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So glad we're back on-line

Well, I'm doing all right. I've been doing my pilates everyday I've even been adding an exercise everyday. However, Friday, was dh's birthday, which I of course had to make his favorite cake which is also my favorite. Carrot cake. I've been doing O.K. with it. The temptation is hard. Yesterday I had 2 pieces, the day before 1 piece and the 2 days before I resisted the temptation. Today, I'm hoping, planning to not have any. I'm keeping it in the oven so I don't have to look at it every time I go into the kitchen. That helps some.
I like the new smilies. Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving week!
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Hey ladies,

Check out my new signature!!! Off and running AGAIN!!! (Didn't even have AF in between. WHOA!)

Current: 164 lbs.
LT Goal: 150 and muscle
New Goal: no weight gain for the next 9 weeks
ST Goal: no more than 20 lbs. during this pg, if I can

Good thoughts and prayers and wishes for me and the new jellybean, please!!!
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congratulations! mmgarda

could you fill me in what A/F and m/c mean?

So you'll probably not be involved in this thread anymore, but I'll look for you elsewhere. Good Luck and have a healthy happy pregnancy!
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AF = Aunt Flow
m/c = miscarriage

I got pregnant, miscarried at 5 weeks (starting bleeding on 10/14/04), never got my period and am now pregnant again.


Assuming I o'd (ovulated) 2 weeks after beginning to bleed, I must have conceived right around Halloween and am about 3 weeks along now.

Somewhere in the initial, welcoming threads is a sticky for all the abbreviations you'll find on MDC.
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Congrats mmgarda!

Sending comfy embryo vibes your way!
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So, how did it go for everyone? I succeeded in making all of my goals. We had an unexpected Thanksgiving day. My oldest ds got a stomach ache in the morning and we were supposed to drive about 3 hours away. We stayed home, and I went to Safeway( the only store open) and put together a last minute Thanksgiving meal. We had all the typical Thanksgiving foods, and I was able to make it all light. It all turned out all right.
My new pilates maximum burn video came in the mail yesterday, and I was able to try it out for the first time today.
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It went okay! I had a little bit more than I'd wanted to initially and I felt sick because of it right after dinner (it was really the third glass of wine that put me over the edge ).
The next day was where my resolve actually kicked in though, I DID NOT eat another piece of pumpkin ice cream pie and I DID NOT eat a bunch of stuffing! I did have some leftover turkey and that was all there was, T-Day is over and I even hit my T-Day Challenge goal from the other thread! I'd wanted to lose an inch and a half by T-Day and yesterday I did my measurements and sure enough! I'm down an inch and a half at my waist and more on my hips and thighs! I'm so pleased, I'd been feeling like it was getting futile and all my exercise was for naught but no! It's happening!
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Congrats, Plady!

That's so awesome!

I failed pretty spectacularly. Lots of carbs and sweets in the house and I basically can't stand my in-laws, so I just gave myself permission to pig out.

I am SO ready to get back on the wagon, though. I'm totally blocked up and feel like I put on 5 lbs! I want a big fat salad today! I might have to go to the grocery store!
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I just hooked up with someone on MDC, who happens to live right down the street. What a small world! We even went for a nice walk this am. I believe I have a new walking better. Sure helps for the motivation.
Great job Plady! mmgarda, don't get yourself down too much, we all have our moments, and you're providing for 2 now. Those first months, I remember, I was hungry constantly, especially for those yummy carbs.
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Back again


I did OKish at Thanksgiving. We had family over from England so we had 8 people in our little house including 4 small children. So apart from a few indiscretions I didn't really have time to eat any junk!

Am feeling kind of yucky at the moment with a stomach bug but trying to look on the bright side - I think I've lost a couple of pounds (scale is out of power). Not the most fun way to do it though.

Slipped up today - I had a rice crispie treat, vanilla cookies and a packet of chips (favourites brought over from England). Didn't even want them because I don't feel well but think it's something to do with stress - my husband is muttering about leaving jobs, selling the house and moving back to the UK which has thrown me into a bit of a panic.

Well enough of my waffling. Hope everyone else is doing well.

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I blew it again

But not as bad as the day before.

As predicted, I polished off the ramen from the day before, but I did add some broccoli so there was more fiber and vitamins. It was tasty and helped the nausea, so I don't feel too guilty. Of course, I followed it up with a large portion of mixed nuts and dried fruit. :

Then, when I went grocery shopping, I was really thirsty so I bought and drank a pint of chocolate milk. But I figure I need the calcium and potassium anyway, so I'm not going to worry. (Despite the fact that it was like 60 g carbs!) :LOL

I did really good for dinner, though I ate more than I should have. Pan fried super-garlicky tofu w/ kim chee, spinach and carrots. I'm really craving the spicy stuff right now. All in all, I'd say I probably ate 4 or 5 times as many grams of carbs yesterday than I want to be eating. Yikes.

So far today, I've had turkey sausage and eggs., along w/ ginger tea. I'm planning on a turkey salad scoop (I have to make it still) on top of fresh spinach w/ baby carrotts and cherry tomatoes for lunch. Yum.

How's everyone else?
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I was doing so good, and then...

this morning, I decided to take a break and not do my pilates. Which was fine, but then I went to the Co-op and was craving something bready and fruity, so I bought a box of cereal bars. I was only going to have one, but I ATE THE WHOLE BOX! : That comes to a total of 150g of carbs just for a snack. 720 calories. 78g of sugar. I feel like doing this :Puke but, I'm not bulemic, nor do I want to be, so I won't.
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I'm doing good here. I'm enjoying my new pilates video. It's great for strength and toning, but I need something a little more for cardio. I don't want to buy a big machine. I need something for the days that it's too cold to take ds out in the stroller. I don't even get cardio that way, because I usually just walk, sometimes I fast pace walk. But anyway, I"m thinking about getting some kind of video.
kalalillie, I was considering the Tae Bo. I checked one out on-line, but I don't know. Does anyone have any good suggestions, for a good cardio video. I know I wouldn't be into step-aerobics, I like dancing, and maybe I'd like kick- boxing.?
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Hey, what's up everyone? Has this thread lost its fire?
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Hard to manage food when you're pg!

Hey all,

I've been having a rough time because I'm so dang hungry all the time! I have had to add more carbs back into my diet, just to deal with the m/s and so it's been tough. plus, I had bronchitis for 3 weeks, so no exercise.

BUT, I've lost a few more pounds, so I"m back to 163 which is great. My goal still is to keep it to 185 for the whole pregancy, if I can (I went to 215 w/ DS, so. . .). I also made it to yoga this week, FINALLY, and I am so darn sore! : I was definitely going to go again next week, but I just got a job interview, so. . . Ah well. I need a more steady paycheck anyway.

How are the rest of you?
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I remember craving carbs so bad during my pregnancy too. And being so worn out so easily. Everything in moderation, huh?

Since this thread doesn't seem to be going anywhere anymore, I started a new one if anyone's interested. It's titled: Need Support Group . I do so much better when I have others to check in with regularly. I've been doing so badly during Christmas. I know I've put on some weight that I worked so hard to lose. Hope all of you are doing well.

I hope to see you all in my new thread!
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