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October Babies!! Our Birth Stories and Announcements

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I'm posting this sticky so that us mamas can share our birth stories and announcements with each other. Yes, there is a Birth Stories forum but, as many have commented, we're such a close-knit group it's nice to have a place of our own. I think we decided that we would just host reports on this thread, and people can give their congratulations/comments in the regular weekly threads. That will keep the thread shorter and easier to read.

Can't wait to see who goes first!!!
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I saw the name of this thread and flipped out!!!!!!! I thought maybe someone had slipped one out! OMG where so close we have our birth stories thread ready and waiting...

Piglet's doing some online nesting LOL!
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I just saw this thread too and was super excited! Can't wait to see who shows up here first!
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Am I the first one? Ruby Ava Stevenson born 9/26/04

Our precious jewel arrived on Sunday at 1:43 pm. She weighted 7 pounds 6 ounces and was 19.5 inches long. I was 39 weeks and 1 day (was due Oct 2nd).

DH and I had a really relaxing day on Saturday although I did do some nesting. I was surprised at the energy I had, it was the first day all month that I didn't need a nap. I skipped yoga and slept in (glad I ended up saving my energy). Then we did yard work and I did some cleaning and then went out to a nice dinner.

My water broke late Saturday night and I immediately called my parents so they could get a flight from San Francisco on Sunday morning. I tried to relax and had a really good sesion with my hypnobabies relaxation CD. I slept on and off through mild contractions in the night. They were not consistent at all until about 10 am when I got in the shower, that really seemed to speed things up. I could hardly get dressed after my shower, I was getting contractions really close together. We never bothered to time contractions, just knew we had to get to the hospital soon. DH was very calm throughout but said later that he thought we should be running out the door at that point. I had 3 contractions in the car and the hospital is only 15 minutes away!

When we got there, I was 10.5 inchs dilated. The nurses
couldn't believe how fast the labor progressed since this was my first baby. I did end up pushing for close to 2 hours though. The baby was crowned for over 20 minutes. I just kept looking at her little bit of dark brown hair in the mirror and thinking the next push would be the one but it was just not happening. I was not tearing at all and the OB was massaging and doing compressed but finally suggested an episiotomy. I never thought I'd have to go that route but I was really not getting her out on my own. She was born on the very next push after he did the episotomy.

Ruby was born perfectly healthy but I bled quite a bit and got a pitocin drip to stop it. The on call doctor had been up all night and never even got a chance to read my birth plan so he clamped the cord right away. That was the only part I was dissapointed about (besides the fact that my midwife and doula both missed the birth). Luckily the nurses on staff were very good and I felt positive about the whole thing eventhough it was not what I had planned at all. We didn't use all the music that I have spent months selecting and I didn't get to go in the jacuzzi at the hospital either!

My hypnobabies training was very useful but was not exactly painless as they say some women's labors can be. I think the idea that I would have a fast and easy birth was fully excepted by my subconcious and my mind allowed my body to relax and do its job in the most efficient way possible. Nobody could believe how quick it was for a first birth.

We are all doing great and glad to be back home and resting. Good luck to all of you birthing in the coming month!!
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congratulations! I love the name Ruby! Good job mama!
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Congratulations on the birth of Ruby!

What a beautiful name for your precious little girl! Congrats on doing such a good job birthing!
Just out of curiosity how long was your labor? You have such a nice birth story so calm and realxing.

Congrats again!

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Congratulations!!! And welcome baby Ruby!
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Whoa, I didn't even notice this until it was mentioned on the other thread!!!

Congratulations!!!! Happy Birthday little Ruby!!! Beautiful birth story mama! Enjoy that sweet babe!

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! What a wonderful birth experience you had.
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Congratulations, KateMary... : much much good powers to you and ur baby
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Congrats, mama! Change your signature!
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Harrison's Birth Story

Well I should start with Tuesday… I had had a midwife appointment at 11am and everything looked great. Harrison was engaged (hooray) and I asked them to do another stretch and sweep as I was feeling really anxious about having this little guy ASAP. I was so happy when around 2pm I started to have contractions. Nothing too painful but they were feeling pretty productive. I sat in the armchair in the living room reading for a bit and then thought that if I’m really going into labour I should lie down and have a nap. So I called my midwife to give her the heads up that we may be giving birth tonight and went to lie down. About 15 minutes later Alias joined me in bed and unfortunately having to turn on the mommy part of my brain caused the contractions to start to peter out. I went out for a walk in hopes that I could get something moving again but nothing. By about 5pm the contractions were back to feeling like BHs and had spaced out to a couple an hour. So I had to call the midwife to let her know to stand down and ended up feeling really grumpy and miserable the rest of the night. I had really thought that that was it.

Around 4:15am I woke up to a good contraction. Not wanting to get my hopes up I continued to just lay in bed and see were things went before I woke anyone up. So for about 2 hours I just lay in bed timing contractions. They felt productive and were coming about every 10 minutes or so. Around 6:30 am I decided that if this was really it I should get up take a shower and have something to eat. Took a nice long warm shower, had a bowl of Cheerios and a banana and then woke Dh up to tell him I thought I was in labour. The contractions were still about 10 minutes apart and weren’t really growing too much in intensity. Alias woke up around 7am and I turned over contraction monitoring to Dh so that I could get Alias some breakfast and go wake up my mom. The morning went pretty smoothly. Alias had breakfast and got dressed. I called my midwife to let her know that I was having contraction again. My mom started to make plans for a “big adventure” that she and Alias could embark on. And all four of us went out around 9am to just get a few snacks for the hospital and return some movies to the video store. I felt like a walk would help speed things up. I so hoped this was it. Got home a little before 10am and still my contractions were fairly erratic in intensity and spacing, ranging from anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes.

My midwife called to see how we were doing as she had a home visit she was just finishing up and wanted to know if she had time to go to her home and have a meal. Dh let her know about the contractions and I let her know that Alias and my mom would be leaving in a few minutes to go have a special fun day together. My midwife said that things sounded good and that my contractions would probably get “cracking” once my mom and Alias left home. So I got Alias’ back pack all geared up with diapers and snacks and a bit after 10:30am mom and Alias had set off.

I was feeling pretty hungry so Dh made me a bagel and cream cheese and a big glass of apple juice and I settled myself on the couch to relax and watch a movie. Well it didn’t take long for things to really start moving. By 11 my contractions were strong and painful and rapidly moving to 5 minutes apart. Dh called the midwife and she told him she’d get her stuff and come right over (lucky for me she only lives a few blocks away). The midwife arrived a bit before 11:30am did a check and told me I was 9cm dilated and that we should probably head off to the hospital.

I should pause here for a minute and let you now that the night before my midwife had told me that St. Paul’s, the hospital I was to deliver at had had a burst water pipe in their maternity ward and half of their birthing rooms were closed. So if St. Paul’s was full then we’d have to be sent to BC Women’s hospital to give birth. We talked about it a bit, I have nothing against BC Women’s, but I decided that I really didn’t want to go to BC Women’s (it’s a 20 minute drive, and their birthing rooms are very medical, and they only have a few single occupancy rooms and I really didn’t want to share a recovery room…) so Dh and I said that if couldn’t get into St. Paul’s we’d just stay home for the birth. Back to the actual birth…

We’re getting ready to leave for the hospital and it’s just about noon, the midwife calls ahead and they have one room left so my midwife tells them to hold it for us ‘cause we’re on our way. I stand up to get my pants on and all of a sudden I’m just hit with a major contraction and I realize that I am NOT going anywhere! Dh calls my mom on the call phone to tell her not to come home anytime soon as we’re doing a home birth. My midwife calls the student midwife, who we’d invited to the birth to let her know to come on over and she also calls her partner, the other midwife I’d been meeting with, to see if she was free to also attend. I don’t know how everyone got here so fast but within 10 minutes I am pushing through great strong contractions and I have 3 midwives cheering me on. Dh is being a fabulous coach helping me relax and focusing my breathing and making sure I’m getting fluids. It all happened so fast. I was having contraction after contraction and I could really feel that with every push I was really making progress. Around 12:30 Harrison was crowning and by 12:40 I had my little man in my arms. It was amazing. I was so stunned at how fast everything went. There was no way I would have made it to the hospital.

Harrison was so beautiful and came out crying. He then promptly pooped and peed on me and the midwife so we knew right away that all systems were a go with this little guy. Harrison was nursing with a couple of hours like an old pro and Dh and I had another perfect little boy join our family.

Alias and my mom returned home a bit after 3pm and Alias was so thrilled and excited to meet his new brother. For the rest of the evening he showed Harrison almost everyone of his toys, brought his baby brother a few presents, and insisted on holding him every 20 minutes or so. It was so sweet.

As I now write this it’s after 3 in the morning, I slept for a few hours but of course I’m still riding the birth hormones so it’ll be a few days before I’ll really be able to get a good rest. I’ve got my wondrous 2 year old boy snoring away in his toddler bed and my sweet perfect baby boy curled up next to his daddy. It really doesn’t get any better than this!
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such a beautiful birth story....im happy you didn't make it to the hospital... i guess it was so much nicer at home...
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Congratulations!!!!!! Wow, sometimes homebirths are just meant to be aren't they? That is a great birth story! Enjoy your new little guy. So sweet to hear how wonderfully Alias has taken too his new little brother. It's sounds just perfect!

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Oh Mirthful, I know I won't be the only one crying after reading your story and laughing too at the pooping/peeing part! Congrats again, I'm sooo happy for you and your family! What a wonderful experience!
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Great story! Congratulations, hon!
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I am crying here..what a beautiful birth story!
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I can't wait to see a picture of your little sweetheart!!!!
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I am totally in tears!! Congratulations!
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oops posted in the wrong thread....
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