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Homeschooling support

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We are seriously considering homeschooling-a radical departure from the private waldorf school my son has been attending. My sense is that he needs more-way more than what he's getting in terms of individual attention and support . My question is- how does one build a homeschooling community
when we know no other homeschoolers? We live in the sacramento area.
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That link is to the homeschool social register for your area, there are moms listed w/email addys doing a variety of unschooling- school at home-charter to help point you to a support group that will meet your and your ds' needs.
Also try-
East Bay Family Educators, incl
Barbara Donovan & Jane Ahrens
510/527-9428 & 510/524-1224
Email: donovanb@uclink4.berkeley.edu

Homeschool Co-op of Sacramento, incl
2850 Acevido Dr.,
Sacramento, CA 95833
Claudia Camuso, 916/927-6181

Sacramento Brenda Fox 916-985-4432
Sacramento Annette Hall 916-961-2139
these CHN Local Contacts are homeschooling families who serve as ambassadors for California Homeschool Network.

Why not consider joining a few CA yahoo groups to read for a while and then you can email folks you have spied on that are likeminded
this group below just for fun cause these ladies are sharp!!!

My fave sneaky way to meet other hs moms is to ask the friendliest children's librarian about hsing kids coming into the library, what resources they have locally or story times. I also would go to a store that sells homeschool curriculum and hang out at the grade level shelf your ds is. You can go to the local 'healthy' grocery store and post a message on the bulletin board, or post an ad in the Reader, I think they are still free? Many hsers are crunchy moms, I am soggy- but hang with the crunchy crowd a lot. Is it too late to go to the LINK hs conference at the Lutheran college in Thousand Oaks?? Definately try to hit a hs convention/conference, lots of postive things about those events!
HSC presents TRUSTING THE CHILDREN, TRUSTING OURSELVES, The 2002 California Home=Education Conference, August 16-18, at the Radisson Hotel Sacramento. Jane Healy is speaking, this sounds great.
More information at http://www.hsc.org

Most groups are either big ones that are open to all, or small private based on curriculum, teaching methods like Waldorf, or they have a religious affliation. If you belong to a church locally, you can ask the church secretary. You can also try asking your local community college, YWCA, and park district if they offer classes for homeschoolers. You don't need to enroll, just hang out and lurk to see if you can potential mentor/friends. IMO You don't need to build your own support group if you live ina major city, the odds are high you will find a kindred spirit. DO not be afraid to ask moms that are out during the day with school aged kids if they homeschool, I made a friend at the playground and another good mentor in the cereal aisle. If you decide to join HSLDA, the homeschool legal defense associ. remember that you can get a discount if you belong to
Meanwhile keep posting!!! and good luck to you as you start this journey!
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this is a homeschool support charter school in your area. we have one and they pay for our curriculum and about 1/3 of our supplies.

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Check out www.californiahomeschool.net

You can find your local contact person & also find a wealth of info on homeschooling.

The link to their Yahoo group is on the home page too!
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Thanks for the info-already I can see there is so much out there!
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I am moving to Rancho Cordova in two weeks and we have been homeschooling for a year. I would love to pool info and resources when we get settled.
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