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Originally Posted by mellybean
i won! i won! ok, i didn't win anything, but i did successfully decline an internal exam today at the OB's she tried pretty hard to talk me into it but in the end the only reason she could give that it was necessary was "it's nice to know how you're doing." seems like a small battle but i feel SO much better knowing i am able to decline something. i just knew if she'd checked me and i was still high-n-tight, i would have felt discouraged.


Good for you, Meli!! Just because it's there isn't a good enough reason to cop a feel! :LOL
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Originally Posted by gottaknit
Just because it's there isn't a good enough reason to cop a feel! :LOL
:ROFLMAO (where is the spitting your drink out smilie when you need it? *lol*)

Yay for you Meli ... just think what great practice and empowerment it is for you to have had this one positive experience before your birth.
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Great job, Meli! It can be so empowering to refuse interventions you know are not necessary! Good practice for labor and mommyhood!

I had a prenatal today, and while I was there, I lost more of my plug! This time it was a long thin goopy strand. I told my MW, and she said that while first-time mamas can go weeks after starting to lose their plugs, second time+ mamas usually go within a week or so of starting. Everything looks ok...I am still fighting with anemia, but everything else is great. Baby's hb is in the 140s, my BP is nice and low, and baby's weight is estimated around 7ish pounds right now.

YAY for sleeping-in-his-own-bed Mickade! And put-herself-to-sleep Hannah! Maybe they are sensing the baby is close and they are starting to "grow up" a little bit? I wish my toddler would be a better sleeper. I NEVER thought I would have a newborn before my toddler was sleeping thru the night....
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OH Katie, that's so exciting! 140's huh? sounds like a little boy may be waiting to meet his mama!!!

Good job Meli

For any other hb's with toddlers/children. Are you making plans to have someone around for support of your wee one? I'm really hoping my sis is in town for the birth, but if she's not, I can't decide if it's really necessary to have someone around for MIles sake.....
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momadance -- I have a couple people on reserve for Mickade. My mom will come asap, and she can take him out, but it takes a couple hours for her to get here. I have a great friend 45 minutes away who can come first if need be. I'm not sure Mickade is ready to see the birth (he only just got over people taking my bp, and man when I had preterm labor all those weeks ago, he flipped when the mw tried to check my dilation) so I definitely feel the need to have someone around. Plus, I think the kids will get bored, and if DH has to go tend to them, who would be there to help us mommas?
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Momadance -
This is something I am really struggling with. A few MDC mamas offered to be our extra labor support, but I don't think I want to accept....they are all really sweet, it's just that I don't want a lot of people there. I want it as private as possible. I am HOPING (crossing my fingers) that I will be in active labor at night and Lu will just sleep thru it. But if not, I guess dh will be attending to her, and my MW will be my primary support person.
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Originally Posted by gottaknit
So I feel like I'm going to pop any day now. I am crampy and cranky and it is nearly impossible to get comfortable in bed. I used to love going to bed at night - now I dread it! I toss and turn (or attempt to, anyway) and moan all night long. It hurts so much to get up and go to the bathroom at night (pubic bone, hips, back). Every time I try to stand up I have contractions and feel like the baby is jabbing me in the cervix. So is this just how it goes the last month?
Well I'm sorry to have to be the one to tell you this but yes, this is what the last few weeks of pregnancy are like. I am so grumpy, uncomfortable and moody during the last month or so of pregnancy. Perhaps it's nature's way of alieviating some of the anxiety surrounding labour and birth. Your misery and discomfort begins to seriously outweigh any nervousness you feel about the birth.

Jillerina - I know exactly how you feel. I am trying my best to mentally prepare myslef for a late arrival. Trying not to get my hopes up to be meeting my little guy before Oct 3rd but it's so hard.

mellybean - Way to go! Give yourself some credit. Standing by your principles is never a small victory.

Katie - Wow a week!?! Maybe you'll be the first among us "regulars" to be snuggling with your little babe. Oh how exciting!
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36 weeks

We were planning on going it alone like Katie but then our midwife told us she knows a girl whose about 13 years old and homeschooled who has been really wanting to attend a birth with her. She has 5 younger siblings, so is really experienced w/ children and has offered to help out in order to be at a birth. She will probably come over and play with Logan if we need her too.

Well we made it to the zoo today, man what an adventure. It was just me and Logan and we had the best time together. We did a lot of walking. Luckily my waddling is about the same as his toddler pace so it worked out. It was such a beautiful day. I'm exhausted now and my hips hurt a lot.

Jillerina - glad you got to take it easy and cuddle w/ Clara...hope she's feeling better. I hear ya on the mat. clothes...not many of mine fit anymore. I'm mainly in sweatpants now. I'd prefer to just wrap a big sheet around me and call it a day.

I saw the most annoying show last night where they were doing a maternity fashion show (liz lang) and the designer was giving pointers. She says it's very important for mat. clothes to be fitted and not big and flowy - cause then you'll just look big. And just all these other stupid rules, cause you HAVE to look good ya know...I was just thinking, "seriously, who cares? I'm gonna look like a whale either way." I mean why not be comfortable...I'm not walkin' a runway anytime soon. And she didn't mention that usually pregnant women don't like things tight and fitted because it's uncomfortable - esp when you have a 6 pound baby kicking the waistband. Even the jeans on one of her models were sagging down in the crotch just like my cursed jeans.

I wonder if Letia's power or phone lines are out from Ivan. I have no concept of time though, so I don't remember when they had the big storm in NC. Hope she's alright.

Nancy- Just wanted to say I was nodding my head emphatically about the stuff you were saying (and weren't saying) about the measures we're about to vote on. That's a hot topic around my household as well. So glad Oregon has mail in ballots, I can't imagine taking a baby and a toddler into a voting booth with me.
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37 weeks

Katie busted me in diapering! :LOL I lurked a bit, can yall believe it! I was ill and didnt' feel like talkin. I'm losing my patience and everybody is aggravatin me. : Not yall...IRL folks. I *did* get my beads, or rather charms...Wednesday and addressed ohhhhhhhhh...four envelopes until I went out to get myself some pizza. : I had to eat and then get ready for a meeting with the Pastors wife. I didn't work on them today. My day flew and I had to work on my phone list for my mw homevisit and make some calls. Tomorrow! I had to reschedule my pregnancy pics AGAIN! So, I'll at least have a chance to run some errands and be at home tomorrow. I need to clean for my homevisit Saturday and make some time to get these envelopes stuffed and addressed so yall can get them. I need to get my thank you notes done b/c I'm having a shower with 34 guests on Sunday and I'm gonna have *ton* to do then!

What's the QOTW? Sex? Only in my dreams! :LOL I had a dream me and dh were going at it and I woke up and was like....not with a head in my stuff!

Well, I better put something for the mws and my doula on Saturday on my list and toss my bikers to wash for cycling in the am!
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Originally Posted by wannabmommie

Well, I better put something for the mws and my doula on Saturday on my list and toss my bikers to wash for cycling in the am!

Letia! I cannot believe you are still spinning. You rock, mama!

Glad to hear all is ok...you sound like you have so much going on! Don't forget to put your feet up and spend some time just on you!
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Having trouble falling asleep tonight. I've gone from feeling anxious to get this labour going to feeling nervous about actually having the little guy here. Dh took on being the primary on putting Alias to bed tonight and was making up stories with Alias all snuggled up together in bed. And it was so cute. Alias was helping direct the story by interjecting new character suggestions and plot twists. Dh and I were giggeling and just in awe over our little guys imagination... And then it hit me (although not for the first time), Harrison is not Alias. This baby is a different person. What if he dosen't share in Alias' love of making up stories? Are we going to think that Harrison is some how less creative than Alias? Will we be constantly comparing the two? Will I secretly feel like Harrison somehow dosen't measure up to his lder brother? I know people tell me all the time that you do have enough room in your heart to love your second child as much as your first but I just can't imagine it. I keep thinking of the movie "Ordinary People" and imagining that I could end up being like the Mary Taylor Moore character (hopefully some of you have seen the movie and know what I'm talking about ). Just so obvious in my favouritism that I ruin the life of my other child.

Ugh! This late night anxiety. Why do these thoughts creep into my head right before bed. I need my sleep!

Writing them out has made me feel a bit more relaxed though. Perhaps a just needed to purge these thoughts, get them out there so I can de-stress. Amazing how I can experience such emotional highs and lows in the space of just a few hours. Ahhh the wonderful ride of pregnancy .
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Keep...me ...out...of...children's...consignment....stores!! ! :LOL I swear, I have no will power to resist baby stuff right now. We need NOTHING for this baby but I can't drive by one without stopping. It's not like I haven't gotten some good deals -diaper covers for .25 and a Bumkins AIO for $3, etc. but the point is we're set on everything! So weak...

So this baby is an athlete or rocker or something-it's got some major kicking going on to the point of hurting! This has been going on for the last 2 weeks and seems to be getting stronger. I know the baby is getting bigger but I thought they slowed down at the end since they had less room? Well, this one didn't get that message. Of course, I have 5 weeks to go so maybe it's just getting all the kinks out before it gets squishe din there. I was already carrying low but man have I dropped even more-amazing that it's still in there! LOL
Most of my pants are high waters now since my belly is sticking out so far and low-looks stupid!
Off to bed...finally....MDC-very bad for keeping me up late!
have a good weekend everyone!
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hmmm... me too Mirthfulmum
You know it is such a hard thing to grasp - that this baby is different from our first. In fact I have dreams that I give birth, and the baby is Logan all over again. It's something my brain has been grappling with for a while too.
I'll bet you discover Harrison does things that are just as wonderful, only different. I can only imagine that each child is unique and so will our love be for each one. (I bet he'll learn from Alias how to help make up stories too, though )

Hope you get some sleep, everything will be okay.

p.s. I've seen Ordinary people, I know what your talkin' about
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Sometimes I wonder about the two kid thing too...like how on earth can I possibly love them both the same? But I'm sure it all falls into place when they arrive. I don't feel the same attachments to this babe prebirth as I did to DS (don't tell anyone!!) but I also feel like once I hold him/her it will all come rushing into place.

So sometime later today it looks like DS and I will be off to my parents' once again, this time to ride out Hurricane Jeanne. At least this is making the last few weeks of pregnancy more interesting. I'm not so concerned about the house blowing away this time since it's a weaker storm, but I am worried about the neighborhood flooding. The ground is still so saturated from Frances, when it rained a few days ago the back entrance to my neighborhood was closed since the water was so high in that part of the streets. DH drove through anyway and got the floorboards of the jeep wet, if that gives you any idea. So mostly I'm worried about the water rising and causing water damage in our home. Not like feet of water in the house, but just enough to get the carpets all wet. Which brings on another scenario in my head....if the carpets get wet, they have to be replaced bc of the mold issues down here...which means um unless the landlord does it FAST where do I have this baby?? Oy!!
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Mirthful, I know exactly how you feel. It just hit me last week, that we don't get to do things again with Miles, it's a NEW person. It made me feel so sad on some level. IT's weird, but I'd love to be able to do it all again with MIles, and fix any mistakes I felt I may have made ( ok he's 3 how many could I have made ) And it's hard to truly believe your heart just grows, because it already feels like it could burst.

Letia, I haven't even gone on a walk in ages! You're amazing!

Home visit is today! I made a little "shrine" in the room I plan on birthing in. It's my belly cast surrounded by all the cards and well wishings, and beads that have been sent. There's also some paintings DH did of MIles in there, and family photos. It's becoming just perfect. I'm just going to throw the acoustic in there for Dh to serenade me and the stool and we're ready to push out a baby.... but not too soon, I'm hoping he waits till around the 17th
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Ok, I wasn't going to get into it but I gotta know, is anyone else super sensitive right now.

For example, I just read this book "Eating in the Dark" it's about GMO's and how us in the states happily lapped up the idea, and tuned out to what was going on, and the Europeans and pretty much the rest of the world fought them every step of the way. It's like if you object to anything mainstream, your automaticly an activist in this country, not a responsible human

I also just get these feeling's like there are NO DECENT PEOPLE in the world. This guy was speeding through my neighborhood the other day, and Miles and I were walking with his wagon, and the dude comes flying around the corner and was so very close to hitting us. He SPEEDS UP, and tears down the rest of the street. I was so angry. THen the next day, there's a hit and run in the neighborhood. (involving vehicles only)

Then the whole political scene and 2 party business is making me want to cry every time I turn around. It's like, at this point, if I want to stay on some sort of even kilter, I have to tune out the ENTIRE WORLD...

I guess it's hormones, so on the one hand I think I should try the EPO, and on the other hand I'm like so what deal with your feelings...

wow, i feel better all ready...

Oh and my little bro who is the most amazing guy, was arrested for possesion of an ounce of MJ. Good thing he's an amazingly wonderful person who hasn't gotten into any other trouble or he'd have a felony.... but the other little drunk idiots they busted would not... VERY f'd up...
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momadance- I am in the same frame of mind this week!! I keep asking myself "why am I bringing another babe into such a crazy world". And my Dh is such a conspiracy theorist that he is always giving me the new daily dose and in my hormonal state it is not something I want to hear about!
Sorry for the negative rant---
I usually get some healing positive vibes from my dd and ds at bedtime when we snuggle, sing songs and read stories but that hasn't been done at all this week. Maybe we'll just stay in tomorrow and forget all of our chores and just have some bonding time. I really need it!!
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momadance, I go thru weeks where I completely ignore the world. There are so many issues that get my panties all in a wad, if I didn't take a break from it all I think my head might ( I just love these smilies ) Well, I never get a real break, dh is always keeping me informed whether I feel like it or not. "So did you hear about...???"

And I've been wondering about what it will be like with 2 kids also (never mind that I haven't had my first yet... ) Dh even brought it up the other day. I love it when he reads my mind.

We got our birth tub yesterday! This lady in our neighborhood lent it to us. Actually it's a hard rubbermaid feed trough, but she had both her babes in it and said it's great. The sides are so sturdy I won't have to worry about how hard I push on it while laboring, and it's big enough for dh to get in with me! I'm trying to decide whether I should clean and sterilize it now or wait until closerto the EDD. It will be living in the basement until we're ready for it, so even if I did it now, wouldn't it need to be done again right before the birth?

Alright ladies, hope you all have a relaxing weekend!
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I go through the same thing. How in the world am I going to manage with a toddler and a newborn. I sometimes think I must be crazy. We were palnning on waiting until DS was to but the baby bug bit me and that plan went out the window!

I figure if I couldn't handle this I wouldn't of been able to get pregnant and carry it to term. But that still doesn't help those moments when I'm freaking out. Thinking OMG what did I get myself into!! I'm thinking how in the world am I going ot transtion DS into his own bed and have a newborn at the same time. Thankfully my sister is lending my her co-sleeper that attaches to the bed so that is one thing for a few months I have time to try and work on.

We have definetly hit the 2's now. DS is going through this stage fo dumping everything but refusing ot help cleanup. I try being really nice and psoitive about it, try the "Barney Cleanup Song", he just sits there and has a temper tantrum refusing to help. I praise him up and down when he helps but it drives me bonkers when he is leaving a huge mess and not clenaing up. I just want him to learn how to help. Maybe i'm just hormonal but i'm going nuts with this!

Well that is my rant for the day!
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To all you mamas wondering how you are going to love two. I have been where you are and I just want to encourage you that everything will work out fine. My oldest two are only 12.5 mos. apart and I was so worried about Collin the whole time I was pg and even for some time after I had Aidan. I let my worries though hinder me from fully bonding with Aidan until he was a couple mos. old.

The birth of this baby will be a whole new experience, and I want to encourage you all to look forward to that new experience. What you have now with your first will never change or go away, and what you experience with your second will be special and unique in a whole new way.

Some tips that I found to help were when Aidan was napping I would do something fun with Collin; When I did errands and could leave Aidan with dh I would take Collin and have a little date with him. I guess that when I saw an opportunity to do one-on-one with either one I took advantage of that time. That way both could experience my individual love for them without feeling they had to share me.

Anyways I just wanted to encourage you all. I know how you are feeling and just wanted to assure that it all is going to work out just fine.
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