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My Butt is Magic - Or Funny Things kids say

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My ds had blood on his finger today and I kept asking where it came from. He usually picks his nose at night and gets nosebleeds (I think). He said it came from his body. So I asked him where and he would only say that it came out before but he didn't think that it would be coming out again anytime soon. I forgot that he calls his bottom his "body."

Anyhow, I finally asked him to point to where it came out because I was really intrigued by this time since he said it was not his nose. He pointed to his bottom. I said, blood came from your bottom. And he said:

"Yeah - my butt is magic" in this really mysterious type of voice. I think it might lose something in translation, but it was really funny. Even my dh laughed - ROFLBO.

Anyone else have one to share?
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OMG, that's hilarious! :LOL

My babe isn't old enough to say anything funny yet, but my nephew (4 at the time), upon seeing the blue portapotty in the construction zone next to our house said, "Hey, they're lucky! They have one blue bathroom!" We have called them "one blue bathrooms" ever since (to his chagrin - the kid is now 7).
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My teenaged cousin is very embarrassed that family members are still talking about when she was 4 and her parents told her it wasn't polite to announce, "I farted!" so the next time she said instead, "My bottom burped!" :LOL
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My son has a fart song!

My husband told my kids that broccoli is a farting vegetable in an effort to get them to eat it. Now all they do is talk about it. There is a particular piece of music played by one of our electronic toys (don't you love relatives that give you noisy toys). For some reson ds thinks it is playing the fart song. He presses the button, bends his kness, sticks his tush in the air and siongs fart, fart, fart, fart (etc) while patting his rear. Over and over and over again. Laughing hysterically all the way.
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My dd and I had a special "creamsicle" treat today (frozen drink). After she couldn't get it out with the straw, she managed to take off the lid. She then took a big ol' swig. I heard this deep chuckle and looked behind me (we were driving) and she had the biggest creamsicle mustache. I laughed out loud and she lost it! She thought she was the bees knees and just kept laughing.

Wordless but very funny.
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these are all really cute - thanks for sharing!!! I'm afraid to say that I think we'll be laughing about Matthew's "magic butt" for years to come LOL!!!
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Yesterday my 3 year old Aleksander announced to me that "my penis gotta a big hole in it!" (he is naked alot lately due to giving up diapers). We then proceeded to talk about how all penises have holes in them as that is where the pee comes out. When my husband and older son came home he asked, "Your penis gotta big hole? Sam penis gotta big hole?"
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My son3 is a little confused. The other day when something smelled I asked him if he pooped. He said, "No , I just barfed in my pants." I said "Barfed, do you mean tooted?" He said "No, tooting is when you make a loud sound with your tush, Barfing is when you make no sound at all, but it a real stinker."
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