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Cold Sores?

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Do any of you get them? I'm having my first since dd before was born, I don't get them often but I hate it when I do! I have one spot that flares up when I get stressed, run down, etc.

What I'm wondering is - are they contagious? I know its a virus, but I've never given it to dh, but am paranoid about dd catching it from me. I'm trying hard to keep from kissing her () right now and also trying to keep her fingers out of my mouth (which of course is even harder since she keeps trying to touch the blister!) Hopefully this will be gone in a couple of days, just wondering if anybody else deals with this.
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I get cold sores every now and then, and ds hasn't caught them. I don't know if this is just luck or not though. I put some olive tree extract on it. It doesn't always take it away, but usually helps to shorten the duration. It stings though!
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I get cold sores too. Only when I am stressed and run down. I have never passed them to dh or my children although I know they are contagious.
I use Lysine ointment (you can take a capsule of this amino acid but I am breastfeeding and don't like to take pills except vitamins). The ointment works great.
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