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I am so depressed!!

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I just found out that we are expecting our *Third* child last night. We, esp. I, are still in shock. My husband laughed and smiled and said "well, I'd better reorganized things to make more money", which was a more or less good reaction on his part but I am so totally freaked out right now. I have been just crying about everything: at work yesterday I got into a debate with my boss about socialized medicine and started crying (and freaked him out! I am so embarrassed), I cried at the library today about my overdue fines, I cried over a movie last nicght ("Passionada") which wasnt even that sad, etc. Just very emotional right now. I Can Not Believe that I am Pregnant Again!!!! How are we going to fit three kids into our two bedroom apartment?? Anyhow I know that I should be happy- number two was a surprise, but one of the best surprises ever- oh god I am crying again... Is anyone else out there freaked out/ in shock too? I really need moral support right now.
Thanks- Elizabeth

mom to Griffin (3 3/4) and Anastasia (18 mos) EDD 5/23/05 :binky
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Elizabeth! Bless your heart girl. First let me say. You'll make it work and try not to worry! I am totally in shock with you and kinda freaking. I've known for a week or so, so it's had some time to sink in... We're expecting # 2 and we were going to start trying again in 5-6 months or so. But we really haven't got out sh** together, IYKWIM? Nevertheless, we are blessed! The hormones should balance out in a little while, too! I'm sure you know that, though.

The main think I'm trying to say. I'm here for you whatever support you need!
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next baby

I too, am having a surprise baby. Hubby was a bit ticked off at first but is teasing me now. So I think it will be ok. My big kids are school aged. It will be a shock to them. Here is a hug for you. A baby is never the "end of the world".
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hi mama 2 you'll be fine. that baby will be born and you'll look into his/her eyes and be the happiest woman in the world we are also expecting #3 in 2 bdrm apt. the ppl we bought the apt from had 3 kids too (their kids were in grades 5, 2, and a 2yr old) the kids will be ok, you will be ok.

good luck with everything. im happy that your dh is so supportive.

tty soon
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oh momma! 2 it will be OK!!!
We are here for you! things will work out!!!
take care
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I totally know that feeling! I was that way with baby number 4. I didn't move into a 3 bedroom until he was 2 months old! It's definately not easy getting over the shock and fear of a new baby, especially an unexpected one, even more so when you feel like you're not ready, but it will all work out. I think that everything happens for a reason and there's obviously some reason that you got pregnant now...that's what I always tell myself anyhow
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I know how you feel in a way. Although we planned this baby this will also be #3 for us and we live in a 2 bedroom house. Not to mention that right now neither of my bedrooms is usable. The roof in the big bedroom leaked while i was renting this place out and the tenant didn't tell me so the floor is rotted out now. the other bedroom is full of stuff we had to take out of storage. Maybe you could look into moving into a larger home? Or if you own your home maybe an addition?
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Another total surprise - shock is more like it - baby #3 here too. I believe that when it happens, we just sort of do it....things will work out...One day at a time. It's completely overwhelming when you think about it all at once. Do what you can to prepare just one thing at a time.

Not sure if this helps...but it's what I'm trying to do as well. We don't know what we are going to do in this house!
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not depressed anymore

Thanks for all the encouragement, everyone. I am actually not depressed anymore, more like in denial. I told all of my friends and they were really happy and excited so I feel much better. Now I am a little bit freaking out about the actual birth. I am having these thoughts about doing an unassisted birth (!) which is probably not the Best idea. I am so not into the whole idea of applying for medical assistance (we are Poor with a capital P), getting my blood drawn, getting harrassed about iron, Group B strep test *ugh*. I am just dreading all of this! I hope that my additude changes soon. Is anyone else going through similar dread? You know I should be so grateful that they accept medical assistance at the Birth Center and they are staffed with cool, understanding, alternatively open Midwives- but this time I am just so totally not into it! I don't know... I was really hoping to do a home birth this time... but we just can't afford it... I am bumed out about that... Can somebody slap the idealism out of me? It is really getting in the way
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