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By the bye

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Anna, I have never known anyone with your name. This is the name I chose for our baby beauty.

What about a middle name? Any one?

Rose, Jane, Jo,

Sorry to say Anna don-wanna has become the common phrase, I am afraid it is too appropriate and will stick for life.
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Hey Nancy!

that's too funny! "anna don-wanna"! You must be pronouning it with a soft AHHH sound instead of a harder A like apple sound.
I've always loved my name, very feminine yet unique.

Middle names can be tricky can't they.. I found it really helped to think about the number of consonants in the names involved. My name has 2 then 3 then 2 again. Helps with the "rhythm" of the name.

good luck with your sweet little Anna, let us know when you decide on the rest of her name!

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Anna Christine Chen at 15 minutes old

We not only stole Anna's first name, we stole her first, middle and nickname as well.

Our little Anna Christine has been "Anna Banana" since she turned such a lovely shade of yellow at about 18 hours old and still remains that way today.

Anna Christine just fits our gorgeous girl perfectly, though, and I can't think of a more generous and caring person to "swipe" a name from.
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Awwwwww... Shucks!

You are so sweet!
Your little Anna Banana is a beauty! I hope her jaundice is turning around for you. Good luck!
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