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Unpasturized apple cider??

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As it's a typical fall here in NH, I took DS apple-picking at a farm today and bought some locally made apple cider....but didn't realize it was unpasturized until I brought it home. : I *love* cider, but am pretty sure this is a no-no while pregnant. (I'm not ultra careful and only stay away from the "biggies"....but am unsure on this one) Anyone?

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I would likely stay away from drinking it cold while pregnant.

But, if I was pretty sure of the place that pressed it, I might heat it up on the stove with a stick of cinnamon. Hot apple cider--mmmmm, yummy!
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Where in NH are you? We always drink unpasteurised cider .. even when I'm pg. For a couple reasons ..

pasteurization may kill any bacteria, but it also kills everything beneficial in the cider. If you're uncomfortable with drinking it raw though, you can also boil it for 45 sec..

If you bought it locally, I'd say go ahead and drink it (Local to you) It's more likely to be fresh, and you can DEFINITELY tell when it starts to go hard.
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We went to a farm in NH today to go apple picking :LOL In Walpole. How 'bout you?

I didn't check to see if their cider was pasturized or not, (and darnit, I didn't buy any). But I am jealous that you have unpasturized cider. Pasturization kills everything

In Vermont, they can no longer sell unpasturized. We'll be going back, and I'll have to get some if it is fresh and uncooked.

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Pasturization is not a good thing IMO. If the place clean, and the cider looks good I'd drink it
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We're in Bow (right outside of Concord) and the farm we went to was in Hopkinton (I think...) - Carter Hill. The cider was actually made on another NH farm (I had assumed they made it at the place we went to, but my mom actually grabbed it out of the cooler for me, DS was tearing around the farm stand looking for things to destroy ) Hmmm, maybe I'll make mulled cider out of it? I'd feel better if I could have seen where it was made, KWIM?

I was so "by the book" with my first pg - now, shy of scooping the litter box - there's not much I avoid...
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I drink unpasteurized cider. I give it to my kids, too. My reasoning being: I think having the live enzymes intact is more important than killing everything off because of the very small chance of having harmful bacteria in it.

HOWEVER, I only buy unpasteurized cider from one local orchard. I've seen their press facility, and know how they run their operations, so I feel very safe drinking their cider. I don't even buy pasteurized cider from non-local orchards.
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Ive been drinking it too and just found out am pregnant...good clean, fresh local source.
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