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The Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman (westernized zen kinda?)

The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield (good reading for people of all religious backgrounds)

A Course in Miracles (don't freak..this is applicable to anyone if you can get past the usage of the Christian Godhead Names...Very powerful, but it doesn't make sense unless you get well into it. Much of the beginning stuff sounds absurd until you find out more deeper into the book.)

The Baghavad Gita (hinduism/gaudiya vaisnavism)

The Mahabharata (a history of pre-historical India...takes place at about 5000BC. The baghavad Gita is basically an annotated version of a few chapters from near the end of the Mahabharata)

Ishmael by Daniel Quinn (just read it...it can really make you think)

Anam Cara by John O'Donohue(Celtic spirituality written by a very esoteric-minded Catholic Priest)

anything by St Francis of Assisi (wrote several essays...very esoteric and very beautiful. Very earth-based)

Confessions by St Patrick

If I can think of more, I will post them
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Umefey that is a great list!
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Do you all think this should be a sticky? Will anyone bother to read it if I do sticky it?
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A good book I've read doesn't deal with just one religion, but rather the religious and spiritual paths and epiphanies of a wide variety of women. The Feminine Face of God
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For people on a spiritual quest, try BeliefNet's site and especially the Belief-o-Matic Quiz:

For Muslims:

Progressive Muslims will like www.muslimwakeup.com

More Traditional Sunni Sites:
www.soundvision.com Great information, nice store. Home of Adam's World (Muslim children's series.)
www.islamway.com (Good for free audio lectures, taraweeh prayers from Mecca, Qur'anic recitation, etc.)
http://www.jannah.org/sisters/ Muslim woman's page (really good resource)
www.islamfortoday.com Great site featuring a lot of Western converts.
www.islam-qa.com Q&A from Sheikhs in Saudi Arabia

Find A Mosque/Prayer Times:

Halal Restaurant List:

Order Halal Meat Online...including organic chickens, halal turkeys, etc.:

Sites to buy Islamic Clothing:
www.alhediya.com From Kuwait... includes plus sizes up to 5X standard and will customize

Sites to Buy Islamic Books, Videos, Etc.:

Sufi Links:
http://www.superluminal.com/cookbook/index_recipes.html Sufi Cookbook
http://www.uga.edu/islam/sufismwest.html Sufi Orders in the West

Shi'a Links:

Sects (Not traditionally accepted by many Muslims):
www.submission.org "Qur'an Only"/Mathematical Miracle people
www.alislam.com Ahmadiyya Movement
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Bookwise, I recommend:

"The Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding Islam" by Yahiya Emerick

"The Wisdom of Islam" by Robert Frager (One of my favorites... includes exercises non-Muslims can try to better understand Islam.)

"Muhammad" by Karen Armstrong

"Daughters of Another Path" by Carol Anway

"The Sun Is Rising in the West: Journey to Islam: New Muslims Tell About Their Journey to Islam" by Muzaffar Haleem

"If I Should Speak" by Umm Zakiyyah

"Irshad: Wisdom of a Sufi Master" by Muzaffer Ozak

"The Qur'an" Yusuf Ali translation

"The Holy Qur'an" Allamah Nooruddin translation

Anything by Farid Esack.
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For my spirituality I go to www.welcomehome.org the Rainbow Family of Living Light website.
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I'm ordained with the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, which is a little obscure but not tiny. I've found them to be wonderful as support for my spiritual journey, but some people don't like it ... the website is www.msia.org. There are a lot of books and CDs available through the site, and there's free literature if anyone wants it.

I've pretty much seen all the others I would recommend already on this list!
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For people of any faith, I have to recommend the magazine and website, www.spiritualityhealth.com

Great articles... great database of spiritual movies and books... etc.
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church of religious science

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I was also going to reccomend www.beliefnet.com for just about anything you could want.

For paganism there is also www.witchvox.com as sort of the standard, and a great place to meet others.

Within(?) or apart but somewhat similliar to paganism (depending on who you talk to) is Asatru (aka Vanitru, Odinism, Heathenism, Norse Paganism). It is a reconstructionist faith based on the pagan gods of scandanavia. Good resources for it are:

www.thetroth.org or
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no way or wish to label this

Dear Stafl:

Just to set the stage: I am 51 years old with a 1975 BA in the study of Religion from Princeton University. I lived in a root cellar for seven years without electricity and running water beginning in 1979 when I went "back to the land" with my husband in the hills of West Virginia. We built a more conventional home eventually and my husband went back to public school teaching. Meanwhile, I homeschooled our two sons until they were in Middle School. They're now a Junior and Senior in High School and I am writing a book and substitute teaching, etc.

Being isolated and distraught... back in 1994.....I sought and found....an awesome Medicine Woman who was raised by her Cherokee Grandmother in the hills of southern Appalachia. She has traveled the world, studying and teaching. She is a business woman in Columbus and has lead the founding of a community and retreat center in Ohio called Friendship Village.

My mentor's name is Grandmother Parisha and her website is www.parishaonline.com
Our medicine society is called the Yunsai Society www.yunsaisociety.com
Our community retreat center is Friendship Village in Ohio, about two hours East of Columbus.

A book has been written about her by a Canadian journalist who traveled and studied with her: The Lighted Path by Risha Enrique.

We have been learning the ceremonial cycle of the "Principle People" for many years. We are currently building an "Ancient Historical Village" to demonstrate to tourists that there were/are other ways of life than those they know as "modern." We are particularly interested in demonstrating the art of the Council.

We have various celebrations and events. Two in particular I will mention.....Wind Fire and Earth Celebration in which we teach the Medicine Wheel and do Fire Walks and have other guest speakers and workshops....and every summer, an awesome Sun Ceremony. WE welcome new folks always.

Perhaps also of note: I belong to a Presbyterian Church and consider myself to be a Christian in the manner in which I define the term. When we do the Sun Ceremony, it is for the sake of all peoples, cultures and traditions. It is beautiful and powerful.

Elizabeth/Spring Frog
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stafl-What a great thread!
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More on firewalking

Springfrog, you mentioned firewalking... My husband Jamie introduced me to firewalking. I've actually never done it, but I get a lot out of just being there with the firewalkers, their actions benefit others. Jamie was introduced to firewalking through Sundoor and its founder Peggy Dylan. Sundoor is dedicated to the empowerment of the individual by turning fear and limiting beliefs to love, passion and capacity. Although firewalking is not a religion, it is a way to pray and focus energy. I look forward to taking Everett to a firewalk someday.
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Info on Siddha Yoga at www.siddhayoga.org. Based on Kashmir Shaivism and non-dualism. Not really a "religion" per se, but may be used in combination with whatever religion you may be. The basic premise is that there is no place and nothing in which God does not exist. The major teaching is "see God in each other" and "I am That"--"That" being Divine.
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this thread is a great resource list!

for the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) check out:


will loccate a Quaker meeting near your home

Friends General Conference, mostly unprogrammed (silent) meetings
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church of religious science


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A couple more Jewish sites...

This one has rituals, including naming ceremonies for baby girls. It's non-denominational and has a feminist orientation--it's sponsored by two womens' groups in New York:


Another site that has been useful for me lately is My Jewish Learning--non-denominational and good for explaining both Jewish concepts and Jewish history:

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A good scholarly work on Scandinavian & Celtic pagan religions is Myths and Symbols in Pagan Europe by H. R. E. Davidson.
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