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OMG this thread has been moved and I di not even notice it!! I'll be back though!
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this thread was moved where was it moved to? It thought it had always been in TAO?
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Heh, back in TAO now!
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So have you kids only been from TAO to TTC to H&H to TAO or did I miss something in-between?
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Welcome back little thread! Where ya been?
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Aww darn! I wasn't on the rest of the day yesterday and I miss all the fun!
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Nope anna - I think that is all the stops it has made. :LOL
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This thread has moved
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It's like the Magic Carpet Thread
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Now it's where it really belongs!
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So now can we fight like cats and dogs? Or can we swear or talk about abortion? Activism is like the place for the naughty girls right? Like the bathroom that all the kids smoked in in high school?
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How did this thread get in here?
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Well someone mention boycotting something before I have to move it.
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I ate McDonalds for dinner...I am a bad person..

woopsie now I will have to move the thread.
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I am gonna get you Jacque!
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didn't you see where you were posting??

Yup, the Activism mods are the least subtle...*snort*
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Originally Posted by AdinaL

I am gonna get you Jacque!
What did I do :

Oh good, I was getting REALLY hungry! What's for dinner everyone?
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ooooohhhh you super speedy abimommy!

Dinner - sounds good....

Who is coming to my house and cooking??
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I just ate and feel gross now.

Ya know Adina, isn't cathe on vacation or something? Maybe we should send the baby somewhere else..wouldn't do not to be picked up.

Edited to add stickers involving food/eating and consumption for time thread was in Good Eating

: (lol)
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