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Cortisone Cream ?

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Hello, I posted this on the Parenting Issues forum already but it was recommended that I post here also, so my apologies if you've read this one already.

Yesterday I went to our pediatrician because my ds had a severe rash all over his face, scalp, neck, chest and arms. My pediatrician told us to use a .5% cortisone cream on the rash. Although I usually like to work with more natural cures, knowing that there is a reason he has this rash, we bought the Cortaid and applied it twice. The rash already looks 100% better, but I'm apprehensive. My ds is 7 weeks old and the doctor said it was a combination of baby acne and baby dry skin and that everytime it pops up just use cortisone. She said there wasn't any specific reason he got it, like my diet or laundry detergent etc. I know there has to be a reason behind it, so I'm a little skeptical to just keep applying cortisone every time it pops up.

Does anyone have any knowledge on cortisone creams and do you know if they are just "covering" the reason he got the rash.

I'm a bit suspicious of something that works so fast.

Please let me know if you have any info on this or if you have run into this kind of scenario.

Thank you,
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That's the way cortisone works. Do you use soap on your babe's face? That can cause a rash.

PERSONALLY, I would use nothing because it will clear up on it's own eventually.
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Jill, I don't know if all cortisones are the same, but a cortisone cream was prescribed for my dd at one time. When I researched it, there was a strong warning that it should not be used or handled by pregnant women or by anyone who might become pregnant in the near future. It also cautioned against long term use. Not only was I pregnant at the time, but I was supposed to use this stuff on my little girl??? I pitched it.

If it's "just" dry skin, there are plenty of moisturizers out there to use--(look for fragrance/dye free.) If your ds' skin seems itchy, there are natural remedies--check your health food store--calendula cream is one, Florasone is another, chamomille, oatmeal...since you say it's on his head and face, I wouldn't think it's a laundry detergent issue--maybe try changing his baby shampoo? Good luck.
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