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Thanks Sharon-anne -- I got the info in there but how do I get it to show up on my chart? I entered everything but I cant figure out how to make it visable at the bottom. Any idea?
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Morgan - you have to have FF VIP for it to show up.

Howdy all!

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Originally Posted by annakiss
Morgan - you have to have FF VIP for it to show up.

Howdy all!

I do have it -- I paid for just the 30 day and all the other VIP stuff is showing up -- just not that. Help!
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Back from the RE...

I'm back from my first RE appt. I absolutely love this doctor! He's so soft-spoken, gentle, and very compassionate and sensitive. I think we'll get along great together! He seems to think it won't take long to get me pg. They drew a progesterone level on me today in the office so hopefully I'll be getting those results back soon.

Here's the plan of action:
-Start Clomid on Day 3-Day 7.
-Between Day 5 and Day 12 I will have the dye test done (HSG) which I'll have to go to Indy for.
-Have an ultrasound done on Day 12 to see if the follicular development is adequate.
-If the ultrasound shows the follicular development is adequate then I will give myself an injection of hCG and then have sex the next night.

So, can anyone tell me how painful the dye test is? My soon to be SIL had many, many problems w/the dye test. She was flat on her back, sick as a dog for 3 days afterward.

About my therm. I'm going to have DH take it apart when he gets in from the fields and find out what battery it takes. I'm fairly certain that finding a battery for it will be easy. I'm hoping that that has an impact on how my chart looks. Thanks for all the suggestions!!
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Amy -- I am so glad your appt. went well! It is such a great feeling when you love your dr. isnt it!?

And his plan sounds good -- sorry I dont have any advice about the test but hopefully your SILs reaction was an isolated one.

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Morgan - check in the Sharing bos, scroll down to Home Page/Ticker setup and make sure that you have it that way. It should look sorta like this:
Auto Update
Publish Intercourse Data
Publish Pregnancy Test Results
Publish Special, Custom Signs, mood and energy data
Make sure the Publish Special, Custom Signs, mood and energy data is checked.
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Thank you Anna! FF queen!
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So I spent the whole day fantasizing about ttc, getting pg, having a baby, the whole bit. Pathetic much? I'm not even trying until JUNE!!! Oh well. I'm sure it's hormones (12 dpo here). Or the fact that my job was very boring today.

I was wrong up above - it's only 7 cycles until the real thing. Somehow that's a vast improvement from 8. :LOL

: or as appropriate. to all.
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Kate...too much time on your hands at work eh? Isn't it fun though...not pathetic at all...we all LOVE being Mamas!
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Its confirmed, I had a blood test. I am no longer pregnant.
And my mom keeps calling trying to be supportive but I wish she'd just leave me alone for a while. Maybe its because I have a migraine. I took a long nap and that helped a lot, I'm going to go suck down some caffiene and see if that doesn't anything for the rest of it.
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s to Jodi and Megan. I'm so sorry.

I am on week 2 of the pill, and as usual for me (a huge f-ing freak), I am insanely believing that I am pg while taking the pill. I can't wait until I'm done this months! No more pills!

I want to test, I have done it compulsively for the past 7 months. Why? I have NO IDEA! I just truly end up believing that my last period was spotting and that I am not feeling pg because I keep taking my pills. I must sound like a true lunatic, but I guess this desire for another child has manifested these actions and behaviors in me.

I hope everyone is having a good week so far, some better than others. Thanks for listening to my crazy talk. I'll be back. Look out....
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Wish I had time to respond to all . . .but it's 11 o'clock and this is my first break all day! And I need to go to bed to be up by 6 and do it all over again.

Anyway, Megan, I am so sorry about the confirmed results and the migrane. My DH gets those, too, and I just don't know how he makes it through the day with it! The spa sounds absolutely wonderful-- you so deserve it.

Jodi, I am so sorry, too. I'm glad to hear that you'll be going on vacation. I'm sure you could use one!

And as far as cycles getting back to normal, I think the faster the miscarriage (I really don't like the whole "chemical PG" term") happened, the faster your body will heal. So, like others said, I would imagine your next cycle will be pretty normal, if not completely so.

Lotsa love and hugs tonight . . .
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Megan, sorry about the confirmed results and the migraine. I'm sorry sweetie.

Jodi, am sorry too........hope your vacation is a good one.

I'm CD 9 and getting closer to the egg, yipee!
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Amy, maybe you are in sync with Anna and you o'd already and ar going to release another egg today Wouldnt it be great to see two sets of twins in 9 months!!!!!

Bex I am the same way. Just think of us as helping stimulate the economy by purchasing so many tests. Even when I know there is no way I could detect a pregnancy because its way too early, or something happened during my cycle and the deed didnt get done, I still cant help myself. I think the girl at the $ store thinks I am nuts when I spend $20 on hcg and ovulation tests every time they get them in. It seems to always be the same girl at the checkout when I buy them LOL

How are ya feeling Anna and Elena? We need more dust!!!!!
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Heather, I wish my dollar store sold HPT's!! I am green with envy!
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LOL, we have a few $ stores. They seem to be the same type they sell at www.saveontests.com, but they come in cartridges and droppers. If you have a 99 cent store chain or Dollar tree, keep looking, both of mine carry them often and they put them in the weirdest places.
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CD 33, 16 dpo

And still waiting for my BFP or reboot! GRRRRR. I obsessively went through 6 HPTs from last Tues (lame, way too early) to Sun and got negatives on all...so where is AF? I'm not testing again until at least Wed if my period hasn't shown up by then. Some friends have told me that they didn't get a +++ until 17dpo or 19 dpo...and one never ever got a +++ HPT - she had to convince her doc that she was pg and get a blood test and an ultrasound!

Come on, body, let me know!
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funshine...I got a positive on cd 34, about 19dpo with my second daughter...I KNEW I was pregnant as my cycle was 28 days for years! and when I got it on 19dpo it was faint...it was negative on 18dpo. And I had a beautiful triphasic chart too...
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Waiting to KNOW

Wow. I'm going to be positive here. My temp is still going up.

I had to give myself crosshairs, cause I missed some crucial temps. It sure does look like I O'd : My temp has never been this high before.
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Stone Fence..that is an awesome chart...and looks like it's about to go triphasic!

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