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I conceived when ds was 22 mo old, and still bf quite often. It hurt a lot to nurse once I was pregnant, and he self-weaned a couple of weeks after his 2nd birthday. I was initially relieved, but then very sad. I understand the grief!!

This spacing is exactly the same (I guess my body really likes it, since we spaced only by bf). dd is still nursing and shows no sign of slowing down, and it's stopped hurting over the last couple of weeks. She seems to nurse much more for comfort than ds did, so maybe she's not sucking any harder due to decrease in milk supply. Dunno. Anyway, I'm very content with the current state of affairs and plan to continue nursing as long as she's still interested. She has a very high sucking need (thumb in mouth pretty much all the time she's not bf or eating) and I imagine we'll end up tandem nursing this time around.

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