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pelvic pain?

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I am getting some strong pain in the ol pelvic region. Mostly on the left side, down low. I wonder what it is. My uterus stretching?

Ouch ouch ouch though!
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nym....you are 8wks right??
im 7 weeks and i am really having alot of pelvic and abdominal pain. : in my pelvic area its mostly in the back on my ilial-scacral joints (either side of the lower spine) and ive been getting shooting pain in my cervical region. also i can feel the round ligaments of my uterus stretching (that low down pain i think your discribing)

ive noticed that the pain gets worse with each subsiquent preg. ugh!!
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I am thinking that it is the round ligaments. OMG it hurts sooo bad sometimes! Sigh, I can't wait for more!
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I'm glad others are having this, every little twinge and I panic, I think I forgot about all the creaks and moans that go on. Yesterday my right side was aching quite a bit!!
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..I've been having a lot of abdominal pain that makes me think it might be cramping (and thus get panicky) but no spotting or anything, then I realize, its just trapped gas and after a while I'll let it out (TMI I Know) and feel much better.
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I get that round ligiment pain a lot too. I get it a lot in bed if I roll over too quickly. I find that whne it happens, if I bring my knee in close to my stomach, it feels much better.

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