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stream -- sorry to hear you're feeling icky. calling your mw is a great idea. of course, as you know, i love your mw and am green with envy, so imo any excuse to talk to her is a good one!

on a more seious note, about 2 maybe 3 weeks ago i was feeling really blah. everything was making me cry. i was overreacting to things. part of me wanted to just blame it on hormones and hope it would go away. but the other part of me knew to alert my doctor or friends if i really thought something was wrong.

i had been depressed after dd's birth, some of it was circumstantial, but still, it was depression. so, i'm just trying to be watchful of myself and not avoid seeking help right away if i think something is wrong.

the blahs only lasted a couple of weeks, and lately i have been feeling much better. so, i think it was a hormone adjustment thing going on.

glad you shared how you're doing. keep us posted.
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i have not been posting at all lately cause i've been feeling soooooooooo cruddy!!!!! physically, emotionally, just bad all over. i am exhausted all day long, and i just can't get enough sleep. i think i'm losing weight cause i can't eat or don't want to eat, my boobs look thinner LOL. but my belly is growing like CRAZY!!!!! i can feel my uterus 3-4 fingers below my belly button and i know that at 11-12 weeks it should be just over the top of your pelvic bone. so, i'm concerned about what's going on in there. i'm going to see the OB on oct 4th so that i can get a prof opinion. i know my dates are correct and i know that your muscles aren't really that great after having 2 kids so close together and then being pg again, but i don't think your uterus grows faster with each pregnancy does it? people have mentioned fibriods, which i hadn't thought of. so i want someone to look at me LOL. we'll see.

basically i'm in a state of "everything sucks" right now. not too much fun to be around LOL.
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sorry stream and danaalex you are not feeling good. me too. i am also watching for depression, i mean, i am to some degree depressed, but it is hard to know if that is just from not eating, being underweight, and tired all the time, who wouldnt be miserable? i am kind of glad to know at least i am not alone, the posts in this due date club sound so generally upbeat that i was beginning to think i was just a crud with a bad attitude. when i was preg with dd, it was so much easier, every day was an adventure, and i could rest and eat just exactly the food i thought of at any given moment. sure, i had to go to work, but it was nothing compared to trying to be a mom to dd and grow a babe at the same time. all when dh is in that time of year when he is gone first thing in the am and doesnt get home untill midnight. it stinks. i hope we all feel great soon. come on second trimester, pls kick in soon. danaalex, i hope whatever you are feeling in your belly turns out to be normal and ok.
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to danaalex, Stream and sunbaby

Sorry you are all going through tough times.

Dana- I hope everything is ok with your belly...and that you get reassurances soon too! how hard to be in such rough physical shape too...

Stream to you, sweetie. I hope the mw offers some good input for you

sunbaby --I hope you get into the 2nd trimester soon. My mom keeps telling me
I'm going to feel fabulous and I keep thinking when? when?

I'm really glad you are all able to share how you are feeling & how hard this is for you right now

aprildawn--glad you are feeling better!

I had a tiny little spot of blood last night that terrified me, but I think it was just tearing elsewhere (TMI, I know!) because all seems fine and I still feel sick & crappy today. And a gut level I feel like all is okay and I try to listen hard to that.

I guess maybe I should start a new thread, or check to see if someone else has...sorry for the lack of personals, I can't see pg 1...

ps---if anyone wants to see my belly shot...it's on my link littlebean below
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I had depression when pregnant with my ds. I took zoloft for most of my pregnancy. It was more so I could be a good mommy to my dd than anything else.
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Thank you for all the warm wishes. Today is better than yesterday already. Perhaps "Rainy Days and Mondays" are just tough times. Really, I know it's all connected to my job, so I think I'm going to be proactive and start working on my resume and actively networking. That should help. But certainly keeping an eye on it, and watching to make sure it doesn't escalate.

And just really quick-- Jesse! Look at your cute belly! Love it, love it!
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thanks for the belly compliment
sunbaby wants me to post a side view, so I'll do my best!
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Hi Mama's, i just found this birth club this week and I'm sure having fun lurking. I send my best wishes to those of you are struggling.

I'm having a hard time sleeping and with nighttime hunger and associted nuesea but otherwise I'm doing OK. I'm having a heck of a time finding palatable food though

As for reading...w/dd 1 the only books I read where Girlfriend's guide and What to expect, man I was dumb. I've been thumbing through DrSears and Peggy O'mara this time but feeling kinda ambivelent about PG books in general. I feel like they all say the same thing but with the author's personal biases shaping the information. I prefer the freshness of reading the MDC boards.
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I forgot to post last night. My nephew came home! He's doing great and hates his bed. Only wants to sleep in my sisters bed. Heeheehee, she's gonna eat her words. *I will NEVER co-sleep!* Well, see who wins baby and sleep or momma and no sleep.
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