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a true natural remedy?

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Hi all. I just heard about something really great, and was looking for some feedback. I have been really depressed for a couple of years. I have tried pretty much all the natural stuff and it wasn't helping. I'm just miserable and making my husband and kids miserable as well. I talked to my doc (I have had several people try to put me on antidepressants and it just went against my personal belief system, not to mention I couldn't afford it) and told him I was ready to try the zoloft. Right as I was starting it my doc (who is an MD as well as a DhT) asked if I had heard of Inositol. I hadn't. He told me it was an SSRI that is naturally occuring in food. Everyone gets some every day, but in large doses it is as effective as prozac or zoloft. It affects the brain the same way. I looked it up and it appears that it is relatively well researched and pretty darn effective-especially when taken with 5-htp. I'm starting it now and will post my results. If it's as good as it sounds then it's a great alternative for those who can't or don't want to so meds. Has anyone heard of it or tried it?
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I posted a question about the supplement in the nutrition forum but noone responded. I've heard great things too...if it's compatable with nursing, I may take some supplements since it's also been found to work with PP-anxiety/panic.
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Originally Posted by elisabeth
I looked it up and it appears that it is relatively well researched and pretty darn effective-especially when taken with 5-htp.
If you get the chance, do you mind posting links to the research you found? Thanks--and good luck with it!
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Apparently it is, because my doc surely knows I am! I'm really excited.
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This is an interesting thread because I am prone to post partum depression. We're planning to have another baby and of course I will breastfeed, so knowing of some natural resources for ppd will be very helpful for me.
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which foods are high in it?

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this link has info on what foods contain this
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So what constitutes a "large dose"?

And what is 5-htp?

This is very interesting.
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My doc recommended a 4 tablespoon a day dosage. I take it all at once, mixed with applesauce or juice. For the 5-HTP I use L-tyrosine which you can get at any healthfood store. It helps regulate hormones (I can't remember if it's the pituitary or thyroid it acts on.) I take one 500mg capsule. I can tell you, there's a difference for sure-and I'm under a huge amount of stress with a DCF case right now. Check me out, I'm not freaking out!
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Thank Elisabeth! Some more questions if you don't mind:

- Did I read you right 4 tablespoons? I assume you are taking the powder form? The bottle Dh & I just bought says the recommended dose is 1/4 TEAspoon So I wanted to make extra sure. If I take it 4 Tbsp at a time I'll use the bottle up in about 5 days!

- Did your doc base your dosage on weight, or what? I can't ask my own doc, as I have no doc and no insurance : (even if I could find a doc that would not laugh at me for this) Can it be OD'd on?

- So what does it taste like anyway?

- How long have you been on it? How long till you noticed a difference?

- Have you noticed any side effects? Particularly, any hair loss? From my reading, hair loss is a common initial side effect of SSRI's like Zoloft. I am already shedding from the stress & anxiety, and I'm, um, kind of obsessive about my hair : Not that I wouldn't take it if it caused shedding, necessarily, but I'd want to be prepared for it.

Off to poke through the inositol site. Thanks!
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Just found this: Inositol & Goldfish
Inositol ... administered in aquarium water showed enhancement of swimming activity of goldfish after acute treatment (5 hours).

More helpfully: Inositol has therapeutic effects in depression, panic and OCD

ETA: AnyVitamin.com on Inositol (some general information)

Will edit again if I find anything else
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Yup, four-freakin-tablespoons. It wasn't based on weight...I dunno what it's based on. I noticed a difference within a week or so. I haven't been losing any hair-and I'm right there with you I don't know if it can be OD'd on-I will tell you I weigh about 180 at this point, but again, my doc never asked my weight. Good luck!
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Wow, I think I will have to start at a lower dose & work up if necessary. That stuff isn't cheap! (Although DH says, if it can make a difference in a week or so for me, he doesn't care how much it costs, I'm gettin' it ) I know the therapeutic doses mentioned in the bit I linked to weren't quite that high. Oh and so far all I've read about OD'ing is that there are no toxic effects known but that diarrhea can accompany high doses.

Good news on the hair front I was intrigued because I've seen it mentioned numerous times now that inositol is supposed to be GOOD for hair and hair growth, and in fact one place said there was anecdotal evidence that men on supplemental inositol slowed the rate of hair loss! Yay! I believe I've seen L-tyrosine mentioned on my long hair forum as good for hair loss too.

I'm still giggling about the goldfish though.
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It's working! It's working!!

I'm taking way less than Elisabeth, which may be why it took longer for me to see a difference. We've been having trouble finding it in large quantities, and it's a big stretch on our tiny budget, but I'd like to up my dose and see if it gets even better.

I take 1 tablespoon every morning in a smoothie, which also contains some protein since I tend towards hypoglycemia.

I'm also taking 500mg of L-tyrosine and a high-potency B complex, morning and night (I noticed when I was pregnant that B's helped ward off depression) alsong with my multivites. I add flax oil to my smoothie with the inositol.

My hair loss peaked briefly (ouch ) and now seems to be on the decline. I can't say whether this is related to the inositol or not, however.

The best source we've found for inositol so far is, I think, www.vitacost.com, where we found an 8 oz bottle. We're currently looking for a pharmacy that can order it in quantity.

I can experience stress without blowing my top. I can enjoy talking to ds again. I feel motivated to do housework. I feel snugglier towards DH. My anxiety is decreasing. I sleep soundly. I haven't had a panic attack in a week and a half. It's a miracle!
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I have used Inositol to treat hairloss in dogs if that helps!
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I'm going to check it out, too.
But also wanted to say that I'm taking St.Johns Wort & a super-B-complex vitamin & it's working really well, too.
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How's everyone doing on this? I just picked some up, but didn't pick up the 5-htp (I picked up passionflower instead, but I don't know if that can be used with inositol). I didn't know that you had to take such a huge dose though...guess I'll take some more later. Is it effective without the 5-htp? Here's hoping this works!
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Hey mamas! I am so glad I saw this thread...I have been suffering from massive depression on and off for years, and I can feel it coming on now. I am almost 34 weeks pregnant, does anyone know if this is ok during pregnancy? Also what doses are you taking of the b-vitimins(and is there a particular brand/type of b vitimins that are good/better)? and L-tyrosine? If it's not ok during pregnancy I at least have something to look forward to treatment wise after the baby comes.
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All right...I took a tablespoon about an hour and a half ago...now I'm pretty calm (the calmest I've been in days) but I'm nauseous and my stomach is gurgling. Are these three things (sudden calmness, nausea, and gurgling) related to the inositol? Does it really work this fast?
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Is anyone taking this in the capsule form? How would that differ from the powder? How many miligrams are being reccomended daily?
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