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Any low-cholesterol diet suggestions?

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... beyond the usual "cut out egg yolks" suggestion, that is.

Seriously, hitting 40 sent me finally for a check-up and just found out my cholesterol is very high. Which is no surprise, I eat ridiculously badly. And a lot.

The message about the cholesterol was on the answering machine, and I'd prefer the voices of experience to the answer of a doctor.

Any diet suggestions? Particular diets?

And I don't get to read books too often , so please don't suggest one.

Thanks, all ...

- Amy
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It all depends on what kind you have. Have you had it tested before and it was normal? If so, it's diet related and cutting out dairy, meats, and cheeses should help. If you can't cut them out, at least cut them down. Chicken (skinless) and fish are better than pork and beef.

If it could be hereditary, all the dietary changes in the world won't help. That's the kind I have. It doesn't matter what I do or don't eat, it's still high and to lower it I have to take meds. In light of some of the new information that I have read/heard I'm not sure if I really want to keep taking my meds or not.

These links might help:



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Eating lots of "good fats" lowers cholesterol...
*hemp seeds & oil * flax seeds & oil * avocados * nuts (especially almonds and walnuts * seeds * olive oil (unrefined, cold-pressed) * grapeseed oil * salmon*

As well as lots of dark, leafy greens, apples, red grapes, whole grains like brown rice, millet, and oats...

Limit dairy, high fat meats, eggs, fried foods, sugar, alcohol, and white flour

2-10 grams of Vitamin C (mineral ascorbates) is helpful as well!!

Don't forget the water and exercise.
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So I have to put my vote in for a vegan diet. It honestly is a great way to cut cholesterol and get healthy. It isn't easy for everyone to do, but it's well worth it IMO. I'm vegan for ethical reason, as well as the numerous health and enviromental reasons....I'm used to it already and don't miss dairy, eggs or milk. Even if you ate vegan half the time, I'm sure you'd see quite a difference.
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For my dad, who has heart problems & had high cholesterol until he went on this diet, what saved his life was the diet suggested by Dr. John McDougall..... a vegan diet with less than 10% of the calories from fat. Dad also lost 65 lbs and has kept it off for 4 years. Dad just bought the book "The McDougall Program for a Healthy Heart" and went from there! He also has a program designed for women I want to check out. The website is: http://www.drmcdougall.com/
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The McDougall diet is a great suggestion!! I went on that briefly to lose weight (only 3 weeks and then I found out I was pregnant so I stopped). I was vegan prior to going on it, so going on it was just a healthier way to eat vegan.. Lots of people have had success w/ it, and SOOOOOOOOOOOO many have reduced cholesterol on it. There's a McDougall board on Vegsource.com, and even a link to the McDougall website. It's worth a shot, ya ain't got nothin to lose (besides fat and cholesterol)!!!
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I second the good fat suggestion. It is easier to add good stuff than take out bad stuff. When I returned from the Peace Corps and got my first job, they had a health fair and we got all our stuff checked out for free...when I had my post-lab consult, the nurse said I had high cholesterol, looking at the total number. Then, she turned the page to the breakdown, and saw that my HDLs were at 95. She said she had never seen them that high, on anyone. She said, "oh, forget it." Talk of the Nation is doing a women's health series, and this past week, they were emphasizing the importance of keeping your HDLs up. Heart disease kills women. More than cancer.
We eat a lot of olives, practially drink olive oil, and rarely use butter. When we eat eggs, we make them with olive oil. I've begun taking flax oil in the morning--for other benefits. Eating the nuts is good. Natural peanut butter--but of course you know that.
The hardest things for me to avoid are cheeses and ice cream. I love them like sisters.
And of course exercise lowers cholesterol...
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