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Stretch marks

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Does anyone have any recommendations to prevent stretchmarks? The first time around I didn't get any. I was using two different creams every day. One was cocoa butter and the other was "Serious Skin Care Stretchmark Cream which I can't get anymore (I was working at Home Shopping Network at the time and had access to it and now apparently they don't make it anymore). It's early for me this time (I'm only 5 weeks) but I want to be prepared. I appreciate any advice.
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You either get them or you don't

No matter what you apply to the ouside of your skin if you're going to get them - you will get them. Stretch marks come from the inside out. I have asked my OB, dermatologist and plastic surgeon and they all gave me the same answer - look at your mom and her mom. If they got them chances are you will - it's all in the genes. Of course there are things that contribute like weight gain. However, I gained 28 & 23 pounds in my pregnancies, exercised the entire time and lathered myself twice a day in oils & lotions - my abdomen looks like a roadmap! My mom has them - worse than me and her mom had them too. I was told I could live in a vat of vitamin E for 9 months and come out with stretch marks. Keri edd 6/14/02
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Sorry, but I have to agree. There is nothing you can do to prevent them.
I just like to think of them as sometyhing I earned. My own little (and not so little) red badges of courage!

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don't gain too much weight too fast! That's prevention for ya!
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have to agree with above statements, although the oil I used from Aveda (Calming Oil) was awesome on my skin. I was using it mostly for the wonderful feeling and no itch result. Worth a try.
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Congratulations grantsmama. I am also newly pregnant, 6 weeks, and I live in FL too!

I didn't get any stretch marks with my first but I got a lot on my abdomen with my 2nd. Both times I gained the same amount of weight (25-30 lbs) and used coccoa butter religiously.
I would agree with the other ladies and say if your going to get them, there's really no prevention.

I saw a recipes for stretch marks:
1/4 cup cocca butter
1 tsp light sesame oil
1 tsp vitamin E
There is one ingredient missing

Mix togehter and lather up! :
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I put oils and cocoa butter on my belly, hips and butt and got massage and shiatsu all throughout my pregnancy...I was also very toned (muscular) before I got pregnant... but pregnancy really does stretch you out! I've lost all my pregnancy lbs and have firmed back up with weight training, but there's still those dreaded stretch marks- mainly on my lower abdomin and hips. But, I also have a beautiful baby boy who matters more than some stupid stretch marks!
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Thanks for all the replies. I'll just look at them positively as something I've earned from being a mommaand I agree that it's a small price to pay for such a wonderful gift. (I also may try a couple of the suggestions anyway for the heck of it)
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Congratulations to you, too, Lil Love. How are you feeling? I live in St. Pete. Do you live close?
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I read in Adelle Davis' book that stretch marks are caused by skin that lacks enough elasticity. She wrote that vitamin E INTERNALLY is what's needed to keep the skin elastic.
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I am only 15 weeks, but I can imagin the stretch marks I will get. I have them on my thighs form a growth spert in 5th grade!! My mother is smooth as butter. The good thing about having dark skin is that stretch marks are not red, but lighter than the skin around.

I also was told that there in nothing one can do to avoid them and it is near imposable to get rid of them. But I would hope if you didn't get them the first time...
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I've also heard that creams and oils won't do much. They sure feel nice though!
I was reading the other day that taking flaxseed oil every day really helps with your skins elasticity. I've been trying, but can't stomach the stuff. Good luck
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I've ried to take Flax seed oil also. Maybe when I'm past the first trimester, it will go down easier

Grantsmama~I am on the opposite coast, a little north of Daytona Beach.
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I took flax oil and vit. E everyday before, during, and after my pregnancy- it didn't stop the stretch marks. Maybe I'm an exception, or at least hope I am.:
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Hey lil love...you aren't far from my parents who live in Palm Coast! We will be there over the holidays. Maybe we'll run into each other!!! Feel free to contact me via private messages if you like

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Im 8 weeks preg today!
In my first pregnancy, I got three little stretchmarks in the first trimester before I put on weight. How funky is that. I didn't expect any since my mom and aunt didn't have ANY. I only gained 20 lbs, but by the end of pregnancy, I was throughly covered with big red marks from the belly button down. My tummy is pretty darn ripply. Permanently. I am the only fair skinned, red haired person in my family, so that must be part of it. I was surprised though.

Another stretchmarky friend said other pregnancies didn't even use the same stretchmarks, but wanted their own!!! So, we'll see what happens. I would prefer if they stay down below navel level. Please?

I'm not that bothered by it now, this not being exactly bikini culture up here in Oregon, but it wasn't so fun when i was pregnant and wanted to show off my belly. Some people actually gasped, which made me feel funky. My tummy was pretty to me.

It's really wonderful to me when I see photos of stretchmarky women in preg magazines. Very good, but very rare.

Oh and a word about taking flax oil. I use capsules, which are more expensive :-(, or put it in my smoothies. I hate the taste too, even tho' it's mild.
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Hi! I'm de-lurking to offer my input. Hope it's ok. :-) I faithfully used cocoa butter (100%) every single night and never felt itchy on my belly. I am petite and gained about 35 lbs. I did not get one stretch mark. I thought for sure I wouldn't be able to avoid them, especially since my 1st baby came at age 39 and I figured my skin wouldn't bounce back so well. My mom has them, but she has always had a bit of a weight problem, so that could be why. Go figure.

That said, if you have a healthy baby, it doesn't matter. I'd use the cocoa butter every night simply to help prevent itchiness and to give yourself 5 peaceful minutes before bed to connect with that wonderful belly and growing baby!

Blessings to you!

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