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My toddler has always loved plain yogurt, not with fruit - either straight up or mixed with spinach, carrots, flax meal, etc. She LOVES anything sour, so when I first tried kefir a few weeks ago, I knew she would love it. Well, she is NUTS about it! (It's the plain organic kind, 2% cow's milk.) Again, she wants it straight up!

Here's my problem, I am not a fan of cow's milk. I don't drink it and I won't give it to my dd. She gets all the milk she needs from me, not a mama cow. But, by giving her kefir, isn't that basically giving her cow's milk? She's not getting a lot, maybe 1/2 a cup a day when it's in the house. But still...

For environmental (& health) reasons, I am trying to cut way back on our dairy consumption in general. (My addiction to cheese and ice cream keeps thwarting me!) I had thought yogurt could stay because of its probiotics, perhaps kefir too, for the same reasons, but what do you all think? Does a nursing toddler even need kefir? Or is it OK just to keep as a treat? Anyone with toddlers who love kefir?