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umbilical site granuloma

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I don't if anyone has had experience with this. I checked the archives and didn't see anything.

Ds has had a little red ball on his belly button since the umbilical cord fell off. He is now just over 4 mos. Our ped initially said not to worry about it, that it would probably just fall off or go away on it's own. It's kind of hard to describe but the skin appears more like a mucous membrane and bleeds a little. It doesn't appear to cause ds any pain. We were in at 4 mos. for a checkup and our ped wants us to go see a surgeon to get an opinion. She said it is a granuloma and that mostly they go away on their own, but occasionally have to be removed. I looked up some info on the net. From what I can tell, the granuloma is an inflammation of skin tissue that forms around a foreign object or bacteria. The inflammation protects the granuloma from a normal immune response.

So my question is, has anyone experienced this before? I really hate the idea of ds having to have a surgical procedure even if it is a minor one. On the other hand, I don't know if this will ever go away on it's own. It doesn't seem to bother him at all and it is pretty small.

I'd appreciate any info

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Moon girl, two of my four children had this. There are options besides surgery. I'm surprised your doctor didn't tell you about them. One option is for the pediatrician to put silver nitrate on it. This is a painless procedure. The silver nitrate causes the granuloma to quickly dry up and fall off. This method is not always succesful, however and if you try it, make sure you dress your ds in an outfit you don't care about and wear old clothes yourself, because it makes permanent stains and it will get all over you when you pick up your ds after it's applied. This method worked for my dd, but not for my ds.

For ds, after the silver nitrate failed, our pediatrician gave me two other options:1.)surgery and 2.) to let her tie a string around it, tightly, which would cut off the blood supply to the granuloma and cause it to fall off. She assured me that the string method was painless, because the granuloma has no nerve endings. I chose this method because it seemed less invasive. So right then and there, she tied it up (it did NOT hurt ds) and by the next day, the thing had turned black and fallen off. No further problems.

The pediatrician did freak me out by asking if pee ever squirted out of it. I was like, "HELLO! If pee was coming out of my baby's belly button, don't you think I'd have mentioned it?" Apparently, this happens sometimes.

She also said that umbilical granulomas are becoming very common and that she'd read an article which hypothesized that this is because of the way we're instructed to obsessively wipe the umbillical stump with alcohol. Apparently, the alcohol prevents the natural bacteria which should cause the stump to decay from doing its job.
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Ds had this. It didn't bleed, but was the same kind of thing. Our ped did the silver nitrate and it worked. Took forever for the black to go away though.
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