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Gas/Bloating/Indigestion - Continue after 1st Tri?

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To all you experience mamas:

Is it true that Gas, Bloating, Indigetion, and Heartburn will continue beyond the first tri-mester and for some mamas, it could linger around throughout the entire pregnancy? I pray to god this is not true because I'm having a terrible problem with gas/bloating/indigestion from day one. I've tried taking walks, eating smaller meals, and avoid gas prone foods...but nothing is working. Even papaya enzymes, tums, maalox, and gas-x are not helping much anymore. I haven't been able to eat much and have lost 2 pounds already. If this continues on...I'm afraid I will not be able to eat enough to gain sufficient weight for the baby

Your experience and insights are much appreciated.
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I did suffer through the whole nine months. I learned to sleep sitting up somewhat so the "bubbles" wouldn't steal my sleep at night. My hubby got very good at rubbing me between the shoulder blades. Sometimes herb tea helps.
As to your weight loss. I always lose ten pounds the first trimester. This was my pattern through three other pregnancies. Then I spend the whole second trimester gaining back my own ten pounds. Then third trimester finally put on some real weight. If you are eating nutritious food, relax.
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Kattiefirsttimer: Sorry, I don't have any advice or insight on the gas and bloating, but I wanted to chime in about the weight loss. I can tell you that I lost 15 lbs in the first trimester with my first ds, and this time around I'm about 10 lbs down. I'm learning that it's typical for me, and others too. As with philomom during the second trimester, I gain back the weight I lost in the first tri. It is really helpful for your own body, as well as the growing bean inside you, to take your prenatals or multivitamins. This is especially helpful if eating food regularly and consistently is difficult during the first trimester. Typically, the magical second trimester kicks in and food is good again!

I wish you luck with the gas and bloating and congrats on your pg!
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As I recall, all the yuckies got a little better after first trimester. Not right away, but by 15 weeks or so, I was doing pretty well. Hope that hold true for you as well!

I also lost weight with both pregnancies in the beginning. I've stablized right now at about 6 pounds under my pre-pg weight (which is still in what I would consider my normal-healthy weight range). With dd, I think I lost about the same amount. I put on weight pretty slowly with her, to the point I was concerned when at 18 weeks or so that I wasn't gaining enough. I took that as a license to eat, though, and gained the bulk of my weight during the last trimester. Not all good weight either-- I think I over-compensated! That's my long-winded way of saying don't worry about it too much-- your body will gain weight the way it needs to. Just do your best to make wise choices when you can convince yourself to eat and you should be fine.
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