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I was going to take the capsules, but there was wheat in it...I'm gluten intolerant. So, I'm taking the powder.

I think it wore off...I'm back to constant anxiety and now I have no appetite.
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I take 12 grams daily (12 grams is the dose studied in the links I gave above). How many tea-/tablespoons this is depends on the brand. The bottle will tell you there is "x" mg per so much powder (usually per 1/4 tsp serving size). I put the powder in a morning smoothie.

I took the capsules for about a week when my health food store was out of the powder. Since I didn't want to swallow 24 of them (they were 500mg each), I opened them up into my smoothie. I have some capsules left over, and if I feel particularly unstable I empty one onto my tongue and swallow it straight (I also take an extra magnesium tablet). This seems to work.

AllyRae, I didn't notice consistent change until, I think, a bit more than a week, but as I said I can take an extra capsule & feel better shortly. So I dunno

Debi, I'm taking 500mg twice daily of the L-tyrosine, and a "B-100" complex twice daily. The B-100 contains 100mg of each component per tablet, which is several thousand times the RDA of most of them so I would advise you to Google niacin and pyroxidine toxicity (those are the B's you can OD on), familiarize yourself with the toxicity symptoms as well as the hard numbers and start at a lower dosage. I appear to need huge amounts of B's, either that or I'm not absorbing most of them. I've read that stress ups your need for B's.

I don't know any reason why this program wouldn't be appropriate during pregnancy but it would probably be a good idea to discuss it with a midwife or OB who's knowledgeable on vitamin therapies.
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Oh, yeah: the current best deal on inositol that I know of is at www.puritan.com. They only carry 2-oz bottles, but they are having a buy 2, get 4 free sale, so I ordered 12 oz for about $25 plus very reasonable shipping. Their brand is also high potency, 1000mg per 1/4 tsp as opposed to the usual 700-800mg range, which is nice and makes it a better deal.
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OH HOLY MOLEY! I'm so excited! I can't stand it! I can't wait until I have some cashola to get some! I'm weaning off of Effexor right now!! *pray it goes well!*
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Thanks so much for the info. i talked to my mw today, and she said she doesn't see that it would be a problem...I can not wait to try this...how long will the 12 oz last you?
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Oh my gosh...this stuff makes me SO tired! I literally can't keep my eyes open after I take a tsp. How long does it take until you don't always feel wiped out after you take it?
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Wow, AllyRae, beats me. I never had it make me feel drowsy. Maybe you could take it before bed? Or split the dose, morning & evening?

Debi, 12 oz should be a good 2 months' supply for me, unless I'm screwing up the math : (ETA: That's if it's 1000mg per 1/4 tsp potency, since how long a bottle lasts really depends on how many mgs are in it, not how many spoonfuls, kwim?)
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LOL...that doesn't help my anxiety any... : I did split it and even a 1 tsp dose knocks me out....
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Ok, I discovered that the fatigue lessens if I take more protein too... However, my breastfeeding 11 month old gets diahreah now...probably a side effect of too much inositol... Hopefully this stops soon for him!

I definately notice a difference though...the anxiety/panic is still there, but the inositol takes the edge off...
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Also, AllyRae, if you pop over to Health & Healing, there's a thread somewhere in there that I started listing ALL the things I'm doing/taking to treat my depression & anxiety. The inositol is a major, key part of it, but not everything. If I don't get enough B vitamins, or enough protein, or enough sleep, or enough water, I tweak out again
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Is it okay to take while nursing

This is exactly what I've been looking for...I think I've had PPD for about 2 yrs now. I'm taking a Rainbow Light Prenat and 2 Cal/Mag/Zincs at night....and of course I'm nursing. Does anyone know if it's okay to take L-tyrosine and Inositol and a B-100 Complex along with all the other things I'm taking while nursing.

Kary B

Mom to Luke (4.5) and Griff (1.5)
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Yep, it's perfectly safe. There is the possibility of some diarreah in the baby, but it's not that big of a deal. Bran's diapers have been a bit...um...messy? But he's eating well and not losing weight, so I think that's just a side effect that happens. It's better than the alternative side effects though.

Oh, and it's WORKING!!! I feel so much better! I still have bad moments, but wow, what a difference!
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I'm nursing my 8mo dd

AllyRae, that's great!!
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This is great!

This is a great thread!!! WOW!!! I am a moderator on a post partum web site and would love to share this info with the other mods. I have always wanted a special place on that forum to post specifically about natural methods. It's not popular, I'll tell you that. For the most part, everyone take anti-d's, including myself. I did try herbs and homeopathy but it didn't cut the mustard so I'm on Zoloft. I do also have the L-tyrosine but have never used in consistantly. Also, Omaga's are good.

I'll be following this thread!!! Thank you ladies!!!

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natural supplements

I am very interested how the supplements work for you. I have a 2yr old daughter and a one year old son. I got PPD after the birth of my son. I took zoloft for about a year and didn't feel any better. I had been feeling better over the summer, in part because I was experiencing post-partum for the first time since my daughter was born and also because they weren't sick. Now, we are going into the sick season and I am getting anxious. I am going to start acupuncture and an exercise program, in addition to therapy.
Please keep us posted how the supplement works for you. Thanks for the information.
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This is great! I am going to wean off my Cipramil too so I can go see a natural therapist who can help me with this .... it is a bit confusing.
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Oh I hope this would help!

I was so glad to have read this. I am up to anything at this point.This is my story....
I have been battling depression & anger bouts for all my life. I was put on prozac and other anti-depressents, did not help at all. Then I gave up and didn't take any meds. Then I had my beautiful daughter in 02' I had anxiety attacks, and depression really bad and realized I needed to get help pronto! Then the docs put me on prozac again and other ones again. Did not work. Then I had my son in Jan. of this year. I have been on edge all the time, majorly depressed,moody etc. the doc has switched my meds so many times and it does not work. I have been on effexor,prozac, and now for 3 weeks I have been on 40mg of a drug called celexa. Not working at all! I don't feel a sense of calm or that it is helping. I am a nursing momma too.
I must be in poor health or something. I have been tired, moody,depressed, and my nails have white blothes all over them, which I always have had but not this bad. I put nail polish on to cover the white blotches. How sick is that?
So I would love to talk more about these supplements with people that use it. As I am confused whether you are using the caps or the powder. email me at brownay2@aol.com
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Hello all - I thought I would join too. I am beginning to realize that I am having a ppd problem. . . I took the quiz located in the sticky at the top of the forum and got a 61 before you add in the baby's age etc. Not that this is absolute proof, but it makes me feel better actually to know that my mood, anxiety, etc. may have a source. What's even better is that you have found a natural remedy that seems to be working.

Brownay2 - Even though I'm new I'll give you a welcome and say that it sounds like most people are taking the powder form - 12mg a day.

I wondered if anyone else was nursing a baby as small as mine - 4 months old? I would hate to hurt him by giving him such a high dose when he is so small.
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I began when Selkie was about four months old! My doctor said there'd be no problem.
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What ever happened to this thread?

Hi! I was so excited to follow this thread...what ever happened?

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