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AHRGGG!!!! Where the &%$! are my keys!!

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I just need to scream for a minute here. Sometime over the weekend I lost my keys, and I really feel like I've looked EVERYWHERE.

I'm using dh's extra key (to my car) to get to work, and he'll have the house unlocked when I get home... But this is driving me insane.

You know how when you're looking for something and you keep going back to the places it SHOULD be? As though the Key Fairy will show up when I'm not looking and drop them in my purse again? I keep doing that, and I'm feeling less and less intelligent as time goes on.

Any psychics who might have any idea? (I'm only 1/2 kidding! I need all the help I can get!)
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I'm not psychic, but have you tried all your toyboxes? Have you looked on the floor? (I find mine under the kitchen table sometimes.) Behind the microwave? Underneath all the piles of junk mail that might be around? In the laundry baskets? Have you checked all coats and shirts and pants worn in the past few days? Washing machine?

Good luck!!!!
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I'd look anywhere your dd can get into/open, etc. Toy box, freezer, in people's shoes, in the cabinets, closets, etc. I lost my wedding rings last year, and found them on the floor of the closet. Best as we can figure, the cats knocked them off the dresser and batted them in there.

And yes, I kept going back and looking on the dresser, like they might magically appear there. LOL Good luck!
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We take our shoes off at teh door and alot of times i find my keys there ... I am HORRIBLE about losing my keys and cell phone ... it happens at least 2 times a week ..
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In your jacket pocket? In the diaper bag? In a shopping bag from errands? In the couch? Under some papers on the table/counter? (that's where mine go, sneaky little things)

Lost keys suck, I hate losing stuff. Good luck!
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I have a nasty habit of leaving mine in the ignition of my van. :
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Hey, Julie, what year is your van? and where do you live? We need a new one! :

I tend to leave mine on the washing machine, counters... fireplace hearths... ummm everywhere. Once, I found them in my bed... I have two sets of keys now. I'm always missing one.
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Well I think after work I'm gonna have to take dh's set of keys down to Home Depot and make a new set. I've really torn the house apart. I've looked in the dishwasher, all the waste baskets, all the piles of clean and dirty laundry, in the junk drawers - even in the fridge!!

I'm stumped. If my dd got a hold of them, they're probably half way to Nebraska by now. (Those of you in the Nebraska... keep an eye out for them! :LOL)
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