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No heartbeat

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Just went to the midwife this morning for eight week appointment. No hearbeat. This is so crummy. I will miss you all. Good luck.
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Bless your heart! I've been there too-first pregnancy.
Its a hard thing to grieve! So sorry, mama...
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SO sorry to hear...I too had the same thing happened to me with first pregnancy.

Just one question though, could it be that it is too early to hear the heartbeat or is it certain that the baby is no longer alive? I never heard my Ava's heartbeat til at leat 9wks. Just a thought.

Again, sorry to hear.
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They didn't even check for a heartbeat until I was 12 weeks with my others because they said that it's difficult to find sometimes before that. I'm skinny, but have heard that it may be even more difficult to find in heavier people (I'm not sure where you fit there) so it may have just been that? ALSO some devices can pick it up earlier than others and maybe she was using one of those "others"?

Oh, mama, I hope that it was one of those scenerios. I'm sorry about your appt.
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more from me. It's a very difficult thing to go through. I will be keeping you in my thoughts.
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s, Philo!

Could it be possible that you are just to early to see a heartbeat? You will be in my thoughts.
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im so sorry

...i didnt get a heartbeat till 11 weeks last time. was it a doppler or u/s? i think you can only detect it at u/s that early.

thinking of you

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Please let us know how you are doing! We are all here for you!
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To the person wondering about the heartbeat. There was so much blood that I agreed to a vaginal ultrasound. Instead of the flashing light that is the heart, there was just a little dark form.
I cried hard last night and I'm very crampy today. In two weeks I have to be checked again to make sure that there no "stuff" left in my uterus. If there is I might have to have a D and C. That sounds terrible. My girlfriend said though that they can numb you enough not to feel it.
Thanks for the hugs.
I will be checking in on other topics. Ya'll be safe.
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I am so, so sorry
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Oh momma
I'm so sorry.... take care of yourself...
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i'm so sorry for your loss. i lost a baby too at exactly the same point in my pg in june. i feel horribly sad just thinking that you are going through the same kind of thing. take time to grieve and take good care of yourself!!
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philomom, again I am so very sorry for your loss.

I wanted to tell you to make sure you stay hydrated. It's extremely imposrtant to drink lots of water and avoid caffeine and alcohol, despite how tempting these may be right now. Watch out for excess bleeding (more than 1 pad for more than 2 hours) and fever (sign of infection). You don't have to get a D&C unless these things are happening (unless you want to, of course, which would be understandable). We have a Pregnancy and Loss Board here. The women there were invaluable to me in getting through my m/c.

Peace and love to you.
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I am sorry for your loss.
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I am so sorry.
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oh my god im so so sorry...!!!! i dont know what to say...hope those doctors wont torture you anymore and you can recover quickly emotioanlly and physically.......will be thinking of you....
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i am so sorry. take care of yourself.
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Please take care of yourself.
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Thanks everyone. All your hugs mean a lot.
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