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What tests, devices are you using/declining this pregnancy?

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I have decided to not use any of the sonic devices this pregnancy. So no doppler or ultrasound.
Also no AFP
no GBS
no GD test
nada, nothing.
I guess we won't be doing anything this pregnancy. :LOL

Since I'm just using the fetascope, I won't be able to hear the heartbeat until 20 weeks. This pregnancy is going to be one long lesson in patience. Especially since my EDD is May 30th, but I know I won't deliver until June sometime.

So how about you?
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I am with you!

I also will decline AFP, as I did last time.
I would like to decline all US, but since I had a section last time, I may consider a later ultrasound if I can be convinced it's medically indicated. No "routine" 8 week and 18 week ultrasounds like the OB's around here do, though. A few also even do routine u/s at 30 weeks.

I also will decline GD screening, although that one will be a fight as I had a very big baby last time (but no GD).

I'd love to have only fetascope. I'll see what the MW has to say about that. I'm not going to escape all EFM during labor, though. Part of me wants to do the doppler heartbeat at 12 weeks, for reassurance, and so ds can hear the hb (he is already pretty excited about going to my appointments).

I'm still thinking about GBS. I was postive last pregnancy. If I do get tested and am postive, I will decline the ampicillin unless I have prolonged ROM, or the other risk factors.
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I am going to have to sit down with my MW, my FP and DH's cardiologist and get the pro's and con's of skipping the fetal echocardiogram @ 22+wks. DH's has a congenital heart defect. With all of my pg's I have had this sono to rule it out... But with the research that I have done onlline, I believe if the baby does have the heart condition it is only caught 20% of the time in utero... Usually presents during the first 3 months of life as a murmur.

As for the rest of the "standard' tests -- AFP, GBS, GD.. I am going to skip. I am not going to terminate the pregnancy nor follow up with an amnio in case of a wonky result from the AFP. I tested negative then positive for GBS (during my 1st and 2nd PG's respectively) for I will treat according risk factors at birth time. As for GD I have a history of big babies but no GD present. We just like to grow them bigger with each PG. 7½lb, 9½lb and then 10lb 2oz are the birth weights for my boys. Plus the thought of bombarding my system with 50mg (or is it 100mg0 of sugar after fasting for 12+ hrs makes me nauseous just thinking about it!

I will have a blood panel done up at 8wks just to get a base line on my iron levels... I tend to be on the low side of normal during pregnancy and I want to know where I stand with this PG since I am still BF.

I know my MW will be fine with whatever I choose (or choose NOT) to do with the course of this PG.
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No Ultrasound this pregnancy... unless I 'feel' the need....
I had 2 last time and don't really think they were necessary....
not sure what all your abbreviations mean
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woops double post
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This time around I think that we'll avoid most everything. I am ditching my OB and going with my ND/midwife for all of my prenatal care and homebirth. I might do a mid-pregnancy ultrasound, but haven't decided. Will probably see how I feel then. I had a relatively intervention free birth with my son, but feel that most of what I did agree to was just a waste of energy and worry. Nice to see others that feel the same way.

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AFP - alpha-fetoprotein test is a blood test. from this site:
An AFP test is only a screening test. The most it can do is point to a possible problem. If the results of an AFP test point to a problem, other tests will be needed to confirm the results. Bear in mind that most AFP test results are normal. Even when they are not, the results of the follow-up tests most often are.
- I am declining this test because 1) I'm not at high risk, 2) I do not trust the results and do not want any unnecessary worry, and 3) am not certain that any negative conclusions would make me want to terminate a pregnancy.

GBS - Group B Strep from this site:
The test is done to detect the presence of Group B Streptococcus (GBS). Group B Strep is not the same bacteria that cause strep throat (Group A Streptococcus.) Group B Strep is normally found in the vagina and/or lower intestine of many healthy women, but few people become sick from it. Group B Strep IS a concern during pregnancy because it can cause urinary tract, uterine infections, and can be harmful to the baby if it is transmitted during birth.
- I am declining this test because 1) I'm having a homebirth and my mother does not provide IV antibiotics at a homebirth, so if I had GBS then I'd be encouraged to deliver in a hospital and 2) if treatment is necessary, other indications of GBS are likely to come up during pregnancy. So mostly I just don't want to know.

GD - Gestational diabetes from this site:
Tests for gestational diabetes have two parts. First, you drink about one full glass of a sugar drink. Then, after a certain amount of time, a doctor, nurse, or other healthcare worker takes a sample of your blood and tests the blood to see how much sugar is in it (called a blood sugar test).
- I am declining this test because I'm not at high risk. I did take this test during my last pregnancy to satisfy my backup OB, but I'm not sure that I'll be using that OB again. I'm not sure that I'll have a backup OB at all, actually.

The websites I used simply for their definitions and have not read all of their content. Some of the content I glimpsed, however was information that I would disagree with.
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i am going to get the 1st trimester panel to see my hemoglobin, etc, and would like to get a quantitative hcg count, for my own curiosity.

i really love my 16 wk u/s and the doppler, so im opting for that too. (hoping to find out the sex too....so i can prepare slowly, as i am WAY poor)

as for all the other screening tests....nope. m/w leaves it up to me to decide, so ive opted no, as long as she doesnt need it for insurance purposes for my homebirth.

i also will need an rh gobulin shot in my butt at 28weeks. i will look into that more. got it last time.
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Originally Posted by annakiss
GBS - Group B Strep from this site: - I am declining this test because 1) I'm having a homebirth and my mother does not provide IV antibiotics at a homebirth, so if I had GBS then I'd be encouraged to deliver in a hospital and 2) if treatment is necessary, other indications of GBS are likely to come up during pregnancy. So mostly I just don't want to know.
#1 Congratulations Anna! I remember reading your birth story a LONG time ago when I first started posting on MDC and was impressed by your strength and beauty. Anywho, just wanted to say congrats on your new pregnancy!

#2 How blessed you are to have such a wonderful mother and midwife in one person. I would have loved to give birth with my mother as my attendant... She HB-ed me when it was just coming into "Hippie Chic". She was present for my first son's birth but i found her to be less than nurturing when active labor kicked in.

#3 As far a GBS, there are alternative ways to treat GBS... Goldenseal, tea tree oil, garlic, echinacea, Vit C come to mind. Not that I am trying to talk you or anyone into getting cultutred for it near term. I will be skipping it myself, but i did a lot of research regaurding it with my last PG and found there is always an alternative for the IV ABX.
has some good info and i have more links for any who are interested.
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I suppose I'll get thebloodwork at the first appt. Though if my mw offers an AIDS test I'll pass - highly unreliable and if you get a false positive "they" can force you to take the dangerous drug AZT and to not breastfeed.

I'll probably have doppler once during pg (not completely decided on that, though) and I had it in labor last time b/c it was easier than the fetoscope.

Otherwise not planning to do anything unless medically indicated.

My own opinion on the GBS test is that since GBS is normal to have and since it comes and goes so quickly, even if you test neg by the time you birt, you might be positive (or vice versa) so IMO the only option either way is to opt for antibiotics regardless, or to just be aware of symptoms and be watching for them in your newborn. I will be doing the latter because antibiotics has a whole other host of issues I'd like to avoid if at all possible.
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yeah i have the requistion for the blood work. other than that pretty hands off. we will listen to the baby's hb at 12 weeks. i think b/c i miscarried last time i need some reassurance and that seems like the least intrusive. we did it with cassia. i did have to have an ultrasound with her at 15 weeks b/c i had some bleeding. it was scary and awful but the ultrasound clearly showed i had a tiny tear between the placenta and uterus. it healed up fine and everything was ok. so if needed i have no problem with the intervention but otherwise nope. on another brd women were talking about how many internal exams they had before giving birth. i had to pipe up and say the first and only time i had an internal exam, i was 10 cms dilated and ready to push!!!!!
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AFP - no, again
GD - no again
GBS - maybe. have to talk to DH about this one. last time we tested, were + and chose to do antibiotics. I didn't enjoy that during labor, and i just need to do some more research. I'd love to hear/see any research/opnions you guys have on that. the statistics they gave us just scared us into getting it.

we'll probably also do the doppler, unless someone can tell me why we shouldn't....
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