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I want to honor my mom with a name but...

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I don't really like her name all that much. Her name is Nancy. My mom is a wonderful, wonderful person and a fantastic grandma and I'd love to honor her. Can anyone think of a name that is similar to Nancy?

Oh, and her middle name is my first name (Charlene) so I don't really want to use that either.

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Is your mom's maiden name something that might work? Maybe for a middle name?
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Oh, and I just wanted to add- I like the name Nancy! And Nan is a very cute nickname.
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Hey goofball, I didn't know you hung out over here!

How about Nadine, Nance, or Nonie?

Are you thinking about it for a first name or a middle name?
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I'm going to suggest to you something someone else suggested to me!!
How about you take the meaning of Nancy and find another name with that same meaning.
...Or, in your case, you can use the actual meaning. Babycenter.com says that Nancy means grace. Do you like the name Grace?
You can view other names with the meaning of "grace" at
Surely there are more names or derivatives of the ones listed on the above link that mean "grace".
Or maybe you can find another meaning for the name Nancy and find other names that way.
Just a thought.
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Nancy originated as a nn for Ann, which is derived from Hannah, which means grace. :LOL Complicated history. So, you could honor your mother by using any form of Ann or Hannah that you like!
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Hi Wendy!

I was thinking middle name but it just depends on what we go with! Thanks for the ideas though, you guys gave me a lot to work with.

Oh her maiden name...well that is a story. Basically she hated her dad so when she divorced MY dad she kept his name since it was my last name. When I got married, she then changed her last name to something totally different that she liked. While it suits her perfectly and I think it's great she did that, I don't want to use it.
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How about Nandry? I read that name in a book once, and thought it was neat.

Or Nadine? Sort of a combo of Nancy and Charlene...

Nadie or Nadia?

Naomi? Nina? (I've heard this pronounce "nee-na" or "n-eye-na")

Have fun! We have no names yet......need to get on the ball!
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Sounds like you have some good suggestions. We really wanted to honor one of my parents by using their name, but we just couldn't manage to work in Eudora or Angrim. BTW, dad's middle name was Bratseth. Can you imagine the teasing on the playground? Anyway, good luck and I hope you find a great way to honor your mom.
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You could switch the letters around to form a new name. Anya has three of the same letters.
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My grama passed away 5 months ago. If our next child is a girl I want to name her in grama's honor. Her name is Doris Louise but not my favorite name. Right now the top on my list is Daria Louise. Her initials and similar to her name in many ways.

Nancy means Grace so that in itself is an option.
As well as these names which mean 'grace':
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