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Beautiful, beautiful babies! 9/18 to 9/25

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Happy new thread everyone!

Sorry I'm just not as cool as Jen and cannot sum up the last few posts! But I will say....

Where's Jen??? The million dollar question of the day that is on everyone's lips.... Where's Jen???? Is Sprout on the way??? Stay posted.

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Oh, I can't wait to hear! Does anybody know how long she'll be staying at the Birth Center after Sprout's arrival?
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More Mielle photos!

Hey ladies!
Here's some more photos of Mielle, I think i'm getting the hang of this shutterfly thing!

I have no idea how long Jen would stay at the Birth Center, maybe Steph knows... at any rate doesn't Jo have laptop? I can't imagine our online addict going this long without posting for a good reason!

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gee, Anna, my first real post in weeks and there it goes, lost at the end of the old thread!


; )
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Jen and Jo said I am on the call list, so as soon as I hear anything I'll post immediately if they haven't gotten to it already. Can't wait!!!

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Originally Posted by plantmommy
gee, Anna, my first real post in weeks and there it goes, lost at the end of the old thread!


; )
Plantmommy said..... "OMG, Anna, those pictures are wonderful! That smile of yours with the baby is a perfect photo to advertise for parenthood.

Funny, but my Isabelle had that same gown with the grapes on as her first outfit after birth. Mielle is gorgeous.

So is Kallisti, Lazuli! what breathtaking baby girls. I hope you're both doing well and taking care of those breasts. Drink, drink, drink, drink!

I have two hands at the keyboard for the first time in I don't remember how long.

Reid got sick early in the week, and scared us pretty bad. Not because he seemed sooo sick, because he didn't seem incredibly ill, although he was nursing much much less and clearly unhappy, but he had a fever, which in a 10-day old is a frightening thing. We took him in for blood tests, which showed good counts, but our ped. recommended a shot of antibiotics anyway, since some of the tests take time to come back and you don't really want to chance a bacterial infection in such a young baby. So, we have no idea what was wrong, but the shot cleared it up and he's pretty much back to normal, although his poop is still off-color a bit. My poor lovey got blood drawn from both arms and a shot! But our ped is amazing, and used to be a neonatalogist, and there wasn't a bruise on him. Heck, I almost always get bruises from blood draws, so I was impressed.

He also weighed 4.5oz more on Wed when we brought him in sick, then he had on Sat. I wonder how much he'd have gained if he wasn't sick, and was nursing well, my darling!

So, now I'm over being scared s*itless. But this morning our basement flooded, which was a whole 'nother disaster.

I had stopped bleeding by Sunday, but have started up again in fits over him having been sick, and bailing water with a bucket, etc. so am trying to rest as much as possible, but also the older kids seem to be missing mom. All in all, life is getting in the way of true forum participation.

I HAVE to believe Jen is either having, or has had that baby by now! GO JEN AND SPROUT! (or should I say: COME JEN AND SPROUT!?)"

ok plantmommy! here's your post! te he hheeee!Anna Banana says
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I can't believe David is a week old lately. He is doing great! He is quite the nursing chow hound. He loves to eat and his older brother has decided to start nursing as well. Grant thought it was a little weird to watch me nurse both Christopher and David at the same time.

Sleep is a wonderful thing! David has taken to sleep reasonably at night. He sleep in 3-4 hour intervals which is wonderful! I was a zombie with Christopher.

Here are some photos of the boys. When I get a chance I will post a birth story.


I hope Sprout is making his/her appearance by now.
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Awww, shucks, how sweet of you to go to the trouble!
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What gorgeous babies everyone has!! My stupid digital broke, I had to send it back to the manufacturer.

Wow, Jen must be having a baby. How wonderful for her, it stinks to be so far past date!!

I am exhausted. Yesterday I cleaned the whole house, then decided that my downstairs bathroom needed a new paint job. So I re-painted it. Of course, since my house is only a year old, the paint job was only about 8 months old. The color just wasn't "me" anymore!!

Then today I hosted a baby shower for one of my very good friends. It was a lot of work, but well worth it, I think she was totally surprised. More surprised that I did it three weeks post-partum!! Linda, I also started bleeding again, probably from all that work!!

Well, I think Jackson is over the 8 pound mark. He is getting so big. Matter of fact, there he goes..crying!!


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Had NINE extra people at my house all day.

Will post more in the morning when I recover! Sleep well mamas.
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It just occurred to me that Jen and Jo's news is not mine to tell. So, all I will say is that I got a call at 9:01 p.m., and it was very happy news!!! Hooray!

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Originally Posted by plantmommy
gee, Anna, my first real post in weeks and there it goes, lost at the end of the old thread!


; )
I am *such* a dork. I KNEW there was a new thread, but while reading on the last one, I still replied there. Duuuurrrrrr.
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Originally Posted by banana girl
Hey ladies!
Here's some more photos of Mielle, I think i'm getting the hang of this shutterfly thing!
*choke, sputter, sniff*

I LOVE the black and whites...they're wonderful. You look great, btw, Anna.
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Finally past 39 weeks...

Greetings, all!

Last night was fixate-on-the-carseat day, as I took a good look at the Graco SnugRide that a friend had to pass on to me. My friend's very careful about kids' stuff, so I know that the infant seat hasn't been in a wreck...but when she first told me about it, I thought that it was new with her third (current) baby who's just hit 20 pounds. Turns out, it's 5 years old, within the "safe" zone, but just.

Looking at how it fit in my car (Jeep Cherokee), it just didn't seem right. Fortunately, I called BRU to ask about safety check options, and they had a check station in their parking lot today! I feel so much more comfortable after seeing what's needed and how tight the seat should be installed. One of the gals working the event said she's learned that through her four kids, NONE of their carseats were installed properly -- it's pretty common (their lit said 4 out of 5). Safety checks are typically free - go here to find out where you can have one done near you.

Turns out, the only way I could use this seat is withOUT the base, behind the passenger seat, which would mean yanking the seatbelt and *hoping* I got it tight enough each time...blech. So, I bought a new seat today, and decided to get a convertible -- one of the higher of the Graco ComfortSport ones. It has the temperature-sensitive padding (like a tempurpedic bed), and I swear, I think they should make one of these in adult size. Talk about cushy.

The borrowed seat will be a baby station for in the house, when I'm not holding her...oh, well.

The PUPPs rash (or whatever the hell this is) is still torturously itchy, and now is on my feet, on the undersides of my arms, between my fingers, and on the outsides of my breasts. I will NOT miss this, as I'm having trouble sleeping from all the itchiness!

Hopefully, I'm coming closer...this morning, I had a weird set of
pains that were structured (building with peaks) and timed (a minute or two apart) like contractions, but in the WRONG place...between my shoulder blades. All I can figure is that I'm having more contractions than I think without them hurting...and that for that short period of time, baby was positioned posterior and pressing on my spine? Whatever, after a bit of sucking wind through the pain, I just "knew" to get on my left side. Baby shifted positions, and the pain went away. Since then, I've been crampy off and on...but still nothing that shouts IT'S TIME!

All that said, I'm ready for her tomorrow, but reminding myself that at the worst, it shouldn't be any longer than 2-1/2 weeks. Ah, joy.
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Oooh, Steph, you're gonna keep us all in suspense??!!! Yay for Jen!! Can't wait to hear the news!!

Allison, glad you got the carseat thing worked out! I'm a certified carseat tech myself, but just today (at 2 weeks old!) got a carseat for Iain that I'm happy with. We had one from Gabriel that I always thought was just fine - of course, then I put Iain in and realized it was way too big for him! The straps only had one place to come out of the back of the seat, and it was well above his shoulders - it has to be below their shoulders. : Then I found some pictures of Gabriel in the seat and oh my how badly misused it was!! And I thought I was doing a good job! (This is an infant seat, too, not even a convertible - DH keeps asking how they can make an infant seat that doesn't fit an average sized infant. )

So, we now also have a new seat! Got Iain a Britax Companion that fits him well AND fits in our car (found another one we loved the look and price of but it didn't fit in the car AT ALL - we were so bummed!). Knowing they're as safe as they can be is SUCH a relief! And this seat does not budge AT ALL in the car. Woohoo!

I haven't been posting much, but keep reading... Of course, realized I had to sub to this thread, too. No wonder it's been quiet! :LOL We're all doing pretty well. Gabriel has been something else today. Just keeps doing things he's not supposed to do, and not doing what we tell him (at least for the first 15 times). So we're trying to be stricter with things like time out that seem to encourage his compliance. Trying to keep the reigns as tight as they normally would be if we didn't have 1500 things to keep us otherwise occupied, ya know? DH ends up yelling (scolding) at him a lot more, and I'm finding myself more and more short with him. Hopefully we can get it all worked out and get all of us on an even keel.

Iain is doing great. Mostly, anyway. His cord fell off yesterday and we (I) gave him his first bath tonight. He's never even had a sponge bath, so this was quite an experience for him. He settled down as soon as he hit the water! He loved it! I used some of the Burt's Bees kit that Sheryl sent me in the swap. Lots of fun to try everything out! He smells so good, too.

He's a real sweetie and is really doing well except that we think he has reflux. He gets fussy while eating, spits up a lot, has some projectile(ish) vomiting, etc. Gabriel has dealt with reflux till well past 2 years old, so the doctor's gone ahead and called in some antacid meds to see if they'll help (there's another to help things move through the stomach more quickly, but I suggested we try one at a time - the Zantac has basically 0 side effects, but the Reglan can have major ones). I'm wondering if it's more of an allergy, or caused by one, because it was the worst on a day when I drank a lot of milk, and has petered out a little on the days when I haven't been drinking much. I never did find any allergies behind Gabriel's reflux, but always wondered. Thankfully nursing overall has been improving - was dealing with very painful nipples, and had to use a nipple shield. I still use it some at night when I don't pay as much attention to his latch, but it's much better now.

So I've been a little stressed off and on, worrying about things like carseats, reflux, even which diapers to get to replace ones that are backordered too long... Oh, and we've all been sick. Even Iain. Sometimes all seems fine, then it all seems to pile up at once. Thankfully DH and I have had some time to sit down and talk about stuff in the last couple of days - what a huge help!!

I have to think of some good news... I've lost 20lbs since Iain's birth and 30 total since I got pg! You wouldn't know it, but, hey. Jeremey's bonus just came through, too, so now we're paying off debts and deciding what big(ger) purchases it's time for. We've been check-to-check for a while, so it's nice to have some breathing room! (Just have to be careful not to do TOO much! :LOL) One of the things I've been waiting on is getting my engagement ring back. I managed to bend a prong on it during the summer moving things out of Gabriel's room, and now I'll have it back soon! YAY! I've been missing it and can't wait to have it back. I kept joking that I look like a poor man's wife, walking around with just a very simple band. :LOL I like my simple band, but I like it much more with a diamond next to it!

Okay, so that's my good news.. Better go check on laundry and babies and such... We're gonna take Iain to church for the first time tomorrow. Yay! 2 weeks old! I can't believe it!!
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39 weeks 5 days

I'm in labor. Started maybe 30 minutes ago, but starting out much stronger than I thought it would, complete with bloody show. Labor with ds was 23 hours. I think this one is going to go much much more quickly. Send me some positive vibes this morning!

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Yay, Pam! May your labor be peaceful and not a moment too long! Can't wait to hear all about your new little one!

-Heather, who knows all about long labors!
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Originally Posted by MamaAcorn
I'm in labor.
Wahoo! I'm so pleased for you, Pam, and all the labor vibes you could hope for are coming your way. May your contractions be low-pain and effective, and may tearing be someone *else's* concern.

(So does staying up late mean I'm preparing for latenight feedings?)
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Go, Pam!

And I'm dying to hear from Jen and Jo!

Originally Posted by HeatherB

I have to think of some good news... I've lost 20lbs since Iain's birth and 30 total since I got pg!
The other day I stepped on the scale for "fun" and was shocked to see that I've lost 25 pounds!
And since I didn't gain any during this pregnancy, I'm 25 pounds lighter than I was before I got pg!
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Steph, Are you sure they don't want you to tell us????

Pam, Lots of happy, gentle (but quick), healthy labor vibes coming your way.
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