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At my hospital they have always been wonderful. With Sammy my dr. said that if I wanted to I could go home or stay the extra night. We went home. Anyways I think part of it depends on where you go. And for insurance, Katie you should get on medicaid. They would pay. We use it as a secondary insurance and we never have to pay a thing.
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Originally Posted by Momma2Liam
Any news if Gretchen had the twins?
When I spoke to Gretchen this morning, she said they had just inserted the 2nd cervidil doohickey. She was dilated to about 4 and was having some good contractions. Our OB hadn't stopped in yet, so I don't know the game plan for today. So, no babies yet that I know of.

On a separate note, when I had Hannah, my OB and the hosp were willing to let me leave after 12 hrs or so, since I was doing just fine. It was Hannah they wouldn't release. And I wasn't about to leave w/o my baby. It took almost 36 hrs to get the pedi to sign her out. This time I know to talk to the pedi beforehand and find out how silly they are about all the check-out procedures, for a healthy baby.
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(I sent out the yahoo group info in a private message to a couple of you- let me know if I missed anybody)

We had a kind of rough day yesterday. My midwife's partner came over to do my prenatal ( I hadn't met her yet, she comes over towards the end of labor - kind of as backup). Anyways, she was really nice - she let me ramble on and on about my anxieties. Then she was taking my BP and Logan freaked out and started crying and saying "That's not the baby!" He's always been cool about visits and been involved and stuff. Then she for some reason used the doppler instead of the fetoscope to hear the heartbeat - hence Logan could hear it too - and he started sobbing and came over and hit my belly and said, "Stop it baby stop it!" So I ended up breaking down crying later last night about something irrelevent. It's just so emotionally charged around here.

On a good note I bought some super soft and roomy pajama pants. I've decided they will be my primary uniform both now and after the baby is born. They'll go perfectly with my nursing camisole.

Hugs to everyone!
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Hi everyone!! Just thought I'd check in and say hi, there is a lot to respond to here I don't think I can do it!

When I had DS, my midwife said she would let me leave that afternoon if I wanted, but I opted to stay just to be safe and leave the next morning.

I think the baby is starting to turn to a better position...keep your fingers crossed!!

Court, I'm sorry you had a rough day!

Jeanne is still heading right for where I live, and wouldn't you know I didn't bring all my photos with me this time like last time, since it was supposed to be a weaker storm. I'm so scared they'll get ruined, I don't care about anything else in the hosue. They are in plastic bins on top of the washer and dryer in the laundry room with doors closed, so hopefully they will be safe if windows break or the house floods....just need the roof to stay in one piece!!!!!!!!!!! We may lose power even here tonight, so if you don't hear from me for a couple days don't get too worried!!
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Crossing my fingers that your house survives this one too, Amy! And I hope your pics make it as well. Hopefully this is the last hurricane this season, geeze. Although I have seen on the news a couple swirling out there in the Atlantic. : Both my dh's parents live in FL, so we're getting annoyed w/ them as well. Both their houses have narrowly escaped damage, thankfully.
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Yikes Amy! Fingers are crossed for you!

Anyone else feel as if their pubic bone will fly off, or shatter any minute now?

Well, our friends came and stayed with us again this weekend, and are going to be our backups for the birth They moved back from Colorado at such a perfect time! They're staying about an hour and a half away and aren't due to start working at the family resteraunt until Oct. 18th! I'm so happy! They're thinking they may start having kids in the next year or so, and he was born at home too... I'm so relieved! We discussed having no one around, but Dh said he'd really like someone there for MIles other than himself. He doesn't think he'll be able to leave me if Ds needs him, and it wouldn't be fair to either one of them. I can totally understand that. It's also very sweet, I guess if the shoes were on the other feet, I'd feel the same way.

I keep going between totally exhausted, to not being able to sit still. I have so much pent up energy and aggervation right now, I could flip out. I feel like I"m always on the verge of losing it I don't know how in the H E doupble hockey sticks I'll make it till the 13th.

Flipped out on Dh today. Dropped the F bomb and everything! I get an F in comunication Luckily he understood, he totally has been NON HELPFUL these last few days. It sucks I yelled at him, but the issue majorly needed to be addressed!
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Just checking in again so I can let out a big vent. The center of the eye of the hurricane is going to pass over a road a mile from my house. We had 5 inches of rain dumped on us on Tuesday when the bands from Ivan swung back around, which is why we had flooding earlier in the week. This storm is going to dump 5-12 inches of rain, and I assume my area is getting the higher end. The winds are like 115 sustained. Power is already out up there. They say it could easily be up to 3 weeks before it is restored....I am 35.5 weeks, expected to go early. Even if my house makes it, the baby could come before I can return home to power. I knwo I can have it here at my parents', but it really is less than ideal and I won't be as comfortable here. I'm just getting to the verge of finally losing it here. I ate a big ice cream sundae in an effort to fill the void. Gosh my midwife's house could be in trouble too but her house is brand new so I would think it has good hurricane withstanding strength and she's also farther inland (though she evacuated too). I want to cry at the idea that I left my photos and videos at home, PLEASE let them stay safe!! I'm stressed and not as nice to poor Mickade as I should be. Gotta go watch news. THIS SUCKS!!!!!!

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest!!!!
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trueblue: wow, i hope everything is ok for you and yours! we're watching the weather channel right now.

i thought the baby had dropped before, maybe she had a little bit, but WHOA! now i know what moms mean by "the baby dropped" :LOL feels like she's going to fall out of my butt when i stand up, and sitting up is really hard. i asked my husband if my belly looks lower and he said "WOW!" right after the dropping feeling i got the runs big-time but i feel much better.

do babies drop in stages like that, over a week's time? i'm wondering if i should expect another drop. also, it feels like there's a pinched nerve or something in my left leg, the leg feels like it's falling asleep!
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Wow, I wasnt' in a big hurry to get online today as it is always so slow along here on the weekends! Now I am in the same boat as a lot of you and feel as though I can't possibly respond to everything...so it will most likely just be to the last few posts I read that are still fresh in my mind....but to everyone else s and I did mentally respond as I read your posts!!

AMY! My goodness, I can't believe this! I so hope that your photos stay safe and dry. Really I don't know what I can possibly say except I am glad that you and your family are safe from harm!

About the hospital dismissal. I am planning on leaving after 4 hrs, assuming that all is well with me and the baby...my midwife is on board with this (4-6hrs is her earliest dismissal). Of course it depends too on when I have the baby...if it is 9pm when he is born I'll stay the night and leave ASAP in the morning. If for some reason the midwife still wants us to be nearby (because we are having the baby out of town) then we will check into a hotel so that we can still be monitored by her. If that ends up being the case, the hardest part will be not having our computer so I can update you guys!

So I'm sure that a lot of us will be here nice and early tomorrow to see if there is any news on Gretchen and her twins...seems fitting that our first to be born be twins!

Court- I'm not sure if I was supposed to get an email but I didn't. And I am sorry that you had a rough day yesterday

Flitters- I get that too.
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Oh Amy!
I really, really hope that this becomes one of those great stories that you can laugh about in a few years.
But for now, I am keeping my fingers crossed that all your family keepsakes make it through the hurricane intact. I am hoping that you are able to find a safe and comfortable space for your birth. And s to you and Mickade. You guys have had it so rough with all the storm running you've had to do. Glad you're safe and sound though.

mellybean - Wish I knew what it felt like to have the baby drop. Sometimes I think that Harrison has finally engaged but a few hours later it dosen't feel that way at all .
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I just want to let you know that we are thinking about you. That is one less stresser you need before birth.

Just sending lots of hugs and prayers that evrythig with you and your baby will be a okay and things will work out the way they need to. I also hope your personal items survive. That is so nervewracking.

Do you need some SOS chocolate? I'll send some off your way!

Like everyone else has been saying you'll look back and laugh. Myabe you can give this lil one a nickname of stormy or windy.

Stay Strong!
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for all of us... though my thoughts are specifically with those a little further south and west of me, in FL. I hope everyone's homes (and treasures) make it safely through this storm... and that power outages don't cause too very many problems for anyone's families.

I'm blessed to have my mom here with me right now... we're not supposed to get the brunt of the storm (last I heard, we should be getting tropical storm-strength winds and a LOT of rain with power outages), but the thought of having no power and going into labor while there's a storm making conditions on the road horrendous is not a nice one

Of course, I'm almost hoping the low pressure sends me into labor before the majority of what we'll get hits us... I really can't think of a safer place than the hospital and I've never been comfortable with the idea of homebirth (due to way too many nightmares during my 1st pregnancy)... so, yeah...

mellybean ~ The baby CAN seem to drop in stages like that, at least I'd assume so since this little girl's been torturing me with that lately. For the past 2 weeks or so, she's put a LOT of pressure on my cervix (feels like a 10lb. bowling ball's trying to bust through it) but then a few minutes later she reaches up and feels like she's swinging from my ribs by her toes. The sensation of them dropping, though, at the very end, cannot be mistaken... to be sure *laugh*
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Amy - I am so sorry about the storm heading for your house, and about your pictures!!! I hope they make it.

I am grumpy. : I am supposed to go to my in-laws for a family dinner. Would it be terrible if I just stayed home in my pajamas all day? I feel so bad for dh, he has been caring for Lucy 75% of the time, and he is getting really burned out on toddlerhood. I feel bad asking him to take her to his parents alone, but.....aye. I am just SO not into getting in the same old clothes again, doing my hair, and putting on a happy pregnant face and making polite chit-chat with everyone. Call me selfish, but that's where I am. I don't wanna go anywhere or see anyone or have to look pretty or have people touch my belly or answer for the one thousandth time, "When are you due?"

My brother is an actor who is usually on national tour, and last night he had a show in Cleveland. It was a 3.5 hour production of Julius Caesar. Now, I love the theater. And I love Shakespeare. But getting dressed up and sitting in a hard little seat (and discovering that my thighs are too chubby to comfortably cross) was NO FUN. Good thing I love my brother - I would only do that for someone I really cared about at this point!

I am also having false labor almost every day....very regular contractions which don't go anywhere and eventually fizzle off. I have 2-4 hours of them at a time...I usually lose another chunk of plug, then nothing. I know they are helping my cervix get ready, but they are also making me tired and nutty.
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I say stay at home. Your entitled to it. Who wants to be all nice and lovey when you feel blah. The in-laws should understand. If they don't tough! Unless you don't care if you just go all comfy. That is another option. I totaly understnad on the whole same questions, smae blah blah blah chit chat..forget that when you're in a grumpy mood! Your more likely to bite someone's head off or tell thm thet are a pain in the butt when you're in a grumpy mood. (or maybe that's just me) It's a tough call since some in-laws can be so particular. Mine are so pisssy they disowned us when Liam was a month old.

Now my little rant:

Ok I need some input. I am planning on cloth diapering this one from the start. I didn't know about it and start until Liam was a year old. So since this is my last child and I only have supplies for a bigger baby is it really worth my money to start right at newborn size. Epsically since he/she will be out of newborn size in a few weeks. I have no problems starting from the next size since from what I remember they stay in it a bit longer.

I dunno what I want to do I can't make up my mind.


P.S. to all of us hormonal pregnant women.
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Amy-OMG mama- I can't begin to imagine all you're going thru! All I can offer is my warm thoughts and wish you much luck in everything working out!

Momma2Liam-I'm in the same boat as you with starting CDing later with my last child. But a lot of small dipes start at 10lbs so dpending on how big your babe is you may be fine with starting with smalls. I did get the Kissaluvs 0 myself but that's because I got them all used and for great prices so I didn't feel like it would be a waste-esp since they resell so well-you can look at that aspect too.
You can also get a dozen infant prefolds and that won't break the bank but you'll have to wash every day-just know that there are alternatives since I know it can get expensive! Do you sew? You can make some prefolds/contours yourself out of flannel and terry.

And to everyone having a bad day !!!
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Does anyone elso just kinda feel like crap? I am sooooooooo tired all of the sudden. Just the last couple days. I can't sleep, can't get comfy, can't move real well....UGH! OK...just letting off some frustration. I have so much I want to do before baby comes, but I can't seem to muster the energy.

Hope all is going well for all of you mamas! No babies yet? Take good care of yourselves! Pretty baby pics coming soon I'm sure!
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38 wks

I'm with all you grumpy, uncomfortable mamas today. We went to a little local festival this morning, and it was all I could do to not start screaming at all the people who were constantly asking me when I was due, and wasn't I just plain tired of being pregnant, asking me if I was miserable or "ready to pop", etc.. I really wanted to say that I was just plain tired of people asking me about my pregnancy and being so negative about it all, but I held myself back.

Oh, I heard that Gretchen had her babies last night (Sat night) and all 3 are doing fine, but I don't have any specifics yet. I'll let you all know more when I talk w/ her.

Our first MDC Oct babies, how exciting!
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YAY, congrats Gretchen and babies!!! I can't wait to hear more details! Hope mom and babies are doing well.

I decided to stay home from the family gathering. Poo on the in-laws if they don't like it. Of course, since dh and dd left, I have cleaned my kitchen, vaccumed the floors and folded laundry, and now I am eyeing my kitchen floors and the mop....I can't sit still. No matter how neat this place looks, all I see is MESS. Any other homebirthers feel like they have to keep their houses REALLY clean, just in case today is the day?
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35 weeks 5 days

Hi everyone. Thank you so much for all your thoughts and prayers, it did help make me feel a little better. The storm wasn't bad down here at my parents' at all, no loss of power here thank goodness and no damage anywhere really. I have no idea how my house fared though...12-14 inches of rain are estimated to have fallen, and winds around 115-120 sustained I think. The county decided to extend the curfew for the whole day, so no one can go in or out til tomorrow. DH's ship will get back there Tuesday so I'll probably just wait for him to get there and assess at this point, even though it's driving me nuts!! If it wasn't 2 hours away I might go anway. I know there is no power, of the company's 44,000 customers in the county 42,000 have no power. So here we wait!!!

Back to pregnancy stuff....

Ok, plug questions again. When I lost some with DS, it was really jelly like, and it was about a week before he was born (maybe a little less). Well the other day I had some kinda sticky/stretchy discharge when I wiped, very different from what I have had so far. And now a few minutes ago I had a nice glob of discharge...not very jello like but a bigger amount than I normally have. PLEASE someone tell me this is not my plug starting to come out...(unless of course you have connections and can get my power turned on like tomorrow ).

This baby is so low, I feel with you mamas whose pubic bones feel like bursting. It's funny, on Tuesday the mw did say I was swollen there when she measured me, but I didn't really notice yet. Well I do now. I am so sore. When I wake up in the morning even, I feel like I pulled a groin muscle. Walking I feel like the baby is grinding away down there. It makes me worry I don't have much time. Which of course prestorm would have made me happy. :LOL I never felt DS this low. On the bright side the baby is seeming less posterior. Keeps changing left to right, but at least I can feel some back now!
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Carrie, I am new to CD too (although you are only new to this stage of it). I have lots of diapers that aren't quite gonna fit at the beginning, but I decided I didn't really want to put out much money for just a few weeks so I am planning on just using CPF until the others fit...I only have 18 and since they can be used as doublers, burp cloths, cleaning rags...whatever, I don't feel like they will be a waste of money. I also plan on using disposies for the first few days, probably just go through one pkg. kinda thing...partly because I don't want to have to worry about doing laundry right off the bat, and also because I am not sure if I will be home or not for the first day or two. As for covers, I only really have one NB, and about five that are supposed to fit at 8.5 lbs...so hopefully they will sufice...Ember weighted 7lbs 11 oz, so it shouldn't take too long for Oakley to reach that.

Amy...I hope it's not your plug..but even if it is it could still be at least a week or more away. You must be so going crazy from all this I don't know how you are keeping sane, honestly?!!

Katie- Good for you for staying home and taking a well deserved break

AngelBee- I am tired all of a sudden too...needed a nap both yesterday and today like I haven't since the begining of the second trimester...I guess we really should try and listen to our bodies, not that it is that easy to do all the time.

And YAY! Congrats to Gretchen! I can't wait to hear what she named them and the birth story too of course!!
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