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Chewing gum & Pregnancy

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What chewing gum is ok (safe) during pregnancy.

It seems every pack of gum I look at has chemicals and artificial sweeteners. Is there a cinnamon or spearmint gum that does not have chemicals?

All the gums I have chewed in the past have switched to aspartame or some other BAD sweetener. Even if I was not pregnant I still wouldn’t chew that stuff.

Anyone out there know of a safe gum?

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Wrigley's Spearment, and juicy fruit type gum don't have artificial sweeteners. I believe they are sweetened with sugar. Likewise for bubble gum and the like.

However, I don't know, there has got to be such a low amount of artficial sweeteners in sugarless gum. I still occasionally chew sugarless gum. And I don't worry about it either.
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try your health food store. They should have some other options, my mom chews one, I think it's called Peelu or something like that.
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I found all natural Tom's gum at my local natural foods store. However, I advise against the "mint" flavored gums if you have heartburn at all. My DR said it can actually make it worse. Try classic bubble gum flavor gum instead. It can decrease the problem. I chew gum from the beginnings of my pg to the end now. (5th pregnancy).
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Awesome, thanks for the HFS suggestions....silly me for not thinking of that!

Wrigley's Spearment, Juicy Fruit & Big Red are now made with Aspertame That is the gum I used to chew until the recipe change.
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