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Symptoms - seeking advice

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We just started TTC so I am still new at listening to my body and recognizing it's signs. The first time we got pregnant it was an accident, we literaly had sex 1 time in the two months after I ran out of BC pills and I got pregnant. So I am guessing we are both pretty fertile or really lucky.

Anyways, I just started charting and have been very aware of my body and keeping track of it. For the past few days I have had very bad lower back pain, today I had cramps that felt like menstral cramps but not due for another 2 weeks, my nipples have been sore for the past few days (still nursing), and I have been really tired.

I am pretty sure I just Oed so I highly doubt I could be pregnant but all these symptoms happening at the same time kinda make me think, but I can still rationalize them away. Back pain - bad bed mattress. Nipples hurt - son teething though he hasn't really bit me much at all. Tired - going to sleep 2 hours after DS goes to sleep instead of going to sleep with him. Cramps - Can't explain it.

I have never had O symptoms before which is what my friend told me they probably were. I don't get sore nipples usually, not even before my period. I have back pain off and on, but it has been pretty bad for the past few days and I haven't done anything strenous. I usually only get cramps just before my period or if I haven't gone to the bathroom in a few days, but that is not the case today. I just feel like all this stuff happening all at once is too much of a coincidence.

Soo the big question, is it possible to get preggo symptoms this soon? I can't be sure when I Oed because I have only been charting for a week or so, and I am mostly going by my CM which I just started really keeping track of. And we have gio about 5 times in the past week.

Anyways, thanks for reading my long winded post and feel free to tell me I am Here is my chart (I am using a friends VIP account, so only the first one is mine).
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Since you just ovulated and you've never had o pains before, you could be having implantation pains. I guess there is a debate about whether or not these really happen but there are a lot of forums where people insist they get them. Just a thought.
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I started having symptoms with dd within a few days of conception. For me the cramping was implantation
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