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Hey Ladies...as requested, picture of me in the cute preggo shirt... www.snapfish.com log in as joywhitcomb@mail.com and pw is joywhitcomb
its in the belly pic album....
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Very cute, Joy! Thanks for sharing. I'll post more soon.
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joy, very cute!!! i'll force hubby to take a photo this weekend too!
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These are pics from last week Saturday, 20 Sept. dh and I were heading to the Air concert. We had a great time. It was the first date we've had since I don't know when. I was 18 weeks 1 day.

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You all look so cute.

This is me a few days ago @ 23 weeks. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v5...ns/23weeks.jpg
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Joy that shirt is MEGA cute!

MamatoChloe you look really pretty in that picture and your belly is adorable

Adria, wow those twins are just getting bigger by the minute. You look great!
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What a buncha hot mamas!!

I've updated my link in my signature. The shirt I'm wearing makes my boobs look much bigger than they actually are. Just so ya know.
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Peaceful~ I love your outfit! You look so pretty!
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Yay! Everyone looks so pregnant! Well, I guess we should - we're halfway there, huh?

Here's a link to some pics I MADE DH take last night - it's the 20week album. They're grainy and crappy, but DH refused to take anymore (we've got a bit of male PMS happening at our house this weekend - fun). The last pic is mainly just to show off my new haircut, you can't even see my belly.


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ok, it's bare bones, but I've started a babiesonline site...pardon the lack of photo editing...too lazy (I prefer to call it efficient... )!

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p.s. There was another belly shot thread a while back - has everyone who posted in "I'll show you mine" posted here? And maybe let us know if you've updated...does that work for everyone?
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What a great belly, Hevea!! And such cute clothes -- where d'ya get them? I must know! (You're motivating me to post my pics...)
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Aw shucks... !! I've taken my cue from stell and gone the diy route (um, hence the big flash in the photo...oh well...)

t-shirt - Old Navy (Maternity)
sweater - regular (Gap)
khaki-esque pants - borrowed, but from Old Navy (Maternity)

gawd, I'm a Gap girl...!! :LOL not really - but some of their things make happy members of my wardrobe...

I'll try to take a 20-week pic tomorrow.

Now it's your turn, Kate!
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heve you look great! Very cute and pregnant Love your clothes too!

I need to take an updated one this week to mark 20 weeks. I am getting bigger by the second
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finally got some pics taken. I look totally sunburned for some reason though
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kitty - those are great! dang, you are huge (in the greatest, having a baby soon way!). love the comments too
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Sadkitty you look great! What an impressive beach ball you have growing there
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Webpage is updated with my 24 week picture... I FEEL bigger, but comparing the pic to my 17 and 20 week, i don't look that much bigger. how weird is that....
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joy - you look great. i can see what you mean about not seeming to look bigger. my guess is that your uterus is getting bigger without every part of you getting bigger which is good!
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Joy I second what Tug said. I think you look great for 24 weeks pregnant too. Looks like your baby is just growing up and down rather than straight out.
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