brought in without us doing it. Mama called from school and told me don't come out there. (photographer is not far from school) I heard there was a tornado warning not *too* far away;but, she said no. So, I called my photograhper who was about to call me as there was a tornado that touched down near his dw's workplace and was setting up as it was hailing. We had to reschedule. I have to fork out for more hair....yet it would be a moot point if I had to throw my tail in a doggone ditch!
Sooooooooooooooooooooo.....next week....and I get to rest.... :LOL

:LOL Meli


Oh yall...MIL went to BRU and my changing table was unavailable til November 15. She mentioned IHO that its a waste b/c baby outgrows it...she's got a point....http://images.amazon.com/images/P/B0...1.LZZZZZZZ.jpg
I wanted one to contain the baby; but, h/s will grow longer....

She also wants me to consider a crib...she wants a crib for the baby...*insert whiny voice for a 50 something old woman* Yall know I have been b/c Arms Reach customer service was worthless and I was :. I want something that I can use in case I still am skiddish about bed sharing.

Well, allright...
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Letia - You know I bought a crib when I was pregnant with Alias b/c I was feeling pretty nervous about the whole co-sleeping thing too. Alias slept in his crib twice. We fortunately didn't waste all our money as we bought a crib that converts into a toddler bed and he now sleeps in that pushed up next to our bed. So my suggestion is to let your mom buy you a crib, that way if you feel you need it you have a back up, and if you never end up using it for the baby, when your little one is bigger they can get some use out of it as a toddler bed. Just my 2 cents.

Sorry to hear about the pics. Hope the weather clears up soon.
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Oh yeah! I'm breakin my neck to check it out to get it on the registry for someone *else* to buy! :LOL I know she wants to get a big item...so I guess that's why she headed up to bru lookin at that changing table.

Seems like the weather is lookin up...
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