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Teen Parenting Books

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We have all been through the birthing, breastfeeding,baby,books do you have any good books that helped you understand you teenager ?
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Actually, Mothering Magazine has a book called Teens: A Fresh Look that I've read quite a bit of. I would recommend it, for sure! It is really a pretty neat book. There are others, I know, I just can't think of them right now.
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I like Jane Nelsons book "Positive Discipline for Teenagers" n/t

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I have both Jane Nelson's book and Mothering's Fresh Look at teens. These are both wonderful and valuable books. I refer to them often. They have reassured me and picked me up out of several dark places while trying to raise our three teenagers.
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So far I have appreciated
How To Make Your Children Mind(Without Losing Yours) by Kevin Leman

Adolescance Isn't Terminal(It Just feels Like It)

Yes! Your Teenager is Crazy!

I'm Not Mad..I Just Hate You

Boundaries with Kids

When Your Child Drives You Crazy

Sorry I don't have the authors of most of these as the books are not in front of me. I remember Dr. Leman's because he is one of my favorite authors. I am sure Dr. Sears probably has one out. I am dealing with a 14 yo dd whose behaviour is frustrating my dh and I to no end. But that's for another day!
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Years ago we read a couple of books by Dr. Ross Campbell called "how to really love your child" and "How to really love your teenager". I don't know if these books are even still in print, but you might be able to find them in a La Leche League group library. My memory may have failed me but as I remember, Dr. campbell is much like Dr. Sears in his approach. He talks about keeping your kid's tanks full with: one on one attention, eye to eye contact and physical touch, every day. I found I had to remind myself to hug those boys even when they began to tower over me!! Girls seem to be more vocal and willing to talk about their feelings, but, they also shut down (or melt down) quickly when they overload emotionly. Teens are a lot like toddlers....and most of the time the same things work on both. Lots of love and patience and humor!!!
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