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Meli- I am so glad to hear you say you are feeling fantastic! You really did do awesome Sounds like Willow is doing terrific too, I can't wait to hear more about your experience and of course see some pics of your beautiful daughter
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Congrats, Meli! Welcome, Willow! It sounds like you had an intense labor and birth, and you did an awesome job handling it! Your cesarean sounds very necessary - I wish you peace in the next part of your journey into motherhood!
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congratulations meli!!!

it sounds like you handled labor brilliantly!
willow is lucky to have such a strong mama!
best wishes for a gentle recovery.
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Congratulations Meli! I’m so happy for you! Sounds like you had a wonderful labor and a much needed cesarean! I’m in awe of how strong you are!!!
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Noah's Birth

Noah Daniel was born Monday, October 18th at 4:31 am. He weighed a surprising 8 lbs, 11 oz (my first DS was 6 lbs, 5 oz!), and is 22 inches long.

Labor started w/ my water breaking at about 2:45 on Sunday morning ... contractions started almost immediately, and I was surprised with how steady and close they were, even early on! Varying from 3-5 minutes apart, they were "intense" but bearable. My DH got home from a gig he played that night and went to bed so he could get some sleep for what was sure to be a long next day. I called my friend B., who is L&D nurse, and was going to be at a support person for me, as well as another friend, L. .

I puttered around the house, trying to take it easy but stay occupied. Contractions were to intense to try to sleep through, and I was too excited to get any sleep between them. B. came over when she finished her shift and we chatted, and she checked me. At this point it was probably around 7 am, and after 4 hours w/ pretty steady contrax., I was curious where I was. Dissapointed to discover that my cervix was still high, posterior, and closed But ... it was nice just to *know* ... so B. went home to get some rest and Kevin and Ethan eventually woke up.

I spent the morning hanging out with them, working through contractions which soon became really intense back pain. Sometimes counter pressure worked wonderfully, but sometimes nothing seemed to help the insensity of the discomfort in my back. Things kept steady in the same pattern, 3-5 minutes apart, but slowly the intensity increased, and in the early afternoon B. came back over to see how I had progressed. My cervix had thinned a lot, and I had actually dilated to two, almost three. It was a relief to hear that the 12 hours of contracting had finally done *something* at that point! Over the next few hours, the contractions continued to be really intense, but slowly seemed like they were spacing out. I spent some time trying to sleep between contractions to help build up energy for the rest of the work ahead of me, but it seemed to make things putter out even more. When I was checked next, my cervix had actually *regressed*, and I was back at around 2 cm.

At this point it was about 6 pm, I had been laboring for around 15 hours with my membranes ruptured from the start. I knew that if I wanted to preserve any chance of having a vaginal birth, we needed to get to the hospital with enough time to give Pitocin a chance to do it's work w/in the window that my doctor would allow (due to the broken membranes). We called my doc to let her know what was going on, and headed over.

I was upset that things weren't going exactly as I had hoped, but I tried to re-focus on my "new" goal of having a vaginal birth. Yes, a totally natural, non interventionist birth would be lovely and beautiful ... but I wanted to do everything in my power to preserve the opportunity for this baby to be born vaginally. So, I headed to the hospital with DH, my friend B., and met another friend L. there. We decided to go ahead and get an epidural ... I wanted to be sure that in case the baby didn't tolorate the pitocin well, I could have the C-section under epidural anesthesia instead of the general. By the time I got the epidural, I had been laboring for 18 hours with back labor ... I feel like I *should* feel badly ... but honestly it was a lovely relief. I felt like, with the epidural's relief, I'd be able to rest and rejeuvenate myself and get back to work.

Let's see ... I got the epi around 9 pm, and spent the next six hours trying the pit, the baby's heart rate to doing *great*, turning the pit off, my contractions petering out, trying the pit again but in a different position, again the baby's heart rate not being great, etc. etc. Initially my cervix was very responsive and I dilated to 5 quickly ... but since Noah wasn't doing wonderfully (he was never in distress, but the doc saw some signs that he wasn't totally happy with the whole pitocin thing...) she wasn't comfortable turning it up, and I never progressed beyond 5 cm. The last straw was just before 4 am I started running a temperature. Since my water had broken over 24 hours before, they were taking no chances w/ re: to infection in me or the baby ... combined with the lack of progress and Noah's sometimes questionable heart rate patterns ... it was time for the cesearean.

Since I already had the epi, prep. was quick and painless. The baby was out quickly, and Kevin hung out w/ him in the nursery while I was in recovery. I don't think we were seperated for more than 30 mintues, which I thought was wonderful!

So, all in all, it certainly wasn't my fantasy birth experience. But, I truly feel like we did the best we could with everything we could. We were treated fairly and respectfully, I never felt bullied or condescended to. I worked hard with my body for a really long time, and when the time came, I worked hard w/ my body and "technology" until safety became a concern. And as trite and cliche as it may be, I have a lovely, healthy baby, and our whole family is just in love with our new addition.

We spent one night in the hospital, and came home late this afternoon. I feel surprisingly comfortable after the surgery, and Noah is doing wonderfully. He's nursing non-stop, and just checking things out as life goes on around him. Big brother Ethan is thrilled that mom and "my new little brother" are home earlier than expected. He loves to kiss Noah, and is just so sweet and endearing, it's amazingly heartwarming. I didn't realize my heart could feel so full. For a very brief moment tonight all 4 of us were snuggled contentedly in bed, everyone asleep but me, and I just looked over at my 3 boys (counting DH there ) ... and I was just overwhelmed with how blessed I am.
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Christine- That was really touching, thanks for sharing I know that you really wanted to have a vaginal birth but everything you said is right on...and what's most important is that everyone is safe and happy! Your attitude is great, you are so positive! Sending lots of fast recovery vibes for your body, as it sounds like you don't need them spiritually or mentally
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Awwww, great story, Christine! You did an awesome job, mama! You sound very at peace with your birth and totally baby-blissed-out! Congrats and welcome, Baby Noah!
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Congratulations Christine-I'm so glad you could share your story so quickly and glad you're home with your "boys." I love the vision of them all sleeping with you looking on! You did a great job delivering your new babe-no matter what the exit !
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nak...way to go, christine!! i'm amazedyou got to go home so fast!! congrats and happy healing vibes to you!!
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Wonderful story Christine. You sound happy and at peace with Noah's arrival. And as Ann wrote... you did a fantastic job birthing your son. The exit route he chose makes it no less of a triumph!

And I too just adore looking on as my 3 boys peacefully sleep away all snuggled in bed .
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Christine, congratulations, mama!!!!! sounds like you did a great job and that you really took the active role in making choices that were right for you! Glad to hear that you are so happily enjoying your new babe! I also loved the part in you story about snuggling up with your three boys! so sweet!
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Kennedy's birth story!

You can nearly copy Christine's story from above and edit some of the names and we'd almost have our story down!

My waters broke on Tuesday at 4am (thankfully while on the toilet!). Because I was GBS+ my doc asked that I come in for my first round of antibiotics. Unlike Christine, my contractions didn't start right away. They had me hooked up to the dang fetal monitor for nearly my first 2 hours at the hospital; the IV antibiotics were a PITA too. The baby was doing great though, so they let us be for a while.

My doula arrived at about 7am – she was an amazing source of support;
I don’t know what we would have done without her. We tried a lot of walking around to get things moving, but my uterus just wasn't ready. Thanks Meli for the mandalas; they kept us all pretty sane during the wait.

Around 10am my doc wanted to try the prostoglandin gel since she knew I wanted to avoid pitocin if at all possible. The gel did a good job of getting things started; a little too good, actually. My first contraction, while not too strong, lasted more than 8 minutes which had the nursing staff freaked out. Suddenly I found myself hooked up to oxygen with three nurses surrounding me ready to inject me with the counter drug which would make my uterus relax. Thankfully it wasn’t necessary – but thus began my cascade of interventions.

My uterus did begin a nice pattern of contractions after that; they were fairly consistent, although not too strong. By 4pm, the contractions had petered out some and my doc wanted me on pitocin in order to get things going. Because I was GBS+, the docs really wanted baby out w/in 24 hours of the waters breaking for fear of infection. The pitocin did a good job of getting things in gear; by midnight I was in pretty hard labor and very exhausted. My doula and DW were such amazing supporters during all of this; I also had a lot of lower pelvis pain that was only relieved when they would squeeze my lower pelvis together. After trying the “whirlpool” tub around 1am (basically a normal bathtub with jets) my contractions were so intense, and I was so wiped out, that I decided to go for an epidural in order to rest while my uterus went ahead with progressions.

Around 7am I was entering transition stage – right as the epidural was losing effectiveness. I went through about 2 hours of very hard labor – trying all kinds of positions and made it to about 8 cm. The doc was concerned that my cervix was only dilating around most of the perimeter, but there was a ‘lip’ where it wasn’t dilating. We tried some pushing to see if that would help; it didn’t. But can I tell you how good that pushing felt?!?

We upped the epidural again to give me some resting time hoping the lip would begin to recede on its own. At 11:15am, though, the doc found I hadn’t made any progress and, in fact, the contractions were strong enough to bring her down past the zero station, but she would pop back up after the contraction ended. I was now being presented with the C-Section option as the safest route to bring our daughter into the world. After crying some (hormones are crazy out of whack) and praying with my family, I went in for a flawless procedure. My doc was super about it all; she understood my original intentions and did a great job of supporting me emotionally through the needed change of plans.

The hospital only allows one support person in during the surgery, so DW joined me at the head and was able to video most of the operation. When our daughter was raised out of my womb, her cry just made my heart melt. After a quick peek at her over the drape, they took her about 4 feet away to the warmer (again – at eye level so I could watch) and DW was able to help clean her and watch the apgar tests, etc. (She scored a 9, by the way – healthy girl that she is! 7 lbs; 2 oz and 21 inches long.) Soon she was bundled up in DW’s arms and I was able to snuggle and kiss her while I was still being sewn up. All in all, not too bad of an ordeal.

Turns out, the reason that we were having so much trouble is that Kennedy had her head turned sideways and my pelvis is shaped oddly, so she was getting stuck behind my pubic bone. The C-section was absolutely the right decision and I am so thrilled that we are all so healthy.

I’ve spent the last couple of days in the postpartum suite; the staff here are great and pretty much leave us alone to bond in the ways we see fit. Kennedy has spent all of about 5 minutes in the bassinet they provided – and that’s just been for a photo we took for our blog. Other than that, she has been hanging out with either of us pretty much non-stop. Establishing breastfeeding has been challenging, but I think we’ve got it down now – thankfully the lactation staff here are fantastic.

I did spike a fever during surgery, so the IV antibiotics continued for a couple of days – but now they’re gone and I’ll likely go home tomorrow.

Thanks for sticking with me through this novel. Please check out photos on our blog (link in the signature below); we’ll be posting more photos once we get home and get back on a faster internet connection.
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Congratulations Susan. Way to go!! You did a great job! Please send congrats to DW. Lil Kennedy is a cutie pie. Enjoy your babymoon!
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Kennedy is such a beauty! Thanks for sharing your story. Sounds like you did a great job and did what was nessessary to get that babe born! Enjoy your aweetie!
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oh Susan ... I'm so happy for you and your wife Kennedy is such a cutie pie!

I'm glad you feel so positive about your experience ... it sounds like you were well supported and treated very respectfully ... I know those were the two elements that seemed to make such a huge difference to me. Hope you're healing smoothly and quickly, and enjoying your babymoon
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Welcome to the world Kennedy!!

Congratulations Susan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sorry your birth didn't go as planned but it sounds like you are very happy and are at peace with you daughter's birth. Can't wait to see more pictures of the little cutie!
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: Congratulations Susan and Sheryl!
Welcome Kennedy!
: :

What a cute name for such a cute little baby!
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nak...awesome birth story, susan!! congratulations on the birth of your beautiful daughter!!!!!
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Welcome Kennedy!!

Congrats Susan and DW!! Your new daughter is beautiful
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Congratulations Susan and DW!!! ....your baby is soooooooooooooooooo beuatiful...
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