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My 22 month old has the croup. We've done the hot steamy shower, but there doesn't seem to be much else in print. Any experiences or ideas shared would be appreciated very much!
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That is pretty much it - lots - and i mean LOTS of fluid and steam up the bathroom really good and sit in it for about 20 minutes. My sis got this every year for several years. I am sure the docs gave her antibiotics - but I can't remember.
good luck!!
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My son just had this this last winter, he was about 22 months also. Is she nursing? Ds had already weaned at this point, so we didn't let him drink any milk (makes phlegm MUCH worse), pushed clear water (no juice, can also make phlegm worse), had him sleep in a semi-sitting position, rubbed and actively patted his back (to break up mucus in the lungs, etc to help his cough be more productive) but ulitimatly I had to take him to the e.r., he was just laboring so hard to breath, his airway was so swollen and enflamed from all that coughing, etc. They had him breath in some epinephren (sp?) and immediatly he was breathing clearer. He also had a very high fever (almost 105) and they gave him both acetomenophin and ibuprophen to bring it down, make him more comfortable, and reduce the swelling in his airway. He did much better from there on out.
Ugh, I sure feel for you!! Hang in there!! I hope she doesn't get to the point where she needs to go to the e.r...but if her breathing gets real labored and you are worried, please don't hesitate to take her! I was so relieved as my sweet baby sat on my lap, breathing in the epenephrin, and seeing him being able to breath again. And then once the meds kicked in he was laughing and giggling again. I knew I had made the right choice to bring him in!!
Good luck!
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DS is sleeping now, but when he stirs, he has that horrible cough! He is still nursing at night and in the morning, so I was able to nurse him tonight. I know milk isn't the best, but the nursing calmed him down considerably! My friends son had to go to er for dehydration during the croup, so I am glad he is still nursing. I don't think he needs to go to the er yet, so far his breathing is only slightly labored! This is so upsetting because he sounds so bad!
Thanks for the help, and encouragement!
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I guess I forgot to add in my post that if you are still nursing him then great!!! I don't think you need to try and cut down on that....Mamma's milk is the remedy for everything!! I was meaning to say that if he drank cow's milk to not let him. It's late.....
Glad he is sleeping. I know how stressful it can be!!!
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my dd had croup at 1 yr old andwe used homeopathy it last 2 1/ days and it was gone and lots of Vit c (sodium ascorbate form)
hope this helps
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We went yesterday and got Hylands Cough yesterday, but we couldn't find anything croup specific! What are you using?
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it was a single remedy my homeopath recommended
it would depend on your babies symptoms
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